1 Name: TojoHirohito : 2010-09-08 16:04 ID:2bb+nAhp This thread was merged from the former /politics/ board. You can view the archive here.

Foreigners, Don't come to JAPAN!! BEGGERS!!
We JAPANESE hate Foreigners!! Consciousness this!! Stupid Niggers!!
Why such a UGLY black monster come to this beautiful island?? Die!
Black people, Indian, Pakistan, Nepa, they are very bad smell!!
FUCKIN' loser poor country people shit!! Fuckin BAD SMELL MONSTERRRR!!!!!
They come to only to get Japanese YEN!!!!!!!
They all are BURDEN of Japanese society!!!
They will invade fiscal resource of OUR TAX!!!!!!!
G E T O U T O F J A P A N , F U C K I N' F O R E I G N E R S !!!!

2 Name: Citizen : 2010-09-11 01:49 ID:KCHt88Dl

If you didn't want them coming to your country you shouldn't have gone to theirs.


3 Name: Citizen : 2010-09-11 16:36 ID:Heaven

I have to admit that that made me laugh.

4 Name: Citizen : 2010-12-22 01:13 ID:21B/6br9

LOL at this thread.

If it weren't for the rest of world exporting to you and buying your imports, you would collapse into poverty.

Have some respect, filthy savage.

5 Name: Citizen : 2010-12-24 22:20 ID:paB6Nvrq


>exporting to you and buying your imports

Yes, that's how fucking trade works. Congratulations.

6 Name: Citizen : 2010-12-27 01:09 ID:U0pkny01


Oh wow, you're clearly a genius (I'm kidding).

Their economy is almost entirely based on people buying their shit.

All of their prosperity is hugely thanks to these foreigners that this nip-nong is deriding.

He should have some respect that anyone cares about Japan at all. The rest of the world can live without Japan, but Japan cannot live on its own.

7 Name: Citizen : 2010-12-28 14:54 ID:eudcvqhq

I'm a Japanese high student.
Please don't believe what >>1 said.
Most of Japanese don't think such as what >>1 said.
Most of us respect Canadian,American,Indian,Pakistan.
Because they have a lot of what we don't have.
Since ancient time,Japanese have respected people who can do what most of people around us can't do.
All foreigners have such as it.
So,we'll welcome anybody who comes from foreign countries.
If you have an interest in Japanese,welcome to Japan.
Most of us are waiting for your coming.

8 Name: Citizen : 2010-12-29 20:34 ID:rkC9bm37

How very courteous of you. I wish you and your country well.

9 Name: Citizen : 2011-01-29 14:30 ID:bxOgqbQX

And what do you think about Whites?

10 Name: Citizen : 2011-03-18 09:42 ID:Heaven

Wait no! Come back! We need your help to rebuild!

We didn't mean those terrible things you said about you! It was just a joke! Yeah, that's it. A joke!

11 Name: Citizen : 2011-07-31 19:39 ID:nBwlzA01

Who is treated better in Japan, blacks or whites?

12 Name: Citizen : 2011-10-28 10:05 ID:NqeJL+0s

you get out of Japan fuckin' it.

13 Name: One of Japanese : 2011-10-29 15:59 ID:kXKVz2rG

we japanese don't think like >>1 saying

14 Name: Citizen : 2011-10-29 19:48 ID:Heaven

No true Scotsman would think such a thing.

15 Name: Citizen : 2011-11-05 18:38 ID:t17DMo1y

I think it really depends on a country from which he/she is.
If a black person is from the States or Britain, I think Japanese people would think highly of him/her, but not if a white is from an eastern European or south American country.

This is off the topic, but the same would go to Asian people: Singaporean/Hong Kongers would be treated better than those
from developing SEA countries.

16 Name: Citizen : 2011-11-05 18:41 ID:t17DMo1y

Just think of how Russian white are treated in Japan compared to
American/British white. There is a huge difference between them.

17 Name: Citizen : 2011-11-06 21:11 ID:XAu1mfCb

Excuse me, dear sir, but I'm Russian and, since USSR and US raped your country during WWII, I believe it's my inherent right to come to Japan and get butt-licked by local elites whenever I deem necessary.

18 Name: Citizen : 2011-11-25 17:42 ID:Heaven

As long as you don't come in the public bath, if we have to ban gaijin because of your unruly vodka-fueled antics Debito will be very upset.

