Why only China dislike Japan? (110)

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2 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc 2006-02-23 18:42 ID:Heaven

Not only China, but Korea too. Golly gee, why could that be?

3 Name: Citizen 2006-02-23 19:44 ID:m95uqoeo

There're key territorial disputes between China and Japan over offshore oil/natural gas reserves.


China's energy consumption is rapidly growing as the econonmy takes off and demand for energy and petroleum-based products. The impending global energy crisis makes Japan China's top competitor for energy consumption in the region that also happens to have little military power to contest PRC if a military crisis arises. This is one of the most important reasons for rivalry between Japan and PRC.

As we know, PRC is an oligarchical state with state-controlled media. Anti-Japanese propaganda trickle down through mass media and the education system to mobilize the nation for the - perhaps inevitable - conflicts over oil/gas and other forms of energy.

From the first article, Russia's international reputation is also declining, quite possibly and partially due to its stance on its oil production and the way Russia seems to play political football with its petroleum exports.

If there's any constant in most global conflicts arising in the 21st century, it's probably oil.

4 Name: Citizen 2006-02-23 19:56 ID:cyVPgkfV

Interesting that 36% of French people found that Japen had a negative influence on the world. What did Japanese people ever do Frenchies???

5 Name: Citizen 2006-02-24 05:26 ID:kZgdmpbQ

well maybe because jappan attacked china and korea, its all in the history books ppl

6 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc 2006-02-24 13:26 ID:Heaven

>There're key territorial disputes between China and Japan over offshore oil/natural gas reserves.

ya, that must be the reason, lol

7 Name: Citizen 2006-02-24 18:36 ID:Heaven



8 Name: Citizen 2006-02-24 21:56 ID:cBFZt+tS


not the japanese ones!

9 Name: Citizen 2006-02-25 19:10 ID:Heaven

Or maybe because the Chinese government encourages dislike towards Japan as a means to defuse anger towards itself?

10 Name: Citizen 2006-02-26 07:05 ID:K7Kw5SLr

China never liked any of the major powers, it's just a matter of degree.

11 Name: Citizen 2006-02-27 19:51 ID:FZTyUt/d

historical & cultural problems
i can speak all c/j/k & received minor in the far eastern history & i can think of few of the issues with chinese

  1. durgin WWII, japanese did what nazi did to chinese

2. unlike germany, japan has not been recognizing war crimes...probably because of yamato spirit which encourages to do whatever necessary to win or to keep the honor (kamikaze ring a bell?)...maybe because japan considers herself as a victim of WWII rather than the offender

3. generally speaking, chinese is being looked down by japanese although it had been the other way around

4. contstants insults from the extreme rightwing radicals including the congressmen's tributes to the shinto symbolizing the justification of WWII

5. the bombardments of japanese pop cultures

12 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-05 15:13 ID:IqouxmKl

Because china is fasist nation.
Look their military ambition!
Look their massacre in Tibet,and foolish "Great Leap Forward”
and "Cultural Revolution" now their economy&poor politics!
For Chinese Obscurantist policy,People are all brainwashed "All bad things are caused by JAP!”
Japan is curtain that conceals their incapacity.

13 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-06 02:58 ID:22ZQr++a


The worst thing about neocons is that you can find them in every country.

14 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-07 04:41 ID:fVmlKcXs

Japan has done some pretty rotten things to the Chinese, and they don't apologize for it. Hell, they don't acknowledge it. Nonetheless, the Chinese government, much like the North Korean, uses a common hate as a tool of power, thus amplifying the hatred.

15 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-07 07:20 ID:i003qh/4


Same with neolibs who believe selective restrictions in pursuit of happiness is good for all.

16 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-07 14:15 ID:Heaven

Americans, shut the fuck up with the "neocons" and "neolibs" already. The words are pretty much meaningless outside of the US.

17 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-07 19:59 ID:FLx1x8yP

Newsflash: No one's political terms are universal!

18 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-07 22:07 ID:Heaven

Neo-liberal dosen't mean anything remotely similar to what you think it does, in the US or elsewhere. Id est, you are an ignorant piece of shit.

19 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-10 07:05 ID:LxkYHQbo

Chinese who receives the brainwash education of an anti-day comes to Japan, and the heinous crime is violated.

◆在日外国人のうち、最も犯罪率が高いのは「中国人」です。 日本で犯罪を犯し、拘置所に収容された在日中国人は、一万人あたり76人です。
It is "Chinese. " that the crime rate is the highest among foreign resident in Japan. It perpetrates a crime in Japan, and the country people of Japan and China accommodated by the prison of the living are 76 people every 10,000 people. This reaches 2.5 times that brutal South Korean, and goes up to 14 times the Japanese.

Moreover, it rises in 19 the past, and the foreigner who is perpetrating a crime most in Japan is "Chinese."

年度    外国人検挙総数   中国人検挙数    国籍別の検挙順位
year Foreigner arrest Chinese arrests Arrest order

Heisei 17  23363件       8466件(36%)   1位:Chinese
(The first half of the year)

平成16年     47128件      16950件(36%)   1位:Chinese 平成15年     40615件      16708件(41%)   1位:Chinese
平成14年     34746件      12667件(37%)   1位:Chinese
平成13年     27763件      12131件(44%)   1位:Chinese 平成12年     30971件      16784件(54%)   1位:Chinese 平成11年     34398件      15458件(45%)   1位:Chinese 平成10年     31779件      10451件(33%)   1位:Chinese
平成09年     32033件      08501件(27%)   1位:Chinese
平成08年     27414件      07310件(26%)   1位:Chinese 平成07年     24374件      08904件(36%)   1位:Chinese
平成06年     21574件      05916件(27%)   1位:Chinese 平成05年     19671件      04032件(20%)   1位:Chinese 平成04年     07457件      02417件(32%)   1位:Chinese
平成03年     06990件      02204件(32%)   1位:Chinese 平成02年     04064件      01841件(45%)   1位:Chinese
平成01年     03572件      01895件(53%)   1位:Chinese 昭和63年     03906件      01798件(46%)   1位:Chinese
昭和62年     02567件      00945件(37%)   1位:Chinese

Chinese dislikes American.
The American should warn Chinese.

