Korea should own Japan (41)

1 Name: Citizen : 2008-10-15 13:34 ID:TB227VrL This thread was merged from the former /politics/ board. You can view the archive here.

Korea deserves ownership of Japan's lands. Japan has been cruel to Korea for ages and it should be rectified.

2 Name: Citizen : 2008-10-15 15:37 ID:Heaven

heh heh. Rectified...

3 Name: Citizen : 2008-10-16 14:32 ID:Heaven

Korean Muslim deserves ownership of Korea's lands. Korea has been cruel to Muslims for ages and it should be rectified.

4 Name: Citizen : 2008-10-16 16:30 ID:Heaven

Africa should own all of Asia. Africans have much bigger penises than tiny azn weewee and their phallic swords of might should conquer all territories and races that dare stand before it.

It shall be called the Wang Dynasty.

5 Name: J : 2008-10-22 19:46 ID:Heaven


Just no.

6 Name: Kim Jong : 2008-10-23 18:54 ID:OjoJbrG9

Which Korea though? The Comunist North or South Korea?

7 Name: Citizen : 2008-10-23 19:37 ID:Jk+6Xx0e

Goguryeo. Great Corea will return to a mighty empire that rules all Asia northeast of Manju. Its ruler will be His Imperial Highness Yi Won.

8 Name: Citizen : 2008-10-25 19:35 ID:awAmhuBz

First nations deserves ownership of America's lands. America has been cruel to first nations's for ages and it should be rectified.

9 Name: Citizen : 2008-10-30 19:04 ID:QFmxCMZI

Japan should own Korea

10 Name: J : 2008-10-30 19:59 ID:Heaven


Japan and Korea should STFU and keep their own countries.

11 Name: sage : 2008-10-31 20:07 ID:i4HVpH6n

Japan and Korea should trade countries. It could be a reality show or something.

12 Name: sage : 2008-11-04 21:37 ID:Heaven

All asian countries divide the rice and unite? Then take over the economy with cheaply manufactured toys. Then kill the buyers (non-asians sans african/good matured african american)children with lead poisoning. Then take over the world. Sounds good?

13 Name: Citizen : 2008-11-07 22:21 ID:Heaven

>>11 ROFL

14 Name: Citizen : 2009-01-10 03:46 ID:CI5zZvu3

Nations of mongoloid race deserve to rule the world (and you know it's coming).

15 Name: Citizen : 2009-01-10 07:17 ID:9CnpWM7H

All lands of the world shall be unified under the rule of Mittens, a fluffy white cat, who shall be most honorably depicted in JASCII. His rule shall paramount to that of the Great Roman Empire and shall last many a millenia. Submit to that which is the absolute king of Earth: Mittens.

16 Name: Citizen : 2009-01-16 03:58 ID:6AuHjhO7

Corea founded Americas and Corea founded Japan islands. Rightful land of Empire of Corea. Pig Japan need die and give land back with bloody hands.

17 Name: Citizen : 2009-01-16 17:57 ID:H+VXJTxc

Koreans are too shady to own any part of the world.

18 Name: Citizen : 2009-01-19 09:17 ID:NBGrDod8

why dont you just change the title to "korea should own the whole world instead" I mean they are practically claiming pretty much everything was originated from korea nowdays. you might as well tell the whole world that the koreans created the world and so on just to save them the trouble later on in another couple of years.

19 Name: prayer for world : 2009-01-25 10:58 ID:L9mFaUvy

Negative. Koreans are not worth owning anything but themselves.
The rest of the whole world should never ever touch anything
about Korean stuff.

Just leave them alone for your peace of your mind.

20 Name: fartman : 2009-01-26 17:08 ID:qa3LkWI1

hey world, look at >>1. thats what every korean is like.

they think they can do any bad to japan even killing little kids or raping girls, only because japan did wrong things 65yrs ago.

21 Name: Citizen : 2009-02-02 17:46 ID:YXXVAg6r

Mexico should own Texas!
Canada should own Alaska!
Cuba should own Florida!

22 Name: Citizen : 2009-02-14 14:06 ID:Heaven

I should own a car. Yet I don't.

Catch my drift?

23 Name: Link48010 : 2009-03-07 05:38 ID:ZlwNSgxM

yeah yeah, sure, one of the most technologically advanced countries being owned by a state with an innate lack of a strong government (or in the case of North Korea, an insane dictator) and a shaky economy at best. I can totally see the benefit of that.... sarcasm. The US bombed the shit out of Japan only 65 years ago but you don't see the Japanese claiming that the US should belong to them because of it do ya?

