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What song is stuck on your head today? (248)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2007-03-12 02:55 ID:B4p0qjyu

239 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-07-03 14:47 ID:ieSYw312

240 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-12-10 01:44 ID:xFoGyYiq
(R.E.M) - Hollow Man

241 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-01-04 20:58 ID:aS4NoIr0

242 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-02-17 20:22 ID:IBeoWR6Z

243 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-03-02 01:49 ID:1XvKDDzA

244 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-04-30 17:08 ID:XylNj1lo
This and Matte Kudasai got stuck in my head after my first listen through Discipline. Kinda like the ending bit where he just goes "I like it!" out of nowhere

245 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-05-31 11:36 ID:EQJZjWhy

Had this on a loop in my head past coupla days hehe

246 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-06-02 18:20 ID:mv+tZ/+T

247 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-06-19 18:37 ID:Bi95Dh0S

248 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-07-31 04:08 ID:Zwb68M64

Ever since I noticed the Dungeon Synth thread just below this one, this tune popped in my head after a very long time and refuses to leave.

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Dungeon Synth (6)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-04-28 21:31 ID:3v0enao5

I am quite big into dungeon synth and into the part which is more ambient-y and comfy. Shit like Utred, Chaucerian Myth, Fief Depressive Silence and Vinkaldr are my jams

What is your opinion the genre? Do you have any favourite artists?

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-05-28 09:00 ID:rE1WLgSy

I don't necessarily know the difference between dungeon synth and dark ambient but some of my favourites are Raison D'etre, Maeror tri, Lustmord and Asmorod.

You should listen to Call to the deep by Kurotokage (Asmorod) also

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-05-30 07:04 ID:3v0enao5

Thanks, the album is really good.
Honestly, I think dungeon synth is a sub-genre of dark ambient and the definitions both are wonky. It's more synth foccused, I would say, although that sounds like a joke...

Lustmord is genius in all genres anyway, so yeah, it is more about the aesthetic of dungeon synth (i.e. that drawings by the guy which Varg loved, gothic forests castles etc.) I will check the rest of the list later, thanks.

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-05-30 08:31 ID:rXji3lBi

I think dungeon synth relies pretty much on emulating 1990s to 2000s fantasy rpg video game soundtracks more than anything else.

I guess I would say I prefer more drone oriented dark ambient music as opposed to most, especially more recently produced, dungeon synth, as a lot of it sounds like vst presets and sample packs being put together with minimal mixing (although I understand that that is part of it's charm).

5 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-05-30 08:37 ID:3v0enao5

I agree as most of modern productions really suck. I mostly blame it to thinking that it is easy to make and then they make stuff that is quite boring.

Or even more, they try to make new jokes (comfy synth, dino synth, etc), and that is pure goddamn depression and edgy shit imho.

6 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-05-30 08:59 ID:rXji3lBi

Most modern dungeon synth productions suck because the producers tend to forget that the track needs to be consistent and coherent. The greatest thing about listening to older works is that the low fidelity mixing tends to fill in the gaps between the different tracks which resolves the issue of it sounding to thin and cheesy.

Comfy synth is basically just a new name for new-age/environmental ambient music for the most part so I don't have a problem with it.

Never listened to Dino synth, I'm guessing it's just regular dungeon synth but with a dinosaur on the cover art?

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New Strokes Album in 2020 (4)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-01-10 16:54 ID:fbBdEQzP

Do you guys like The Strokes? Should they have made another album after such a long hiatus? Will Julian ever remember the lyrics to his own songs?

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-03-26 20:59 ID:P09ojO0W

I mean, I've only listened to a single one of their songs (Someday) so even though I liked it I can't call myself a fan in good conscience. Hope the new album is good, though.

>inb4 it's already out by the time I typed this and I just live under a rock

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-04-05 17:03 ID:A0SmdDz+

lol, it's amazing how much sad "professional music critics" hyped up teh Strokes back at the turn of the millennium. A very calculated Tarantino tier derivative of shit pretentious critics like from Television to the straight-up rip of Tom Petty on "last night" their big breakout hit.

They were drowned in the onslaught of rap and other crap eventually, another reason the Rolling Stone magazine crowd were rooting for this "last hope" for band based rock. Old critics wanted 1977 back.

Their Tron inspired video kind of anticipated that film's revival Tron Legacy years before anyone thought of it.

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-04-14 03:12 ID:P09ojO0W

I'm that guy. I actually listened to their new album and it's honestly a bit soft for my taste, but 'At The Door' was pretty good.

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The Japanese Ska thread! (21)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-12-30 03:02 ID:940dwx/w

I'm fairly loose on what I define as Ska, rock or punk with trumpets will do.