19 Name: Citizen : 2011-12-19 19:29 ID:qC2ANmi5

>>7 I'm glad to hear that. I want to visit many contrys. One is Japan. When I get there I hope I meet people like you.

20 Name: Citizen : 2012-02-28 17:53 ID:pVikabH7

You all burden of our life. We hate Brajilian shit.

21 Name: Citizen : 2012-02-28 17:55 ID:pVikabH7

Who say like this is Anti JAPAN Korean.

22 Name: Citizen : 2012-02-28 18:03 ID:pVikabH7

Almost Russian hate Chinese and Japanese , asian.
They call us 'Chai, Japs,'
So we Japanese do hate Russian,
'Gat out of Japan, ROSUKE'

'What's wrong?'

23 Name: Citizen : 2012-02-28 18:06 ID:pVikabH7

Every year, many Japanese are killed by Brazilians Niggers.

24 Name: Citizen : 2012-03-02 17:24 ID:YoWTNFR5

enjoy your declining birth rate and 50% shut-in population

25 Name: Citizen : 2012-03-14 07:07 ID:gmjLw1qL

I would like you to know to the direction of living in the United States, and it wrote in.

In Japan, the voice of 300,000 people or a question has the killed number in Nanjing truly.

But since this is a taboo, each newspaper company has not taken it up at all.

Also in the comfort-women problem and the occupation prostitute that got wages, proof remains.

By the Nanjing Massacre, it is said moreover [ severe violence ] by the North Korean to a woman.

China report: Korean soldier takes part in the Nanjing Massacre.

The womb is taken out and the head is covered.


The numerousness of the sex crimes by Koreans is unusual.

This animation is telling North Koreans' extraordinariness.

26 Name: Citizen : 2012-04-24 10:01 ID:pVikabH7

GAIJIN, GETOUT! 外人出て行け。交通ルールも守らないクズ。

27 Name: Citizen : 2012-04-25 10:07 ID:KCHt88Dl

can we stay if we take the train?

28 Name: Citizen : 2012-05-07 05:18 ID:pWMAk/HP

You fuckin' Koreans must get out of Japan!!!

Most Japanese don't care about foreigners except Koreans and Chinese!!!

29 Name: Citizen : 2012-10-23 04:30 ID:EPPrySbc

We,Japanese have got huge troubles from anti Japan Korean who live in Japan.
They always make us fool such as >>1 ,>>26 said. They pretend to be Japanese. They spread Japan is evil to all over the world. We hate them because Nevertheless They got many help from Japan such as financial aid,staying Japan and so on,They have many complains and
commit crimes. I never heard "Thank you" from them. They said you must apologize and compensate. We already did it On June 22, 1965, Japan and South Korea mutually signed the basic. However, Korean government got the money and didn't give them.So Anti Japan-Korean demand apology and compensation again and again. How many times we must do to them? Forever? Actually,They want to get money from us permanently as a shield of
history issue, such as comfort women etc.

30 Name: Citizen : 2012-10-26 09:54 ID:Heaven

We Germans have got huge troubles from anti German Jews who live in Germany.
They always make us fool such as >>29 said. They pretend to be German. They spread Zionism to all over the world. We hate them because Nevertheless They got many help from Germany such as financial aid,staying German and so on,They have many complains and
commit crimes. I never heard "Thank you" from them. They said you must apologize and compensate. We already did it On May 7, 1945, Germany and Allies mutually signed the basic. However, Allied government got the money and didn't give them.So Anti German-Jews demand apology and compensation again and again. How many times we must do to them? Forever? Actually,They want to get money from us permanently as a shield of
history issue, such as holocaust etc.

31 Name: japan man : 2013-05-15 05:22 ID:lJkyfjYD

fact opinion of Governor of Osaka Mr. hashimoto

32 Name: japan man : 2013-05-15 05:23 ID:lJkyfjYD

Fact opinion of Governor of Osaka Mr. hashimoto


33 Name: Citizen : 2013-05-30 14:50 ID:0Xw7naN0

We know so many VANKs here.
Voluntary Agency Network of Korea
Why do you guys always pretend to be Japanese?

