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102 Name: Bookworm : 2021-03-20 14:48 ID:PjipmUdq

Been reading the Redwall series, finished the first two books, about halfway through the third.
It's a pretty fun little series, but I remember catching a look at the wikipedia and seeing a mention of criticism of it being repetitious, and I have to agree with what I've read so far.
It's not a major deal breaker or anything but the riddles and exactly 2 named allies dying among other thins is annoyingly ever-present. The main protags are also all very similar but that's kind of the point so whatever. 3rd book is looking a little fresher at least so far.
Also I had the weirdest issue reading the first one in that it has some weird early installment thing where it's vaguely implied they live in a world with humans with human-sized carts and buildings and the like; it was really confusing to try and envision it in my head since other parts made it seem like things were the size of the animals. And Redwall itself is made much, much smaller in the 3rd book, so at least it's not an issue in the later entries.

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