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This is the board where both Japanese and English speakers can mix around in either language.

Japanese is allowed and encouraged here, as are Japanese people who are wishing to speak English. To both Japanese speakers and English speakers, please respect other's language, and have a good time!

If you have a simple translation question (Japanese -> English) please try asking in this thread before making a new thread.

この板は、日本語を話す人と英語を話す人がごっちゃになって語る場所です。 どうぞ遠慮なく日本語で書いて下さい。もちろん英語でも結構です。 お互いの言語を尊重して、また〜りしましょう。

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I am Japanese.Do you have some question? (133)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2012-02-09 11:57 ID:dQiq/5Zb

But,foreign limited.


124 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-16 13:14 ID:xaQqKcSN


125 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-16 17:47 ID:xaQqKcSN



126 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-16 20:00 ID:xaQqKcSN


127 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-17 20:42 ID:xaQqKcSN

tell me your last wish before you die

128 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-17 21:09 ID:xaQqKcSN


129 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-17 21:11 ID:xaQqKcSN


130 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-17 21:16 ID:xaQqKcSN


131 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-17 21:39 ID:xaQqKcSN


132 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-17 21:57 ID:xaQqKcSN


133 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-17 22:10 ID:xaQqKcSN


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Hi everyone (6)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-12-25 16:10 ID:c5Zuzip5

I'm Japanese do you have any questions ?

2 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-12-29 18:29 ID:hLAzfLOX

dicks out for Donkey Kong

3 名前: unknown : 2017-07-05 21:18 ID:VdFqilCO

listen to say of liberty

a man playing world wide war

turbulent times

ending of life a playground to burn life

a man is unknown

a man mind never surrender never never for ever

4 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-12-27 19:01 ID:aUZffeGW


5 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-11 22:57 ID:mimKRe5N

why did fate have to be such an unfair piece of shit and make me not be born in japan?

6 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-14 14:57 ID:o8siK8MU

If you sign up,
You can earn $1,000,000 too.

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1 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-08-26 21:22 ID:y5zM4IDH

2 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-08-29 14:23 ID:d0lCb3BW


3 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-09-17 14:23 ID:SgX8rhLV


4 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-09-29 07:40 ID:wsotCVN/

That's why I wouldn't talk to Japs

5 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-10-14 03:29 ID:Wg18q08B

>>4 Don't say jap :E

6 あぼーん

7 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2015-11-10 13:30 ID:YXevDXvW


8 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2018-02-10 22:30 ID:31lsa/fK


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Need help for translating. (2)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-12-11 01:24 ID:N/dIVyLG

 Hi guys I'm trying to translate some stupid and funny Japanese article on the internet for fun and my study. Native English speaker are very welcome also 日本人の方. Please advice.
The one I'm trying to translate is

2 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-12-11 01:30 ID:N/dIVyLG

-I seriously tryed to think about "Happiness" while dick out-
A morning I dicked out and brushed my teeth, in the moment when my dick waved,
I felt happiness. I touched secret of life.
On the way back from work, I pushed wicket to through with my dick.
It's feel like gate in. I won in the nose.

The original:

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安く買えるよ (3)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-11-22 08:25 ID:+84LIluR


2 名前: 名無しの権兵衛 : 2017-10-15 14:15 ID:cz5f1//6


3 名前: a : 2017-11-30 12:08 ID:YJCZBfmC



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If I study every day, how long will it take to read fluently? (26)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2009-02-12 01:05 ID:XHzR+xjd

It seems like a tough language, but I'm willing to put the time in if it's not an entirely futile effort.

I'm not that interested in speaking it, unless that's absolutely required to understand subtleties in the writing. I mainly want to read things by amazing people like Shigesato Itoi, and browse 2ch and other stuff like that I guess.

By your estimation, if I take maybe an hour or two every day out of my schedule to study Japanese, how long do you think it will take before I'll be able to read pretty much anything I want?

I'm just looking for an average here, so I know it's not a hopeless attempt.

17 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2009-12-17 02:27 ID:lKZI6ZUr

I checked out and subscribed to Japanesepod101. The main dude is kind of a douche and isn't very good at Japanese OR English, but it still works because the format is good and the Japanese natives are good.