34 Name: Citizen : 2013-06-15 05:07 ID:Heaven

Whether he's secretly Korean or not, you aren't doing much to undermine his thesis of Japanese people being intensely xenophobic with that claim.

35 Name: sage : 2013-06-30 20:44 ID:Heaven

(Chinese people who living in japan)
Chinese had started demands (consulting,it consults) about new welfare in local government
before 2010-4-2 Acceptance.(i think Maybe chinese) and,
Actually in japan,Everyone who watched this news TOPIC(Chinese had started demands,i think Maybe

on air on TV before 2010-4-2 Acceptance.
People started Discussion about Governmental policy(Government policy) on Web BBS etc.
Japanese had a feeling of embarrassment.

Japanese government started Acceptance of new welfare applicant(welfare benefit) including foreign

on 2010.4.02.

and 2010.4.02 Actually in japan, People who watched this news TOPIC(Acceptance start) on air on TV,
everyone started argue about Governmental policy(Government policy) on Web BBS etc.

People argued about Governmental policy
NOT about NIGGERS, PAKI, PELUVIAN, INDIAN, BRA.....Individual foreign resident.
NOT about Individual foreign resident.

and,TojoHirohito made this New thread here on BBS on 2010-04-05,
and, had started blameing foreigners.


Why did TojoHirohito made this New thread?
MANY Japanese recognizes it as domestic policy problem(argue).
Why does he blame foreigners?
Because,His purpose,his aim is Anti-japan.

for japanese,this TOPIC is just a tiny domestic policy problem WITHOUT Korean and Chinese.
for japanese,this TOPIC is very big domestic policy problem WITH Korean and Chinese.
for japanese,this TOPIC(applicant of foreign resident for this welfare)IS ONE OF THEM(WITH Korean and

for japanese,this TOPIC argue is related to Korean and Chinese(who living in japan),and,
is big domestic policy problem having complex feelings background.
for japanese,this TOPIC is domestic policy problem,domestic policy argue,
domestic problem(argue) about politics and political power,party,
criticism of new welfare(Not criticism of applicant).

Holly shit!
TojoHirohito had not mentioned about 2010.4.24-25 News Topic.
TojoHirohito had not mentioned about Koeran applicant that i watchwd on TV News
on 2010.4.24-25 on Air in Japan.

2010-04-24,,,Koeran applicant News Topic IS BIG DEAL,VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG DEAL!

WHY WHY EVERYONE ignore 2010.4.24-25 News Topic!>ALL
I dont understand why EVERYONE had not mentioned about 2010.4.24-25 News Topic.

This is My English Training,thankyou.

36 Name: sage : 2013-06-30 20:46 ID:Heaven

>>1 TojoHirohito, YOUR COMMENT DID NOT MENTION ABOUT KOREAN, ignore 2010.4.24-25 News Topic!

TojoHirohito made this thread on Debate categoly (at 2010-04-05 )

     ★NIGGERS, PAKI, PELUVIAN, INDIAN, BRA, GET OUT OF JAPAN!!!★    (at  2010-04-05 )

and, also he made this thread on Politics categoly (at 2010-09-08 16:04 )
Politics@4-ch (HERE!)

It was happened in Amagasaki city hall in Hyougo prefecture 2010-4-22(Thu)highnoon.
It was reported by mass media(TV,internet,Web,blog,etc) as News Topic 2010-4-24-25.
A man(who is korean living in Amagasaki city in Hyougo prefecture,Age50,,) make a demand on city hall

for money.

This korean(maybe 893mafia) had 555 children(554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand, + 1 child, his true son).
(We love Thai,Thai is friend.)
One child welfare benefit is 13000yen a month. ( $130(US) a month )
One child welfare benefit is 156000yen a year. ( $1560(US) a year )
554 children welfare benefit is 86000000yen a year. ( $860000(US) a year )

also,I want to say repeatedly.
This welfare applicant(welfare benefit) is failed law(made by DPJ),
The problem is Japanese government side.
The problem is DPJ(2009-2010)government side.
DPJ(The Democratic Party of Japan) is BIG HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE PROBLEM !!!!!


