What's your least favorite website (12)

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What site do you hate the most? What site looks the worst, doesn't work, or just has fallen in quality over the years?

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I'll give an actual answer OP


You have both /pol/r9k/ social rejects alongside tumblr twats, both of which spend all day posting nonsensical bullshit, all backed by the world's shittiest, most poorly optimized interface, and a retarded character limit that absolutely destroys any and all potential for discussion on the platform

It's as if someone took the worst parts of every website, combined them into one, and then somehow managed to find a way to make it even worse.

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fucking retard

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tineye because I found it useful but they suddenly switched to forcing you to use google REEcaptcha

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Great argument.

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I will second this and add that it's maddening that a lot of Japanese artists use twitter as their primary distribution platform, when almost everything about its interface and structure makes it incredibly difficult to browse, search and save images (and simultaneously easy to miss and overlook things due to the timeline system). Its only redeeming feature as an art-sharing platform is high exposure, which unfortunately gets more and more important as the internet population becomes more centralized.

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And it's even worse now with the new layout.

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Why pixiv? Aside from the requirement to sign up to view anything, it seems to fulfill the purpose of artwork sharing pretty well.

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It locks basic searching functionality behind a paid subscription instead of just running off ad revenue like every other decent website.

Also, while this is more the community's fault than the website's, people there are garbage at tagging.

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