I find it really effective to listen to it while grinding levels in WoW.

18 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2009-12-24 21:40 ID:ux4+DCHI

>>16 Here.

I tried doing 100 words a day (3000 a month) but I had to cut back down to 50 to still be able to do my uni work and have time to relax. But even so, 1500 a month is still good, and I'm on track to hit the 20,000 mark near the end of 2010.

19 名前: sendras89 : 2010-01-03 22:12 ID:a6lRxkGn

First learn Japanese's alphabet, kana (hiragana and katakana). They should only take a week to learn. Practice reading articles until you can read them quickly.

Next learn kanji. The government has a list of characters you need to know for everyday use. You can find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_j%C5%8Dy%C5%8D_kanji. Make sure you organize the table by grade level, starting with grade 1. I went by grade, first learning the English meaning and on'yomi (how the character is pronounced when with other characters), then going back and learning the kun'yomi (how they're pronounced alone). When you finish grade 6 you will be amazed how much you can read.

After that you can start reading simple stuff on the internet. There's a good Firefox plugin called Rikaichan which will let you mouse over a kanji to get its meaning and pronunciation: http://www.polarcloud.com/rikaichan/

When you've finished the secondary school kanji ("S" on the chart) you can start reading offline stuff in books. I recommend you buy a Canon Wordtank so you can quickly look up new words. Read something fun like a translation of your favorite author. Good luck!

20 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-04-25 10:06 ID:7Kqp9tF/

"How to install Japanese keyboard" (Blog Source: Tofugu) http://www.tofugu.com/japanese/how-to-install-japanese-keyboard/

21 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-04-26 15:05 ID:onHI0sJE

No linux? I still haven't figured out how to get scim-anthy to work.

22 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-05-07 00:51 ID:nF/sstIi

Is that 'Rosetta Stone' software any good to learn to read Japanese and translate manga or doujinshi?

23 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-05-07 05:21 ID:jB8Wp4NQ

I've never heard anything good about rosetta stone.
In fact, particualrly, ive heard alot of bad stuff about it.
The one thing ive heard is that its good for training your listening skills, but a better audio course probably would be too, anyway.

24 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-05-12 03:57 ID:aF9g424p

"How to type in Japanese" (Blog Source: Tofugu) http://www.tofugu.com/japanese/how-to-type-in-japanese/

25 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-10-02 10:24 ID:9k1lDI5j

"How to install Japanese keyboard" (Blog Source: Tofugu) https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/how-to-install-japanese-keyboard/

"How to type in Japanese" (Blog Source: Tofugu) https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/how-to-type-in-japanese/

26 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-11-05 21:41 ID:9h1fR6tf

dicks out for Harambe

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I'm a university student in Kyoto Japan. I would like to know what is happiness. (2)

1 名前: sssayuchan : 2017-10-22 10:41 ID:gkBewcmH

I'm a university student in Kyoto Japan.
I'm writing graduation thesis now and I need your opinion about happiness
Could you answer some questions.
This is URL of my questionnaire.


2 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-10-23 11:28 ID:EY66ulnG

dicks out for Harambe

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Comfort women do not exist. (4)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-09-25 08:19 ID:aFVGv/M8

Comfort women do not exist. Although they only appeared in history novels, they used it well by the Korean government.

What are u thinking of it?

2 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-09-26 02:23 ID:5K/lAv3A

dicks out for Harambe

3 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-10-02 19:42 ID:ZSWKwhXW


4 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-10-13 00:35 ID:4fh90+cB

Maybe i want to die.

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日本ではモンハンが売れてるけどそっちはどうなの? (4)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-03-19 14:38 ID:B/DF6Wm9


2 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-03-27 18:11 ID:sxk8qBUJ


3 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-04-07 01:08 ID:RUB6jSMQ


4 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-10-12 11:45 ID:+x5YrLax


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一人旅が好きなスレッド (4)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-11-07 00:20 ID:6lNvdxWR


2 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2016-11-07 02:45 ID:AqEp4V8h


3 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-02-28 11:51 ID:Heaven


4 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2017-08-18 12:54 ID:KebdW4fF


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