I THINK this thread title should rename like this,,,

A LOT OF KOREAN trying fraud things in japan! Almost allways!
TojoHirohito is one of them ,fraud KOREAN!
TojoHirohito is maybe native japanese speaker enjoying as pretending Japanese.
TojoHirohito is NOT Japanese,He is KOREAN so-called ZAINICHI pretending Japanese.
KOREAN who living in japan GO TO HELL!

stereotype ZAINICHI can use English very well.
People who read this thread DONT KNOW who is TojoHirohito & reason why TojoHirohito made this
thread & what happening in japan(April.2010).
(as japanese)We can understand who is TojoHirohito & what happening in japan.
I want to say repeatedly.
Basically,This kind of claim is japanese domestic side problem,TojoHirohito is pointless.
ZAINICHI(pretending Japanese like TojoHirohito on internet) just want to claim&whip Japanese

ZAINICHI(= KOREAN)is problem maker!

37 Name: sage : 2013-06-30 20:53 ID:Heaven



38 Name: sage : 2013-07-01 00:28 ID:Heaven

尼崎事件 - Wikipedia
Amagasaki Murder(1990-2011, Criminal group family were arrested at 2011(Nov),
in Amagasaki city of prefecture Hyogo)

Their crime is 25 years,pref Hyougo,pref Kouchi,pref Kagawa,pref Okayama,pref Shiga,pref Kyouto,
A lot of people were killed by korean family(clan) including japanese member.
Core member of criminal group were korean family.(hometown is Amagasaki city of prefecture Hyogo)
1990-2011,Japanese police could not arrest them, because they were korean.
Japanese people&police can not involved on against korean criminal.

A lot of korean(living in japan) have 893mafia background.
In this case,The korean family kidnapped japanese family, some people were killed,
some people run away to local(Amagasaki) police.
they got aset and they got family name for laundering.
Thier job is crime.A lot of body found.
They were very famous local(Amagasaki)residents family(not mean mafia)as dangerous neighbors.
like Amagasaki,Koube,Osaka,north kyusyu, West japan is korean criminal heaven!

A lot of people were killed by korean family in this case(Amagasaki Murder),
but! yet! we know this is tiny case.
we know ,there are plenty of victim(japanese company&people)who were attacked by korean gangsters.
Japanese police can not arrest&involve korean crime, because they are untochable.

TojoHirohito is not korean gangsters,but typical anti-japan korean(ZAINICHI).

尼崎事件 - Wikipedia
Amagasaki Murder does not exist English pages.

I dont know why People do not make Wiki English pages for KOREAN hate crime.
(including Murder hate crime)

like this
also,does not exist English pages.

39 Name: sage : 2013-07-01 02:10 ID:Heaven

Mayor of Osaka, Mr.hashimoto(Pref.Osaka ex-governor)was supported by
lot of japanese people, specially in Osaka.
Osaka is one of korean criminal heaven.
two or three yaers ago,
North Korean gov spokesman mentioned&claimed to pref.Osaka's local policy decision,
EVEN OSAKA's TINY DECISION was watched by north korea military government.
EVEN domestic local budget matter was watched by north korea military dictatorship.
A lot of japanese people were kidnapped by North korean military spy,
Some people were kidnapped&killed on boat.
There are a lot of North Korean spy&assassin living in japan.
(Korean spy kills japanese people,because they dont have enough money,also,
they need legal nationality and legal residential account.)
ZAINICHI 893mafia is subsidiary of North Korea.
also, ZAINICHI 893mafia is subsidiary of South Korea(KCIA KoreanCIA).
ZAINICHI North&South Korean is partner each others on crime in japan.

TojoHirohito is not korean gangsters,but typical anti-japan korean(ZAINICHI),
TojoHirohito is typical stereotype ZAINICHI in japan.
TojoHirohito is typical light-wing ZAINICHI fallen dark side.

40 Name: Citizen : 2013-07-07 11:36 ID:Heaven

So since you're accusing this TojoHirohito guy of being a Zainichi Korean, I presume that means you disagree with his opening post and openly welcome all niggers, Pakis, Peruvians, Indians and Brazilians to Japan?

I'll let all my friends who might fit those descriptions know. I expect you to give them welcoming presents, arrange their visas, and find them jobs.