Anyone into japanese ska? Some of it is pretty awesome, but the only bands I've been able to get a listen to are:

  1. Yum! Yum! ORANGE
  2. Kemuri
  3. Ska Ska Club

I recommend all three of them, there is another fairly popular one called the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra or something - I had a listen once, but they didn't do much for me.

12 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-09-09 17:03 ID:HCfKibjX


13 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-09-19 08:03 ID:874eqsiK

determinations, the ska flames

14 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-09-24 15:04 ID:HeFJZak6

oi-skall mates!

15 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-10-16 03:21 ID:yU+QxIj5


16 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-10-23 14:57 ID:l8eXmYlL

Oh!I love scatology too!

17 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-11-16 23:55 ID:78zc6JDc

what about american or other western ska bands. I mean, I love ska in all forms, and the few J-ska I've listened to i've liked, but I'm curious to know what other ska you guys listen to. For me, it has to be Suburban Legends (you need to actually SEE them play to really do them justice though), Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table (even though they're not totally ska), the Untouchables, Less than Jake before they sold out and went all emo, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and the Aquabats when they were still ska (even though I also love their new stuff. they just completely kick ass).

18 Name: Nikkei Sindex : 2007-09-16 12:58 ID:04gvx9XH

Japanese ska podcast, featuring live, interview & studio w/ Joyride!

19 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2007-09-17 09:29 ID:l4Gkh3hx


20 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2007-09-18 22:17 ID:OflURaAv

Didn't FLOW do at least one ska song? (Everything All Right)

21 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-01-15 17:05 ID:IQJLmAZq

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music and lyrics (9)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2017-09-26 06:24 ID:Fm6QcQAL

Post some lyrics you like, Anon.

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2017-09-29 20:22 ID:Eyk5p+Pk

Then I talked him into letting me handcuff him to the bed
Stuck my dildo in his ass until his asshole bled

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2017-09-30 04:37 ID:Heaven

So if I fuck this MODEL
And she just bleached her ASSHOLE
And I get bleach on my T-SHIRT
I'mma feel like an ASSHOLE

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2017-09-30 09:49 ID:Eyk5p+Pk

I was fucked in perverse pain
Tortured, raped and finally slain
This pokemon was my lord
He did what I just have told

Molested by a pokemon

I can't live with psychic scar
I was ripped in a car
He was fucking very hard
And he took my credit card

Molested by a pokemon

5 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2017-10-01 02:21 ID:Heaven

Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken
Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you're wrong

6 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2017-10-08 14:25 ID:Heaven

I'm Wes Snipes with lead pipes

7 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2017-11-02 06:58 ID:mzReBfQk

Lil' Bo Peep with a brand new bitch
In the back of the club with the GothBoiClique

8 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2018-04-03 10:28 ID:2h/Z+ynQ

TV news is no news
I lay down looking up
A scarab crawling on my roof
She said to me
"Take out the garbage, dear"
I looked at her, she's a mess
I screamed "Taking my drugs"

She smiled and said
"Your mother, dear, is burning
So, put out the fire, now
Put out the fire"

And my father stood behind the door
Looking like a spider

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9 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-01-10 05:26 ID:EMY1WfWJ

I never thought that I could be so satisfied
Every time that I look in your angel eyes
A shock inside me that words just can't describe
And there's no explaining
Something in the way you move I can't deny
Every word from your lips is a lullaby
A twist of fate makes life worthwhile
You are gold and silver
I said I wasn't gonna lose my head
But then pop! Goes my heart
(Pop! Goes my heart)
I wasn't gonna fall in love again
But then pop! Goes my heart
(Pop! Goes my heart)
And I just can't let you go

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I want to buy a guitar and amp, you know where? (10)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2010-04-08 22:12 ID:4NOEJUNx

I want to buy a guitar and amp, have set my eyes on:


Both of these sound good and have received excellent reviews, with that in mind and their fair price they seem like really good things to get as a first guitar and amplifier. After all I'm just going to try and learn how to play so I don't want to spend too much.

Do you guys have any place to recommend that sell one or both of these online AND that ship to Sweden?

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2010-04-15 04:33 ID:FPUpCyqQ

this is a strange place to ask for guitar buying advice. that said, if you want mine as a terrible self-taught guitarist of around 10 years, spend a little more on the guitar. spend a lot more if you are financially able. if i could give advice to myself back when i first bought a guitar, i wouldve forced myself to spend at least 1000 USD. at worst i would not go below 500. if you happen to be rich, i would not go very far over 3000, as you start to see serious diminishing returns.

you can always flip a good guitar, but it is impossible to resell a crappy squier. it never makes sense to buy a cheap guitar for two reasons:

  1. if you stick with guitar, you will inevitably replace it and want to get rid of it, but you cant because no one will buy it.
  2. good guitars will always sell, even if you abuse them.

i have bought and sold many guitars in my time, but guess what, i still have my very first guitar. a cheap ibanez strat copy, because it cost next to nothing and would sell for less than nothing. now it takes up space in a closet.

also, the quality control on entry level cheap guitars like squier is abysmal. theres a good chance the frets will be poorly cut, amongst other things, making it not only more difficult to play, but likely to tear up your left index finger as you move along the neck.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2010-04-17 22:07 ID:ZQrqAc/k

I was recommended by someone. I dunno if they ship to Sweden though.

