Paradigm shift ιδέα (4)

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Are you doing religions of power domination of fear and violence?
Or are you with the Gods of goodness and love?

I am with the Gods of goodness and love.

Affirmation - Sacred oath

Swear to yourself and to Gods.

I am with the Gods of goodness and love.
And I am with the divine will and love.

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Creation of the heavens and the earth

"Symmetry creation principle:
creation-presence, presence-resonance, resonance-convergence, convergence-manifestation
(permanent circulation depends on reduction)"

① Creation symmetry: creation (perfect symmetry to the creation)
①` Spontaneous creation symmetry breaking (creation-presence, divine will, amendy null (or nil) quantum)
② Presence symmetry
②` Spontaneous presence symmetry breaking (presence-resonance, love, sofia nature quantum)
③ Resonance symmetry
③` Spontaneous resonance symmetry breaking (resonance-convergence, magical power (realization power), fanon phonon quantum)
④ This world symmetry (or convergence symmetry
④` Spontaneous this world symmetry breaking (convergence-manifestation, form, phi color quantum)
⑤ dimension symmetry (or manifestation symmetry)
⑤` Spontaneous dimension symmetry breaking (manifestation-space, darkness, graviton darkness quantum)
⑥ Space symmetry
⑥` Spontaneous space symmetry breaking (space-time, light, photon light quantum)
⑦ Time symmetry
⑦` Spontaneous time symmetry breaking (time-speed(etc.), matter, mass, electrons spin pair)
⑧ Speed symmetry(etc.)

Huge number concepts of Graham's number, Ackermann function, hyper operator and so on,
the analysis of branches such as those depends on supercomputers like a quantum computer.

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Oracle ιδέα - Crystallized creation
Please start creating the happy link system which is the human duty.

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dicks out for Harambe

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