20 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-11 04:46 ID:9+Z6IOLG

Japan should ignore them.
Now China is just spreading their stupidity all over the world.
They will collapse sooner or later. Never mind.

21 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-11 04:59 ID:7dIjqdwt

Simply put Asians tend to discriminate against other Asians everywhere. Last year me and a Chinese friend of mine applied at the same perfume counter at the mall run by Koreans. Next week they hired another Korean. We didnt even get a damn interview.

22 Name: sage : 2006-03-11 06:12 ID:nz2Tb4RU

The same old xenophobic rhetorics: black people in the U.S. commit more crimes, ergo they must be a violent people, etc. Let's not forget which race/ethnicity of people denotated the only two atomic weapons on civilian targets in history to date.

Instead of quoting the number of crimes commited by Chinese and Koreans in Japan, how about showing the extent of employment discrimination, social stigma, and the xenophobic attitude of the ethnic Japanese against all types of "foreigners," including indiginous people like the Ainu? What about all the social and economic ceiling in place for those who are not ethnically Japanese? What about the similarly hostile law enforcement/judicial forces that actually incarcerate more non-ethnic-Japanese precisely because of their race or ethnicity?

Look, the Chinese people have faults, and many of them have been inculcated with irrational anti-Japanese sentiments. But using the same rhetoric against them doesn't make one's argument anymore valid. If anything, it only shows how hollow it truly is.


Perhaps there's something in Asia so conducive to nationalist/fascist thinking, that is responsible for the extensive right-wing extremist movements in Asia. (The most populous and threatening nationalist-fascist movement is in China, of course.) If it's worth guessing, two factors may be: a nationally-perceived wrong or threat (9/11 in the U.S., WW2 in China, Ameri-European influences in post-WW2 reconstruction in Japan, and western corporate exploitation in the Middle East for the so-called Islamo-fascists), and an overinflated sense of military, economic, racial/ethnic, and/or ideological superiority.

The funny thing is though, even though the neocons in the U.S., the right-wing extremists in Japan, the ultra-nationalists in China, and the Islamofascist in the Mideast ultimately share the same political ideology, they just can't along.

23 Name: Citizen : 2006-03-11 06:15 ID:nz2Tb4RU


Bump for failed sage, idiot.

24 Name: nanacy : 2006-03-11 15:24 ID:QXfAopu1

maybe I can understand what you mean, maybe some fears i have are also shared by you. but,,,

the opposition because of nationalisms is most counterproductive way. I thinks the US, maybe the neo-constructive(?) is eager to divide the east Asia, and they succeed. But the situation is more complex so much, too much.

I think Japanese are very unconcerned to racial, religion, (and gender) discriminations (except some business situations),
that cause some lighthearted atmospheres and careless saying of discriminations.
I like this lighthearted atmospheres, the naive-ness, which allow such a free from religion, racial malady, but,,,,

about ainu, Japanese are not British, they just don’t persistence to ethnicity.
if studying and bringing down ainu culture and language were valuable enough to get money and power, they just did that.
and, I think Japanese don’t have xenophobia to ainu. they were just assimilated.
(they have just be exploited, like kumaso and emishi about 1400 years ago, and ryukyu about 300 years ago.)

now, Japanese have a xenophobia just to rude or wicked foreigners. I'm sure that.

"when in Rome, do as the Romans do", is important thing, isn’t it?
not precise to one’s ethnicity is sometimes important thing to live in foreign society, isn’t it?
However, for example, the Koreans are so eager to insist on one’s nationalism, which is causing some fear of Japanese. sometimes they are so much short tempered, which refuse rational talks.
you know, their government is using anti-Japan–nationalism as centripetal force, plus Confucianism, they seem to teach their people that they can do anything they want to Japanese. some incidents in Korea tells this tendency enough.
Chinese are also nationalistic because of their government’s policy and so hungry to be wealthy which cause some criminals. That is also cause some fear.

maybe almost all Japanese do "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", that is one of the character of Japanese, the obedient tendency.
But, some foreigners doesn’t do that in Japan.
In Hokkaido, Russians had rude attitude in the public bath, which cause that public bath to refuse foreigners. that incident was called discrimination by a linguist.
was that public bath wicked? I can’t think so. that bath wanted to protect oneself, but he mistook the way.
the same situation is applicable to some real estate agents’.
I know some agents neglect to rent apartment for foreigners, because they’ve already experienced many problems. some community and NPO are starting to make efforts to go along with foreigners, but it has just started.
if conscientious foreigners hate such discriminatingly situation, you also should tell advice to not only Japanese but also foreigners.

the host country always has xenophobia to new comers, except who/where have lots of experience to accept immigrants.
(However, some EU countries have such kind of xenophobia against Muslims,,,)
Japanese now face the realities of accepting immigrants, they’ve been semi-mono-ethnic society.
I think they just want protect oneself and their communities like other countries.

25 Name: 19 : 2006-03-11 21:28 ID:LxkYHQbo

It is significant to doing as of now from the history. It is same Japanese Ainu and people's in Ryukyu getting the mixed blood repeated now. We have 600,000 Korean residents and and 100,000 overseas Chinese in Japan. For the second generation and III, the person who has consideration as the Japanese is most.
The problem is an anti-Japanese and an anti-American education done in South Korea and China as of now. A nuclear missile of China is turned to Japan and the United States as of now.
Does not the American feel the sense of crisis?

26 Name: deadguy12 : 2006-05-03 12:02 ID:Rc9X1HNX

Dude do you really wanna know why koreans/chinese hate Japanese?
Because japanese government changes the history during WW2
you know that?

27 Name: Citizen : 2006-05-03 18:03 ID:x3sJmkHA

You guys are all fucking retarded. How the hell is China gonna Nuke US? They don't have a reliable method of Nuking a country that far away.

28 Name: Citizen : 2006-05-03 18:45 ID:bl7HHQN6

Google Japanese Unit 731. Trying to cover up the Japanese torture of chinese brings shame on Japan and the justified hate of chinese people who suffered. I think trying to cover up the past is childish and can only bring misery and repeat. Look at US in Iraq, repeating their Vietnam, with no hope of winning.

