What do you think of illegal immigrants? (32)

1 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-03 20:49 ID:sUPSLY1+ This thread was merged from the former /debate/ board. You can view the archive here.

I am a Japanese and living in CA.
I wonder how Americans think about illegal immigrants.

2 Name: Citizen : 2006-06-14 06:55 ID:Heaven

Go back to Mexico.

3 Name: Citizen : 2006-10-30 00:34 ID:dPPa8zwg

You will find that most of the bleeding hearts that speak of Illegal alien rights and benefits speak ONLY of Mexicans. I am first generation american and my family came here the RIGHT way (from Italy) . LEGALY. I think that just like any other country, our imigration laws should be enforced. I just sat in a Jury that was for a crime in which 3 mexican illegals robbed and stabbed ANOTHER Mexi illegal. What a crock of crap. Waste taxpayers money and time when they should all just be sent back. Why do liberals think Mexi's should be treated differntly than illegals from Europe? Should we be REAL idiots and open our borders to everyone? No one else does for a reason.

4 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-02 02:58 ID:m1ADqF60


What I find rather amusing about the "Protect the Border" crowd is that they seem to think that we have only one border -- the Mexican border. points northward We actually have two borders. If we're worried about Mexicans taking jobs and commiting crimes, shouldn't we spend just as much time worrying about the Canadians?

Yet every time we have border battles, it's about Mexico. We want to build fences and fly drones to keep Mexis out. We don't even hardly look at Canada. There are parks right on the border, no one for miles around, and no one talks about barbed wire fences, drones, minutemen or anything else.

As far as homeland security, that's absolutely stupid. If terrorist want in, they don't have to bother with Mexico, they can simply drive across the Canadian border.

5 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-02 03:45 ID:o7+EuMz/

Probably because half of all illegal immigrants into the US come from 1 country, Mexico. Unless things have changed since I last saw the statistics.

We are a country of immigrants. The only exception are Native Americans and decendents of African slaves. I see nothing wrong with people who intend to make their lives better by coming to the US to live.

I don't agree with those who come here to work, send their money away, and leave only to come back later, repeat ad infinitum. If they truly wanted to live here they would stay to make America a better place for everyone.

6 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-02 06:10 ID:Heaven

its funny when they come here for freedom but all they do is steal your cell phone and rack up $300 bills with phone calls to their home country

7 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-02 19:24 ID:NOaPs8CE

The big issue that no one seems to have noticed is Catholicism.

The Church is pretty lippy now, threatening to excommunicate pro-choice Catholic politicians. Imagine how they'll be when a majority of the country is Catholic Mexicans! You stupid liberals can kiss gay rights goodbye.

8 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-08 17:58 ID:CVWz7C7s

I'm a democrat and I think that if someone wants to live in our country they should live by our rules, contribute to our economy, and for God's sake - speak our fucking language! I know that we have no "official" language, and I think we should. Every other country has at least one official language.
American's are pissed off at illegal Mexicans because they come here, take our construction jobs (I never trust a house built by Mexicans, but maybe thats because I'm a carpenter) our road laying jobs, pimp out their shitty trucks so they say Sanchez, take our welfare, don't speak our language or even make an attempt to, act like WE owe THEM for coming here, and best of all - send American Dollars to Mexico. Here are two little factoids for you all.

Factoid 1. 1 out of 11 Mexican citizens are living illegally in the US.

Factoid 2. The Mexican governments second largest money maker is Mexicans living in the US sending money back to Mexico. (The number one money maker is oil exports)

The Canadians at least speak our language and don't take our welfare.

9 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-08 22:48 ID:4LvsExhA

I agree with asking people to speak the primary language of English. Mostly because it allows them to be more rapidly integrated into society. When my great grandfather came from Denmark he didn't expect to keep speaking Danish all day. He learned English.

I don't mind them coming to the US, I don't even mind so terribly that many will continue speaking Spanish. Just know that I won't communicate with them, not because I dislike them but because I don't have any desire to learn Spanish. None. If I went to live in Spain however I wouldn't make demands that English be taught in schools and all this crap we keep getting over here. Bah I say, bah!

10 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-12 17:55 ID:wkZOjTsV

I say we should keep our open immigration policy but work on assimilating immigrants who are here and do our best to keep illegals out.

11 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-19 02:33 ID:FXqy1Bnb

I think that tougher border security should be a priority. Stop people from just walking over our border. I do however think that we should have comprehensive programs aimed at aiding these individuals in their transitions (usually financially) and allow workers to come here, send their money back (taxed heavily) to their families. Everyone is happy. But, I don’t think that Mexican nationals should be entitled to either health care or social security benefits like US citizens would. Furthermore, immigrants who remain at or below poverty level (getting federal aid) for more than, lets say 2 years should be deported.

12 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-23 13:28 ID:/UEdWsvA

> Furthermore, immigrants who remain at or below poverty level (getting federal aid) for more than, lets say 2 years should be deported.