24 Name: Citizen : 2009-03-09 02:32 ID:Heaven

(i refer here entirely on rok as no korean nationalist on the internet talks about dprk except with respect to rok)

> a state with an innate lack of a strong government

i imagine the the people of the rok would be someone alarmed at learning that their twenty year old stable liberal democracy is dysfunctional
also do you know what the word innate means, and if so do kindly explain how the south korean state is intrinsically weak

> and a shaky economy at best.

wait what? they've had some problems with regional and global busts, but so has glorious nippon you dense weeaboo fuck.
currently #14 in PPP GDP, placing it above large swaths of europe.

> The US bombed the shit out of Japan only 65 years ago but you don't see the Japanese claiming that the US should belong to them because of it do ya?

possibly because after the war us dumped tremendous amounts of capital into japan in order to restore it to a first world liberal democracy. cf. korea, which was split in half, got some chump change in the treaty of san fransicso (taiwan got more), and which us allowed to stew in tyranny and poverty for decades, was blown to fucking hell and back for some crazy political play, and left in the periphery of the world stage, the northern region still to this day.
yes, this shit has societal repercussions. nidas are nuts because they've been fucked in the ass over the better part of the last two centuries and have only just now clawed their way to a place in the sun by largely their own bootstraps.

25 Name: Link48010 : 2009-03-13 04:07 ID:ZlwNSgxM


>(i refer here entirely on rok as no korean nationalist on the internet talks about dprk except with respect to rok)

Granted I'm not a Korean nationalist, I think we have a misunderstanding on our hands, not to gripe but I think you should think about that possibility before calling people a "dense weeaboo fuck", whatever the hell that is. I apologized if I offended you. South Korea is a stable country, North Korea is far from, if anything, blame the first poster who didn't specify one or the other. I think Japan in the hands of South Korea wouldn't be good, but I'll be damned to say "yep, Kim Jong-il get's full control of a country that is nuclear capable."

As a whole, I was referring to North Korea, you know, the one lead by Kim Jong-il who owns every single Donald Duck episode in existence (Walt Disney must be so proud) and perms his hair and wears platforms to make himself look taller, the one who's general population is three inches shorter than the South Koreans, the ones that people have been found dead on the side of the road with grass in their mouth because they are starving, the one that has time again bragged about it's quest to acquire and a recent test of a nuclear weapon (although seismic tests prove either it was a fake or they failed miserably).

26 Name: Citizen : 2010-03-30 09:58 ID:1tmwe6fV

Korean should unify their own lands by themselves, before they think about the next islands.

27 Name: Citizen : 2010-08-19 15:12 ID:Y92tj2nl

Mexico should own Texas. Oh wait...

28 Name: Citizen : 2011-09-29 03:39 ID:wiEqkwS2

you know we japanese should have killed whole koreans during WWII. I blame my ancestor for building university and inflations.

29 Name: Citizen : 2011-09-29 19:27 ID:kSXwiMEI

you mean "infrastructure."? korea is good at doing inflation more than us, they don't need to help for inflation.

30 Name: Citizen : 2011-12-28 09:14 ID:x/JLMs6Q

Poland deserves ownership of Germany's lands. Germany has been cruel to Poland for ages and it should be rectified.

31 Name: Citizen : 2012-01-02 15:47 ID:Heaven

I think history has you covered there. Modern Poland includes a large chunk of what used to be Prussia, which was the predominant German state at the time.

32 Name: tengri_gim : 2012-01-14 23:42 ID:yF8kd1lM

Most s. koreans are christians. Fail. At least japanese can make cars and boats (one before the other). Japan should own korea.

33 Name: Citizen : 2012-01-15 21:25 ID:LerJFOvg

X should be allowed to control/expel/kill Y because Y's grandparents did the same thing to X's grandparents. Yes! That is sure to end all the problems. You're a genius.

34 Name: Citizen : 2012-01-20 23:56 ID:iUfvvCZX

35 Name: Citizen : 2012-08-14 23:23 ID:BwoeDubn

36 Name: Citizen : 2012-08-15 14:20 ID:BwoeDubn

37 Name: Citizen : 2013-04-26 15:12 ID:TvhbOzqc

ive never heard of a small country owning a big country.

38 Name: Citizen : 2013-05-19 02:07 ID:ohDpE9u1

Korean must die
fuck off here

39 Name: Citizen : 2013-06-02 12:33 ID:O61oHLbn

LOL obvious troll is obvious
and it's really funny to see people not realizing it

40 Name: Citizen : 2013-07-18 17:23 ID:v/9/Ue8S

41 Name: Citizen : 2013-12-13 14:31 ID:S4gpK9vs

First of all, Korea should unite itself.
Don't cramp Japanese style.

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