Also Japan is hosting foreign military occupation forces on it's bases. Namely american forces that continue to threaten and impose american foreign policy and control of oil and energy resources around the world. US is using Japan as a base, similar to Israel. Only their target is China. Japanese can not be truly independend until they get rid of american bases. Like US general once said: "Having a military base in a country, is like having a gun pointed at the head of their leaders." - You don't fuck with people who point a gun at your head. - Japanese can't fuck with americans because they are occupied by american military.

China has launched satellites orbiting the planet. There is nowhere they can not hit with their nukes. Stupid american, learn before opening mouth.

29 Name: Citizen : 2006-05-03 19:49 ID:dFX98pti

"China has fewer than two dozen warheads that can reach the United States, while the U.S. has more than 6,000 that can hit China,"

I doubt even those couple warheads that China has are even reliable.

30 Name: Citizen : 2006-05-04 20:48 ID:iG/5kAzn

China won't nuke the US.

31 Name: Citizen : 2006-05-22 11:23 ID:Heaven


Since you're an expert on China's military power, right?!


Most thought provoking, intelligent post ever made.


lol ur mom

32 Name: Citizen : 2006-05-26 12:25 ID:bgmeW/hs

>>18 is correct, neoliberalism is an economic theory whereas neoconservativism is a political/foreign policy theory. You can be both a neoliberal and neoconservative, as many neoconservatives are.

In my finding, Asian shopkeeps, restaurant owners etc. often hire family members or friends first. Very often those hired are on student visas or are recent immigrants, so it's not really a racial thing.

>now, Japanese have a xenophobia just to rude or wicked foreigners. I'm sure that. "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", is important thing, isn’t it?

Yes, but foreigners in Japan suffer stigma even when behaving well. Japanese culture is very complicated and difficult to learn, having evolved over almost 2000 years compared to America's ~250.

33 Name: Citizen : 2006-05-27 05:04 ID:cEO+mE4X

Isn't it the US that makes them hate each other?
The last thing the US would want is the Asian version of EU.

34 Name: Reverand Waffle : 2006-05-29 19:38 ID:0wtUUMrx

Sino-Japanese relations were actually on the mend for a while, until the Japanese dissiminated a new history book for their school system, which pretty much glaze's over what actually happened during WW2. So much so, that it actually re-ignited the hostility that had almost gone away.

35 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-01 05:15 ID:ClIIMRtm

While I am all for respecting history and making sure it is accurately documented for future generations...to hold anamosity over something that happened so long ago AND continue to blame the generation of Japanese or Chinese who weren't even involved in it, just makes this whole thing seem kinda childish, don't you think?

36 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-04 03:27 ID:bONGA9UM

>>32 > Japanese culture is very complicated and difficult to learn, having evolved over almost 2000 years compared to America's ~250.

That's so stupid. Their culture is not magically more complex because they lived in the same place for a long time.

37 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-24 00:07 ID:f52NqbZz

Ya you're right it not "magically more complex" but it is naturally more complex as it has had longer to develope, it's only common sense. It's just like evolution ie.. Japanese human equivalent, American ape equivalent. OOPS forgot to include the word culture in the last sentance ;-)

38 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-24 09:32 ID:bONGA9UM

No, because when people migrated to America, they bought with them their cultures. So the Japs didn't have more time to develop whatever culture they have. Also there were plenty of cultural revolutions. Also how does someone measure the complexity of a culture.. In conclusion, this is stupid and the Japs are very xenephobic -- it's not about them wanting everyone to emulate their culture if that person wants to live in Japan.

39 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-28 20:41 ID:oilH5w0W

Compare one single culture that has evolved over 2000 years to a big whack of cultures that jostled with each other for 250.

40 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-29 10:33 ID:bONGA9UM

You think American culture just came out of nowhere? They bought a lot of Europe with them. American culture evolved too from European and whatever cultures that have existed for x-thousand years.

And I am sure that Japan was unified for all their 2000 years amirite. There was no big culture shock and cultural revolutions when America knocked on their doors.

41 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-29 10:34 ID:bONGA9UM

Ugh..I can believe I am talking about culture. It's such a loose concept..

42 Name: Citizen : 2006-07-14 10:50 ID:NBGh0uJS

Most People don,t know that commie is bunco artist.
And people are often ・・・・・yes often deceived and walk to hell.
If you don,t want to go to hell, Do not listen any whisper of devil or commie.

43 Name: Citizen : 2006-07-22 07:26 ID:lBuBCLRv

If chinese people become more and more foolish and patriotic.
They would not complain about rotten mandarin,bad deterioration of environment,using great money for military expansion,miserable working conditions,and rich comminist party member.
China often fails their agenda,but succeeded obscurantist policy .

44 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-09 17:31 ID:f/sFPS3D

I think that Japanese people' ideas for Korea and China are Changing.
I am a Japanese the textbook for history had not so thick.
But we were showed films and essays about WW2 and i felt guilty for
the Victims.

Then I saw Japanese PMs apologized for Korea, China and other countries, I also read how Japanse ODA was used to manage wildly.
I thought that they will forgive Japan someday.

but i started feeling questions for Korea and China.
the other countries in Asia are very kind for Japanese people.
But still China and Korea is strict for Japan.
They always says you most do apology and compensation.
we have been doing so. for example Japanese company created huge
steel company send loads of money as ODA. Just a month ago PM Koizumi showed his apology for Asian victims at WW2.
But still they shout `apology and compensation'again and again.
Is there the real end? we will not be forgiven forever?
My question is geting bigger and I suspected that they might just
want to threaten us and make their people be satisfied.

China says that Japanese Army killed more than 500000 people at Nankin in China. so where are their tombs?
Korea says that more than 20000 young girls were forced to do sexial service for Japanese Army. so where are their babys?
Or just their birth control was perfect at the war?
N-Korea says that more than 8000000 people abducted to Japan.
but how could they come to Japan. Many ships were used for the war and
Amerecan Marine seeked Japanese ships very hard.

There are so many legendary stories from Korea and if they are true why Japan has lost?

45 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2006-09-10 08:25 ID:Heaven

> But we were showed films and essays about WW2 and i felt guilty for the Victims.

Did you personally have anything to do with WW2?

No? So why did you feel guilty then?

46 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-11 09:29 ID:uFsC50Xd

Because he must be a sick person.
Are there any American people who feel guilty for the victims
of atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima? The answer is NO!

