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A much kinder response than what I would have received elsewhere. Thank you for your response.

To be clear, by "the lost gospel of Trump" I meant some dreck that came from 8chan/8kun. The lost gospel is a reference to the hypothetical Quelle Gospel. Certainly you must understand now, although I have to assert again that I do not support that conspiracy theory trash.

Point taken with regards to Trump being undeserving of being the subject of the text. I should look into reading Pareto, and in retrospect it would have been best to have read his books before actually making this thread. To be frank I am feeling somewhat lonely and wanted to post on this board since the culture is a bit more friendly than its counterpart on 4chan.

As for Pareto, his sociological text is titled The Mind and Society, in English, and details how most social issues are grounded in logical fallacies. The first volume is dedicated to the discussion of this subject. Some of the rest of the text aligns liberals to foxes and conservatives to lions, and details how they "eat each other" over time, as in there is a cycle in terms of popularity between the two. That is, at least what the wiki states.

The purpose of the hypothetical text is provide a means to reform society so that we would not have to contend with another inflaming presidency in the future. But then again the resultant text would not do this at all, it would merely be a record of Trump and his antics. Furthermore, the text would probably be relegated to an "outsider" status; rejected by academia since the premise is so ludicrous and unread by the masses.

However, that is the result from not doing any research and just making a fool of oneself. Trump is irrelevant with regards to a more proper handling of the idea behind the text and how it is presented. It seems that building a realistic scenario where a kakistocracy comes into being and does what it wishes is a much better idea, yet I don't know how extensive it could be. The revised premise of said text would be to figure out ways to prevent tyranny after the advent of the kakistocracy. Tyranny is after all, a subject in the canon. There are quite a few global examples of such administrations nowadays to examine, though, so I sense an opportunity to come to understand them better.

Honestly this subject seems to have so many facets that I think they would have to be listed out. I am going to try and do that.
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