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2010-05-02 23:37 ID:RLNLBIeO

Local shops, bought mine used and got a good deal considering it was half retail. Then again, I'm in nyc.

5 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2010-09-15 08:40 ID:1zOPx04J

6 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2011-02-13 03:40 ID:I2vNuR9/

ISIBASHI MUSIC is most famous musical instrument shop in Japan.
I always buy used gear at ISHIBASHI.

7 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2011-02-19 19:37 ID:gGyTiiv1

Squier=FAIL. ROFL!

8 Name: Guitar Instant Noodle : 2019-12-28 15:43 ID:sZiSjZFF

Building a Guitar Out of 36 Ramen Noodle Packs (5 minutes and 35 seconds video from DIY Crafts TV)

9 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-01-04 10:06 ID:dvbApB/R


10 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2020-01-04 13:30 ID:HC8QTItH

I don't know if the 20th Anniversary editions of the Squier Strat were special or how they were different from regular ones, but I've had it nearly 18 years and I still play it every day, it's a nice guitar to play

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PCボーイの新曲 (1)

1 Name: プリンセスカワイイ : 2019-12-09 04:13 ID:ynSE46SQ

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1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2013-08-03 22:20 ID:iDJSA9UF

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Boogaloo To Beck

>soul jazz

9 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2013-08-22 14:20 ID:ed0IspSn

Some classics that are often overshadowed by even classicker classics.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - Moanin'

>hard bop

Lester Young, Roy Eldridge & Harry Edison - Laughin' to Keep from Cryin'

>cool jazz

Dave Brubeck - Time Out

>cool jazz

10 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2013-08-22 19:09 ID:thLHd0iB

11 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2013-11-27 08:23 ID:9FwxscIo

Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up

>Hard bop, amazing album so good so great

Hank Mobley - Workout

>Hard bop

Bill Evans Trio - Portrait in Jazz

>Cool jazz

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - s/t

>Hard bop

12 Post deleted.

13 Post deleted.

14 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-07-04 23:51 ID:mKINrZL9

Baloni - Belleke

>Free Improv

Trespass Trio & Joe McPhee


15 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-07-04 23:52 ID:mKINrZL9

>>14 fuck im retarded

Trespass Trio & Joe McPhee - Human Encore

16 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-07-21 20:56 ID:KskbFBqe

Tower of Power - You're Still a Young Man


17 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-08-25 06:23 ID:XBPHtm83

i wish i was playing jazz right now

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Chiptune (3)

1 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-07-30 17:04 ID:+UuuL+cX

Share some chiptune/tracker music

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-07-30 23:25 ID:HQSgtdNA

This guy can make some pretty neat stuff.

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1 Name: white dog : 2019-03-08 04:42 ID:z0nTyza8

6w×6w 12w i need
base boost 100 i like ウロチョロ


I larned club speaker
If you feel large vol
You maked coke??
Fuck japaneezies
Know da portable amp??
I buy head shop.

2 Name: white dog : 2019-03-08 05:05 ID:z0nTyza8



 pioneer crying maybe yo

「annta baka?」

3 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2019-03-10 21:10 ID:iCk/q1HX


4 Name: white dog : 2019-05-17 05:39 ID:aWixmme+

基本 ボリュームマックス ベースブースター使用
3hour/day イコライザーやポータブルアンプ使用
購入後 半年 壊れた

made in japan now @stressed

5 Name: white dog : 2019-05-17 05:50 ID:aWixmme+

sony down somson
腐っとる 都会人ゆえに責任は会社
made in japan 「no think yo

6 Name: white dog : 2019-05-17 05:59 ID:aWixmme+

time is chibachiba say fuck
time is make and more
i listen music speaker unit mast
speaker unit must music
KENWOOD BT77 brake now
if i KENWOOD want this $100
get feedback bed KENWOOD made japan

7 Name: white dog : 2019-05-24 03:16 ID:VhS+RA9C


8 Name: white dog : 2019-05-24 04:10 ID:VhS+RA9C

it all about instinctive stress

please feedback made japan
an more tryout made japan

summer of life 50/50

i drink medical drug everyday
9 ago start of r.i.p{nothing 4 poison

9 Name: white dog : 2019-05-24 04:13 ID:VhS+RA9C

mirikitani he live?

teana{nyc you know k.i.s.s.?

10 Name: white dog : 2019-05-24 04:14 ID:VhS+RA9C

drug break core

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New thread

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