47 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-12 18:06 ID:f/sFPS3D

I am 24. so off corse I've never done anything for that war.

can you imagine how we are educated about that war?
teachers always says that that war was wrong and we must always be feeling sorry for Asian people and against nuclear weapons and war.

we are too pure when we are told and Japanese Media is always weak
about China and South Korea. especially asahi news paper has never
critisized Chinese political system.

And Korea and China always say if thier ancesters did wrong thing, their descendents must pay reparation.

i really thought we must always sorry for them. it is like brainwash a bit.

But now we have internet and some of Japanese people noticed they are making storys and just threatening us.
it is much easer than past to check out thery storys are true or not and we can exchange opinions.

then a lot of young Japanese are getting angry because we started
thinking that we are betrayed by our Media and knowing Chinese and Korean ways.

48 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-29 05:11 ID:S1cz/5S1

i'm sure the hate towards japan would wear off sooner or later in a few decades. i am a chinese in southeast asia and from what i've seen, the chinese here don't hold resentment towards japan. even my grandparents who suffered and were witnesses to their own relatives being victims of the japanese occupation don't hold grudges, besides that they're relatively supportive of my japanese language studies and liking for japanese pop culture as well.

49 Name: Citizen : 2006-09-29 16:11 ID:WFDJQUtA

All your examples (including Unit 731, "comfort women", Nanking etc.) can't account for the berserk fury that Korean and Chinese nationalists vent on Japan. Korea has a very peaceful history compared to that of many European states. If European countries hated their former oppressors with similar intensity, there'd be a WWIII brewing there right now.
The thing is, China and Korea have adopted a holy victim mentality. Even though Japan (unlike many former imperialist countries) expressed apologies for war crimes, China and Korea must turn a deaf ear. They must keep up the hate, since it's a unifying national cause. Their state religion, if you will.

The offending textbooks were read by less than 2% of pupils. In general, Japanese war crimes are treated as fairly as the bombing of Dresden in British textbooks or My Lai in American ones. The Chinese and Korean backlash was a massive overreaction that was even encouraged by the government in China. As with the Takeshima affair, the crisis was mostly fabricated.


I agree. If the angry young Chinese and Korean men are true patriots, they should stop blaming others for their problems and help their countries in a more constructive way. Also, from my perspective, their displays of "hurt feelings" make them seem a bit effeminate with their tantrums. My advice to Koreans is that you can get more foreign sympathy if you stop acting like little girls.

50 Name: Citizen : 2006-10-02 05:16 ID:f/sFPS3D

thank you for your response.
i expect Chinese and Korean people who live in the other countries will understant the real situation in Japan.

Could you check this page, if you can read Chinese character?

It is S-Korean government's official web-page in English and it says about Japanse Army's crime about comfort women.
this page shows 2 advertisement using Chinese character and the contents are below;

1, advertisement for confort wemen (recruit hurriedly)
age :17-30
working place : ○○rest place (not battle field)
payment: more than \300 (you can owe money if it is less than \3000)
application time: 8:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.( you need to sent your career)
Imai Introduction office

2, advertisement for confort wemen for Army (recruit hurriedly)
working place : ○○army's rest place (not battle field)
qualfications: age 18-30 and sorry i can't read Korean.
term to recuit: October 11 - November 8
day for departure: will be Nobember 10
working term and condition: will be decided your opinion
required people's number: dozens of people
applilicant must call this office....

\300 is worth \12,000,000 ($100,000) in presence.
it is natural to think those women worked for money with their will.
the probrem is living ex-confort women insist that they were abducted and made confort women forcely by Japanese Army.
Also one of them's verbal evidence is chancging every time.
Korean government do negative campain against Japan still now and requires apology and reparation.

the number of Victims in Nankin which Chinse goverment is increasing every year.

we just think that Korea and China threat Japan making stories.

51 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2006-10-02 13:16 ID:Heaven


> If European countries hated their former oppressors with similar intensity, there'd be a WWIII brewing there right now.

It's a pity many cultures haven't figured this obvious reality out yet. Everyone has something on someone. Being angry about past generations isn't constructive, unless you're a merchant of death.


> the probrem is living ex-confort women insist that they were abducted and made confort women forcely by Japanese Army.

Many of them probably were. But so what? War is war, and rape is pretty damn trivial compared to everything else. How often do we hear German and Soviet women complain about what the opposing armies did?

I'd be surprised if there ever was a war or conquest that didn't involve a large dose of soldiers forcibly having their way with the native flora and fauna. They pretty much go hand-in-hand.

52 Name: Citizen : 2006-10-03 03:09 ID:f/sFPS3D

what do you think if prostitutes start insisting we are raped and we require apology and reparation?

off course rape is not allowed ablodutely but they agreed and those women earned loads of momey. that was much different from rape.

also at Veitnam War,S-Korean soldiers raped so much women and the babyes between them are 3,000-30,000 and became social problem.
the meeting between tops of Veitnamese and S-Korean, sometime Veitnamese PM mentioned this problem but Korean Presidents have never show their apology and paied reparation.

Korean attitude is very unfair, not?
Japanse PM showed apology again and again and paid so much money.
soonly Korean forget those facts and start requiring apology and reparation.

53 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2006-10-03 10:42 ID:Heaven

> off course rape is not allowed ablodutely but they agreed and those women earned loads of momey. that was much different from rape.

I don't think it has anything to do with prostitution. Rape has a clear definition, and who the person raped was or did has nothing to do with whether they were raped or not. If they didn't engage in sexual intercourse willingly, then it was rape. Do they suffer less just because they've been classified as some kind of undesirable?

However, while I feel for any women who suffered in war, what's going on with China and Korea right now is just propaganda. As I said before, rape and war go hand-in-hand, and always have. Indeed, they go so much in hand that I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that we evolved this whole war thing so men could impregnate the other side's women.

The Europeans suffered far worse at their own hands than China or Korea did with Japan, yet you don't hear the Europeans rattling sabers today. They're more interested in creating a new political and economic superpower by getting along. Maybe having whole cities flattened and tens of millions killed gives them a little perspective; rape is barely worth a footnote after that.

> Korean attitude is very unfair, not?

