Welcome To The NHK! (15)

11 Name: Bookworm : 2021-03-12 09:09 ID:G0KR4/kQ

You seem like a directionless sick fuck. I hope you stay away from me or try to do something constructive.

Try believing in God or Science maybe. What will save humanity from loss of information and the decay of our world? Perhaps God or science will. The Earth will decay and so will the Sun. Every star dies and black holes evaporate; the universe might end up being nothingness. Nothingness from everything being the same temperature, when the energy sources (stars, black holes, etc.) have all been rendered useless.

How could science be our salvation at or leading up to that point? Time travel, inter-dimensional travel, intergalactic travel, interstellar travel, use of worm holes, traveling to parallel universes, Jupiter brains, quantum computing, nuclear power, etc. could all help.

How could God save us from a doomed existence? God is a powerful being, beyond the constraints and limitations of physical reality. More powerful that those powerful things which die eventually (after millions or maybe billions of years). God is the ultimate subject, and, as I think Hegel pointed out, the ultimate substance.

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