This is a great idea, but why limit it to just immigrants? Why not just deport anyone who can't get themselves out of poverty for two years? Imagine how wealthy the country would become!

13 Name: Citizen : 2006-11-30 15:55 ID:/bc1kEpu


Yeah right, deport them for being poor? I would deport them to their home country if they committed a felony within two years of immigrating. Also, deny them any possibility of federal benefits (welfare, healthcare, public schooling, federally funded insurance, etc.) until they have lived here for 10 years or more. If they want insurance and medical care, they can pay for it privately. Also, we should deport all 'wards of the state' who are descended from illegal immigrants, they shouldn't be our financial burden anyway.

14 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-16 19:31 ID:6xVfb/Qd

What is wrong with immigrants? They work hard, don't complain much. Most illegals just overstayed their visa, anyway. And for >>8 I don't trust whiny overpaid white people either.

Maybe we should change the official US language to Mandarin, that way, no one will be happy!

15 Name: Citizen : 2006-12-18 16:28 ID:qf8QbNrg

fuck it all, the whole world should be consolidated into one state, thereby making the immigration problem go away once and for all. don't forget the lack of wars!

16 Name: fart man : 2007-01-21 05:03 ID:GiicNpSQ

they should be kicked out. they cant have proper jobs because they dont have valid passports. so they tend to do wrong things to keep their own lives, which most of the time make public security go worse.

i kindda feel sorry for those who come to industrialized countries to earn money because they suffer extreme poverty, but still, they should be kicked out.

17 Name: GolGo : 2007-01-23 16:53 ID:iQ2jtAkR

Why mexican inmigrates to U.S? so easy , because he NEEDS . I can even tell you for some people the deal is "go south or die" . Die by pooverty , its a new way of dying in Mexico..just in the enter of this year bus public transport went 50c up ,tortilla went from 6.00 p/k to 10.00 p/k thats not so bad for an average mexican like me..but think about the poor..people who depends SO MUCH of food like tortilla..people dying because the fault of this , the fault of medicine in so much communities SPECIALLY indigen , who are being terminated by our same goverment...A goverment conformed by drug-trafficants (ask about sinaloa and Veracruz , states where the narco simply rules everything ), corrupt people

Education sucks..thats why mexican can`t learn english , cuz the access to that laguages studies its almost a luxury!
2) sickness
3)tall prices for basic life ,when salaries sucks and unemployment grows up
4)corrupt goverment

Thats why mexican inmigrates to US , even when they dont understand even a word of the laguage , even when they´re hunted like animals.U.S can construct a wall with lasers , explosive mines and all crazy stuff , but mexican will still crossing , cuz THEY NEED

And with all this i gonna say you , i dont want compassion , i dont wanna change your mind about this..i want understanding

18 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-25 06:53 ID:Heaven

sounds like you need a revolution

19 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-25 20:40 ID:8Ku8VRZ0

a good solution might be to create a system of "citizens" and "non-citizens." Citizens would be people to whom the state has an obligation, sort of like share-holders for a company - non-citizens would be anyone who is not a citizen. Basically, non-citizens would be allowed to go about their business and would not pay taxes except for sales tax and income tax, while citizens would live as they do now. However, non-citizens would not have any of the privileges of citizens: they would not receive public education, welfare or medical care and insurance (emergency care would have to be paid for after the fact.) They would not have the right to vote, or the right to a trial by jury (they would be judged by a single judge or tribunal.) Also, they would never receive jail time or life imprisonment, only deportation/exile and execution as punishments.
I could go on, but it is relatively self explanatory. Also, citizens of other countries might receive services paid for by their home country if that country had some kind of mutual agreement with the US.

20 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-26 22:06 ID:f/K/04Gn

Sounds fucked up lawl. USA is supposed to welcome immigrants and immigrants are supposed to have a future here. Most people who are bitching about immigration are bitching about illegal immigration anyway.

21 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-27 02:13 ID:m1ADqF60


All men are created equal ...
But some are more equal than others.

22 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-29 20:24 ID:1Wpy+JI8

More like "All men are created equal, they have to pay taxes if they want more equality then that."

23 Name: Citizen : 2007-01-29 21:27 ID:m1ADqF60


Or a permanent underclass...

24 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2009-12-02 00:51 ID:Heaven

Illegal immigrants come over here because we have entitlements that go out to them. Then every ten years or so congress passes an amnesty bill granting citizenship to millions of illegals overnight. It's unconstitutional, it's corrupt, it's downright insanity.

25 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2016-04-17 23:45 ID:bUn3cOXd

illegal immigrants should be expulsed.
wAsn't it kinda like this in viking-age scandinavia? those who committed some crimes were considered "lawless" and lost all "state" protection.

26 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2016-09-26 12:39 ID:iitv+fup



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30 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2017-10-01 10:02 ID:Heaven

amusing thread considering the year

31 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-06-15 21:01 ID:Cl/uyreL


32 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2018-06-22 15:09 ID:Cl/uyreL

deport all illegal aliens NOW

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