Political maneuvering and redirection in the name of population control. It's the same old story: give the masses a scapegoat.

54 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-20 06:02 ID:ZJ3ILNYY

Japan has issued over 20 official apologies.

You wanna know why China's a hotbed of anti-Japan sentiment? It's because the government encourages the blind hatred. Better to have the people obsessing over Japanese textbooks and shrines than, you know, getting mad about Tianamanen square and internet censorship and unlimited police powers.

55 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-09 05:35 ID:bx4HeeCN

It's pretty funny that know-it-alls claiming "Japan did horrible things to china during WWII." I'm not sure if you realize the communist china has made you a puppet relaying their shameless propaganda. I'd really like to see a credible, neutral party confirming the evidences of these massive "incidents."

Wake up! They fabricate and exaggerate. They are so without shame that they'd build museums about that fabrication. Why would anyone believe news and information coming out of a country with no freedom of speach or press, murders their own and neighboring countries (e.g. Tibet) TODAY and populated by people who are so mislead that they'll riot on cue (I wonder what that was all about) over info. coming out of a contry with freedom press and speach and populated by people who won't riot nor burn flags is beyond me.

People are so, so naive sometimes...

56 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-09 16:14 ID:J+1ibPQP

The South Korea government doesn't support to the refugee from North Korea, and
it supports it to Kim Jong Il.

57 Name: strong guy : 2006-12-11 13:58 ID:HkYudTb1

You all still don't understand why they hate japanese??? that is because the japanese government are still not willing to admit for what they did during that time, even until NOW!!!!!they even try to distort the history about it and teach to their younger generations.

58 Name: Someone : 2006-12-16 19:41 ID:EmI8xWOx

Japan has issued over 20 OFFICIAL APOLOGIES.

59 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-17 07:34 ID:bx4HeeCN


How can Japanese government teach their young about something that was fabricated by commies in China or at the least, irrelevant in the greater view of the history.

There was a war. We all know that. China, as often is the case in history, was too busy infighting for individual gain and as a result, was being eaten alive by various imperial powers of the world (you gotta know Opium war of 1840 and what followed?). Japan couldn't have China eaten alive by Russia and needed a buffer (thus the peninsula and manchuria).

You are giving me the same old moronic argument. Give us the evidences not an endless stream of misinformed (see 58), emphatic assertions. China has so little credibility in the international community for that to be effective anymore.

And by the way, stop genocide in Tibet. Apologize to Vietnam for that "punitive war."

I'm sick of this Chinese rant. Show some integrity in your argument and learn to have some sense of shame for making untruthful statements.

60 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-17 08:08 ID:bx4HeeCN

To neutral observers,

It should be clear to you that it is in China's best interest to drive a wedge between US-Japanese alliance. This alliance between two major navel and air forces in the world is the biggest obstacle to their endless territorial ambition (Taiwan and other south-pacific nations).

Naturally, China will shamelessly try anything to weaken this alliance. Depicting Japanese as barbarians is one of the tactics they use in this information warfare. Their munitions are kind of dated and weak, for they have to go back 60-odd years to find an instance where Japan was involved in the war or conflict. Despite this, China can easily carry this out because there is no freedom of speach or press in that country. The government can create an endless supply of puppets who thoughtlessly repeats what their government taught them. Disseminating misinformation is much easier under totalitarian rule.

As ones who enjoyed freedom of speach and press since birth, we have been trained to "hear people out" before making a judgement. This is a fine approach when the other party shares the same value system but not when you are dealing with information coming out of a totalitarin government or those under the influence of such a system. You simply cannot give such information the same weight as the ones that has gone through the process of scrutiny common in the worlds with freedom of speach and press.

Critical thinking is important, and sometimes "STFU" is the right answer.

61 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-17 19:10 ID:GDGwGiZj

Agreed. Only American-Japanese solidarity can stymey China's Pacific ambitions. An American-Indian alliance would be beneficial as well. China MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO EXPAND, their regime is notorious for human rights abuse. The Chinese Communist Party is directly responsible for at least 30 million civilian deaths, using pseudo-Stalinist tactics like artificial famines, extensive prison camps, and indiscriminately violent police and military personnel. To allow such a nation to extend its influence beyond its immediate frontier is unacceptable.

62 Name: Han : 2006-12-18 07:47 ID:hW8SlNgo

Ummm, its kind of ridiculous to decide that an entire nation of people are violent, sadistic bastards. We have been trained by modern society to reject Imperialism and territorial expansion because they are contrary to the ideologies of those currently in power over society and the world economy. China is a growing economic, political and military power. As the United States' power gradually wanes, we will see China take a greater and greater position on the world stage. In effect, we are looking at a world with more than one super-power.
You can deny it if you like, but China will gain power. And this will be more in line with history than our current world order. Just wait and see.

63 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-18 17:28 ID:FKFNudll

Japanese people are happy to have imperial family in Japan,
so i cannot be against imperialism.

Anyway i guess N-Korea's Nuke problem is the turning point for the history.
if they do not abandon the weapons and try to export them abroad like Iran, there will be no excuse and the present N-korean regime will be fade away from the land.
then what will China choose? Can China stand to face US-troops at the N-Korean border or is China going to take care the North/two Korea?

also China has so many people and even the high develop ecomomical growth, there are so many unemployed people and the land is polluted by the industry. people are exchanging information using internet and the political system is critisized by people.
China depands on so much foreign money.
if some big issu happens in China and foreign companies run away
from China, just polluted land will leave.
Future is very unknown to predict as >>62 wrote.

64 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-18 17:55 ID:GDGwGiZj

Was anyone listening? Until some big changes take place within china itself, the CCP will continue to abuse human rights. The government of China, its one party system, its gigantic police force and military, all make it a very unpleasant potential superpower. I, for one, will not accept China as an equal power until it is a democracy. Then, we shall see waht sort of nation they are.

65 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-18 19:25 ID:hW8SlNgo

Whether or not you like the policies of the CCP has no bearing on its power. China will become a power equal to or greater than the US because of economic and military success, not whether you approve of everything it does.
And please note, the US violates human rights, has a political system that prevents any additional parties from gaining power, has an enormous military and is the most politically influential country in the world. Not only that, it isn't really a democracy (or much of a Republic either.) China's sins are simply get better media coverage.
Something tells me you live in the US.

66 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-19 07:27 ID:FKFNudll

I cannot believe China can continue the system of the CCP.
I cannot even believe this system is communism.
Chinese histry is endlessly repeating separate and reunite the nations in the same land.
I've felt the leader Mao Zedong was just a emperor and just made people misunderstand the nation has the communism.
because he denied the last emperor and made his regime.
30years before he died and now Chinese regime is changing. it is belong Beijing or Shanghai. in the inland of China, the officers are using too much power and people are getting angry. There are too big ecomomical gap between people and Chinese people don't believe communism.
again this country might be separated and has three or more nation will rebirth in China, i expect.

67 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-19 18:15 ID:GDGwGiZj


Attempting to morally equate the People's republic of China to the US is an excercise in futility. Not really a democracy? Are you mad? The leftist/rightist bloc parties are perfect for preventing extremist elements from gaining any sort of meaningful plurality. Politics in the US have always been exceptionally moderate, which is the least I can say for european parliamentary democracies, in which communist/socialist or Fascist/Nationalist parties frequently gain seats with votes in the 25-30% range, only because their more moderate opponents are spread out among various parties.

To compare us to them in terms of human rights is nothing short of an insult. We are the single largest donors of human aid, in terms of dollars, on the planet. The legal system of the United States is, despite its flaws, enormously better at defending human rights than the odious legal system of China, which is geared towards the suppression of dissent. 
We, however, celebrate dissent. It is virtually a national passtime. There is not a single issue in the body of american politics which does not cause people to raise their voices at each other. No issue is truly taboo.
In China, you may be harassed by the police for the rest of your life, simply for speaking out against a corrupt beaureaucrat, party official, or military commander. Your opinion is not welcome. If you prove to be too vocal, you can be imprisoned, humiliated, or simply be made to disappear. china still maintains an extensive forced labor camp system, known as the Laogai. At least 50,000 of chinas own citizens labor under grievous conditions, essentially as slaves, to produce any number of goods.
America recieves some of the heaviest scrutiny in the world, because we allow it. We are large, influential, and powerful. It is natural that citizens of other nations would feel ill at ease because of our dominance. They are skeptical of us, unable to fathom that, despite our heritage (western civilization), we are a nation apart. We will protect you, we will extend an offer of friendship to you, so long as you do not threaten us with harm. That is America's sole desire; to prevent harm to itself, by any means necessary. We do not seek empire; we have seen the harvest of blood and tears that empire brings. Determining our own destiny is what brings the American people satisfaction. Our borders will never expand. We have what we want. 
Why is this so difficult to understand? Given a choice, the American people would retreat back behind our borders and remain separate forever. But this is not the case. All over the world, people awake with the desire to destroy us, it consumes entire nations with its deadly fervor. Blame America, Hate America. Every friday, Iranian clerics pray to their bloody handed god to destroy America, and their government actively pursues this. North Korea has made a national cult out of anti-americanism. Latin America is rife with those who denounce our wealth and influence, and seek to sap us of our strength, pouring millions of tons of drugs and weapons through our porous borders. The world is not safe for America, therefore we must be armed to defend ourselves.

68 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-19 18:18 ID:GDGwGiZj

Whoops, sorry about that. ^

69 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-18 15:52 ID:9ZvrCuR4

Is there the person who can translate this page?
This page is very dangerous.
I leave that I look to judgment of each person.
The person who looked wants you to talk along contents.


70 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-18 16:11 ID:+AzWqk7y

A 2 party republic does not amount to a democracy.

I'm not a fan of the Chinese government either, but I'm so sick of Americans holding their false democracy over the rest of the world.

In a true democracy, people actually have the choice of voting for more extreme left or right wing parties.

Oh, and by the way...

I'm a socialist.

Have you got a problem with that?

Americans are still scared that communists are hiding under their beds.

Seriously, get over yourselves.

I can't wait to toast marshmallows in the embers of your republic.

71 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-20 06:39 ID:ubsdiPSE

> In a true democracy, people actually have the choice of voting for more extreme left or right wing parties.

Which they do in America. Most people just don't expect them to win and would rather cast their vote where it matters.

Besides, how is America's system any worse then the huge, unwieldy multi-party coalitions that inevitably arise in 'true democracies' (assuming by those you mean Europe)?

72 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-20 19:12 ID:+AzWqk7y

US politics are NOT moderate.

The change of Administration in 2000 brought about a change of attitude towards Europe in the US Administration and a corresponding change of European attitudes towards the USA.

The Enterprise of Iraq in particular has brought home to Europeans just how far the Neoconservatives in the USA have taken America along the road to fascism, something we in Europe fear, because many of our countries have actually been occupied by fascist dictators.

Yes, most Americans know about Herr Hitler. But countries like Spain and Portugal had to endure for even longer under Franco and Salazar.

We in Europe have also learned, the hard way, about the dangers of low-medium intensity insurgencies.

We know that they cannot be defeated, even temporarily, by military means alone. There we very much disagree with the Bush Administration's approach to the "war on terrorism".

We fear the consequences will spill over into Europe - in fact that process has already started - and Europe is much closer to the Middle East than the USA is.

73 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-21 12:13 ID:7en/qVQl

All countries that were victims of Japan's ww2 crimes hate the country to this day simply because japanese are cowards who can't admit their own crimes and live in a self-build fantasy world where they were the good guys.

Same goes to turkey and their genocide to the Armenians.

74 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-21 16:07 ID:FKFNudll

well, i was surprised when i read an article which told a jurnalist who insisted Armenian genocide was killed.

I am not good at Turkish history. so i cannot tell so much.
about China, i wonder their insistence is true.
because the story is too big.
where are the victims tombs?
how old Japanese army killed Nanking people who were much than the residents at the term?

i found a conclusion of China and Korean insisitence and i will translate.

One solder could kill more than 100 people using a Japanese sword and had many spares,
using only bayonets and pisitols could kill more than 800,000 people who were more than after the explosion of an atomic bomb,
the army could have so much weapons and bullets to kill native people with no reason in each colony,
and more than 3,200,000 native workers were forcly worked,
and around 1,000,000 people were dead but Japanese Force could control them perfectly with no rebellion,
at a zone on a border, they could forcely make people build totally 19 fortresses which were about 4,700 km and the underground fortresses were about 1,700 km,
after the constractions, they could kill 10,000 workers and have high engineering technology which could make the width of Yangtze River less than 2m ,
on Okinawa, even after the landing of the US Force, Japanese Force could keep the system of orders perfectly and could order the citizens to die,
Japanese Forces could judge to send conform women to Indonesia which belonged to the Netherlands before WW2,
they could have enough foods and be powerful to rape conform women who were more than the number of Japapense solders and one solder could rape more than 20 conform women on a day,
at the moment, there was no porno video, they were creative enough to do Gansya,
in Korea they have eoungh time to destroy not only cultural institutions but also dictionaries and cooking books,
though Japan made an anexation but colony to protect, they knew Feng shui very well to change the flow of the energy with burying
steal stakes on tops of Korean mountains,

75 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-21 16:09 ID:FKFNudll

the rest is below:

after the destroy of all excellent Korean constructions, towns, railways without using them, they could have enough money and materials to build damn Japanese builings newly,
they could have enough ships to send about half of Korean people to Japan by shuttle service,
in China, they could set fire to many houses, gather and burn the bodies of killed citizens at one place with enough oil with no remains,
they were very good at alchemy enough to make fuel from human fat,
just 700,000 Kanto-Force were powerful enough to make 200,000 Chinese conform women satisfied between the combats,
though they were moving in wide and steep Chinese continent, they
could keep moving so fast like gold medalists and Chinese solders and citizens had no time to escape,
in Shandong, they could have bacteriological weapons which could kill more than 420,000 people and the number was more than the mumbers of victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the two atomic bombs,

76 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-21 16:10 ID:FKFNudll

the final rest.....

they could destroy all highways in rural and urban areas perfectly, and they could vanish all plants patiently and precisely where no people lived aroound there,
just 11 years old kid was enough strong to fight in a field,
after the war, they could keep enough armaments to bring people meaninglessly,
they were so lucky enough to win Korean Anti-Japan groups easily which had excellent technology,
they had magical power which could make the Korean population twice killing so many people,
after the losing war, they could have political and deplomatic
ability to cause Korean War faking GHQ,
in the Chinese first comfort place, dai-ichi saloon, had a high technogical air conditioner,
they had great technology and invented poison gas which can work
even after a half century,
they could product more than 2,000,000 chemical weapons which needed so much money and bury all over China,
they could modify people's memory which they don't have......
the reason Japan lose is the biggest mistery on the human story....

i ve got tired with translating....
anyway this is made by China and Korean insistence.

77 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-21 18:13 ID:Heaven

ITT we cry over thing that we cannot change.

ex; hitler.. why dont we blame every single german for what his reich did? yeah, lets do that.

78 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-26 09:40 ID:Heaven

>turkey and their genocide to the Armenians.
>japan and their genocide to the Chinese.

These smell like the "global warming" issue. It's impossible to search for actual facts anymore.

79 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-31 17:36 ID:p6kPNmui

All those Japanese haters are victims of thier older generation's indoctorination against the Japanese who most of them don't have anything to do with the past directly now.

Thesedays insiting anti-Japanese sentiment has become nothing but mere a convienient tool for the Chinese or South Korean gorvernment to avert the citizen's attention from its formidable internal issues.

Chines and South Koreans have never been told about how a striking amount of money Japanese gervornment has been donatng to thier development and how often it apolozied to them over the decades.They simply haven't been informed about that whatsoever.

I'm rather concerned that the both gervernments never knows how to move forward and stubbornly continue intimidating Japan for the past forever.

80 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-02 20:28 ID:Heaven

Wow, just...wow. Do you people over there really BELIEVE any of that shit you posted?
Your brand of acid, Sir, is illegal on a galactic basis.

81 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-12 08:18 ID:MfkOVRqW

As a Yank, when i was in school when the presadent chose to use the A-bomb during WW2. He chose to use it becuase useing the A-bomb to end Japan's part in the war would kill off less lives then if they didnt use the A-bomb and fought a prolonged war.

But i guess differnt ideas, expectancys, and teachers make a ton of differnce.

82 Name: XyZ : 2007-02-25 20:36 ID:ZirniwOX

20 official apologies? No. They weren't official apologies. All the official apologies have been shot down on the Japanese parliamentary floor.

83 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-27 01:44 ID:uBGJlC6i

Why should they apologize anyway? Japan is not ruled by emperors anymore; it has a completely different government. The current government should not have to apologize for the actions of some emperor.

84 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-27 10:19 ID:Heaven


as long as the current government chooses to identify itself with the wartime rulers and venerate those fallen in service of that regime, it very well SHOULD be forced to apologize.

85 Name: Citizen : 2007-02-28 17:02 ID:Heaven


The Three China Cards Books By GORDON G. CHANG February 28, 2007
James Mann's "The China Fantasy: How Our Leaders Explain Away Chinese Repression" (Viking, 127 pages, $19.95)

"The China Fantasy: How Our Leaders Explain Away Chinese Repression"

( His thesis is simple: China is not democratizing, and for decades our leaders'
pronouncements have been dead wrong about the nation ruled from Beijing.)

And there is this: "If China's political system stays a permanently repressive
one-party state, that will mean that American policy toward China since 1989 has been
sold to the American people on the basis of a fraud ? that is, on the false premise
that trade and ‘engagement' with China would change China's political system."

86 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-04 13:39 ID:/kRvXn97

Japanese lover : Those that have been touched by Japanese money, video games, hentai, anime, or mangas.

Japanese hater : Those that have been raped by the Japs, and everything else not mentioned above.

87 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-10 12:33 ID:p+d+7MyP


Hey! Do not fabricate stoties!
When does the Japanese raped?

88 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-10 23:52 ID:D+OY3XM9


Grudges die hard.

89 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-12 06:26 ID:8T2gRt58

>>88 signed

90 Name: chinaman : 2007-03-18 22:30 ID:GdxOb9rh

20 million civilians slaughtered
sex slaves
civilians buried, burned alive
continous provocation from japs
japanese president visiting the shrine honouring the war criminals of WWII
always hiding the truth and denying the truth
no money paid for the damage done (how much would you pay anyways for 20Million lives?)
...and more

and personal reasons
like mine: my grandfather stared at a jap, and he was hit on his back with the butt of the rifle the jap was holding.

japs are lucky being a puppet of USA. if it wasn't for them, there wouldn't be a japan. think: japs are surrounded by countries they invaded in WWII. korea, china, phillipines to name a few.

91 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-19 00:25 ID:9VRE5yON


>japanese president visiting the shrine honouring the war criminals of WWII

Prime Minister, and the Yasukuni Shrine is not a shrine for war criminals, but a shrine for all soldiers over the years that fought for Japan (including Koreans and Chinese), as well as a shrine for all soldiers who died for their country. Originally the shrine excluded war criminals. However, to a large degree many war criminals in World War II in the Pacific were exempted from trials because of agreements between General MacArthur and the war criminals, exchanging human testing data for exemption.

>no money paid for the damage done (how much would you pay anyways for 20Million lives?)

Also false, Japanese have paid money to both China and othe nations it invaded during World War II. However these reparations were made largely to the governments and economies of the nations, and not to every individual person.

>always hiding the truth and denying the truth

Well that depends. Only a handful of Japanese textbooks remove or edited history, and the degree of revisionism varies from location to location. Osaka, for example is a human rights center and has a generally left leaning response, as opposed to some of the more hawkish rightish people who deny any and all crimes.

>continous provocation from japs

Delicious, delicious irony.

>and personal reasons

No shit. Have some apolojuice. If that was the worst of your experiences with the Japanese, how was your parent's experiences with the red guard?

92 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-19 05:11 ID:z1K/B6lt

↑very objective!
I agree with >>91.

93 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-20 21:08 ID:D+OY3XM9


Also, several prime ministers have delivered direct apologies, I guess they weren't good enough, though.


94 Name: canada : 2007-03-25 05:01 ID:F7rd8hv1

Japan does not deserve it's good reputation.
Iran denies holocaust = bad
Japan denies own mass murder of civilians = no one cares

95 Name: Citizen : 2007-03-31 08:45 ID:Heaven


↑Background of the 1993 apology to comfort women

Here is a video with English subtitles giving
a background to the apology and admission of
“coercion” in the 1993 Kono statement on comfort women.
The video makes it clear that the government never had
any evidence to suggest that there was coercion,
and that the Kono statement was based on uncritical
acceptance of testimonies and the feeling that such
things might be possible in war time.

96 Name: Citizen : 2007-04-09 11:54 ID:Heaven


97 Name: one : 2007-04-21 14:23 ID:OJr8zZTF

We should investigate thoroughly all Chinese and Korean insistence .
they are completely lairs .

98 Name: Citizen : 2007-04-24 01:55 ID:Heaven

lying liar

99 Name: Citizen : 2007-07-10 11:07 ID:Heaven

OK. This is probably waaaay off topic but here I go.
I see alot of China-flaming in this thread, about the government and all, but when you think about it, most of the products we use are manufactured there, and why? Because the government keeps the currency value low, though it's risen considerably over the past few years, it's still relatively low. And because all of us are benefitting from this, it kind of like betrayal now that you're attacking the country that made your life the way it is now. Unless you don't buy anything that comes from the mainland, you don't really have a leg to stand on when you're arguing about how bad its governing is. Also, what makes you believe that the media coverage that China gets on its, quoting >>61, "pseudo-Stalinist tactics like artificial famines, extensive prison camps, and indiscriminately violent police and military personnel." aren't exaggerated, if true? Unless you've been to China yourself and have seen solid evidence of that happening [though I've seen the latter on the news], your argument is totally void IMO.

Having said all this crap I'd like to state that I'm a neutral observer, and I'm not trying to argue in defense of the CCP in any way, but if there IS any news about the brutality of the Chinese regime, it would've gone through us [Hong Kong] before it reached you [wherever you are]. I've been in the mainland several times recently, and in none of these visits did I see anyone looking like they live in total, constant, perpetual fear of being prosecuted if they said anything to offend their "dictators". None of anyone I've seen kissed CCP ass. No one shouted Communist slogans [though I've seen banners displaying slogans encouraging certain activities, eg. safe driving]. Not a single one of my tour guides, SUPPOSEDLY mouthpieces and spies for the Communist government, tapping in to every anti-government statement that us tourists made, did anything like take notes, persuade us to "love the motherland" or anything like that. I'd say the picture of China that the media paints in most of your minds is, despite being to some extent true, grossly exaggerated, brutal and just ugly in general.

Thank you, and good day~

100 Name: Whaa : 2010-03-09 13:12 ID:NG8Tlmfh

There are chinese people in yasukuni shrine??

101 Name: Dubious CHink : 2010-05-08 19:40 ID:aIsijqRT


102 Name: Dubious CHink : 2010-05-08 19:48 ID:aIsijqRT

What? Now we have to thank China for our goodies? Hey, we give them work and a reason to live! And now they are using that to blackmail us like this? Shameless CHINKS! Bring our jobs back!

103 Name: Citizen : 2010-05-29 14:40 ID:lZh1US1j

I am Japanese I love China I know most Chinese like Japan very much. there are few cranks on both Japanese and Chinese side speaking ill of each other. Chinese and Japanese are 同文同種, the peoples of the same leter and race, right?

104 Name: Citizen : 2010-12-13 13:16 ID:Xs5ts0lC

China can divert people's dissatisfaction with the government away.
It's true of Korea.

105 Name: Citizen : 2011-07-19 10:10 ID:x1rt0m3L

ITT: Weeaboos rush to justify their holy land's war crimes.

106 Post deleted.

107 Post deleted.

108 Name: Citizen : 2013-10-28 13:10 ID:uhUJQlDB

Crazy Chinese

109 Name: Citizen : 2013-11-08 23:05 ID:Heaven

Three years late, but Yasukuni enshrines all who died in service to the Emperor during wartime, regardless of nationality. This includes many Korean and Taiwanese people.

There's also a smaller shrine on the same grounds, Chinreisha, which enshrines all war dead whether they served the Emperor or not.

110 Name: Citizen : 2013-11-23 13:59 ID:zmES0ChS

I am a japanese. I love chinese people.
I work with chinese everyday^-^


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