41 Name: sage : 2013-07-27 04:22 ID:Heaven

2013 July on street at Machida city in Pref.Tokyo.
Highschool girl was attacked by young guy,
student girls head&face was smashed by someone who have a brick.
The girl say the guy speaking chinese langauge,Suddenly attaking&beating her face&head by his handing brick.
her head have a broken bone.
public security camera recorded the chinese man near by the spot around there.
Police investigating to arrest the chinese man for this case.
this chinese man have arrested another case.
no problem,i think maybe this is not hate crime,Tokyo is peaceful, allways peaceful.
a lot of people were killed by chinese young guy came from mainland as foreign student.
It's Not News,because its very very tiny local things,not big issue,not big deal in japan.
japanese people were uesed to living in the chinese crime,its chinese style.

42 Name: sage : 2013-07-27 05:20 ID:Heaven

23.July.2013(Tue) Sano police arrested the korean.(Kim ton un, Age 65, Korean)
Kamagatani city in pref Chiba. 27 Oct 2012 AM10:00 back then.
He suddenly hiting her with his(riding)bicycle, attaking the woman(Age 70), rubbed her bag.
He is still be denying he ever did robbery with violence.
peaceful robber korean, his name is "kin ton un",its funny.

24.July.2013(We) Ikebukuro police arrested Lee & other staff(chinese group).
ex-host Lee(hostclub staff) & other 4 staff(chinese man & woman).
Ikebukuro in Teshima in Pref Tokyo. 7 Jan 2013 AM04:50 back then.
hostclub staff assault two chinese women(Age 29,34)who were customer.
victim was customer. her face have a broken bone.

maybe My ID is Heaven,if so, why?(please answer)

43 Name: Citizen : 2013-07-27 13:16 ID:Heaven

>>42 If you sage your post, your ID is displayed as "Heaven".

44 Name: sage : 2013-07-28 03:49 ID:Heaven

>>43 thankyou, i got it! i appriciate you.

Saijyou city in Pref Ehime. 28.Sep.2010(Tue)morning.
body was found in his own house inside the entrance door.

victim was killed by some kind of knife(edge tool,blade, 15.5cm cooking knife was found).
(victim had uesed wheel chair,man,Age 64,elder person)
after that,
1.Oct.2010(Fr) PM07:00 in Hiuchi in Saijyou city in Pref Ehime.
Ehime police arrested the man.
his name is "kon syan mon",age 28,young chinese guy,came from mainland for
Imabari shipbuilding as training staff.
near the Imabari city(Pref Ehime) is famous for shipbuilding,old day.

27.Sep.2010 night, the chinese guy killed victim by using knife in the entrance.
the victim stabbed deeply in ten several places(left breast), and ,,,,,, take off his heart from body.
why chinese take off the heart?

chinese religion? chinese culture? ceremony? simply hate crime? why, he wanted the heart?
i hear,
in America, chinese guy did cut off head alive person in the restaurant.(students in college?)
in Canada, chinese guy did cut off head alive person in the bus.(labor?)
chinese is very strange.

Oct.2010 back then,
maybe News media (TV,internet,etc) reported this Murder.(Ehime Saijyou Murder)
but,i knew this murder in 2012.i did not know this Murser before 2012.
maybe, there are a lot of chinese murder in japan.
but Nobody know,even native people dont know (also i am).

45 Name: sage : 2013-08-02 02:34 ID:Heaven

yesterday,i have read BBS-2ch.

group name "reishisuto shibakitai" , its mean "i want to beat raicist!".
"Re I Shi Su To" is "racist", "Shi Ba Ki Ta I" is "i want to beat(or be bop)", and also,
"Ta I" is pun word(だじゃれ、駄洒落、語呂),, "Ta I" is "team" (team, or group, or troops, or class).

This group is anti-racism group. They are korean, ZAINICHI korean activist group in japan.
They want to beat(&be bop) the Japanese-racism.
They say "Japanese is RACIST".

ONE of the member,he is wearing the Japanese-team T-shirt in soccer JAPAN vs KOREA game match event,
and did pretending as japanese team follower,
Ho Lee Fuk!
and ,
having BIG HUUUUUGE rising sun flag, and, waveing the flag at soccer stadium in korea,,,,,like TojoHirohiro.
Hoooooo Leeeeee Fuuuuuuk!
he was the member of ZAINICHI korean group "reishisuto shibakitai".

He tweeting on Twitter to explain why he did wave the huge rising sun flag.

his picture was up-loaded on internet,shoveing on Japanese soccer team T-shirt,and,
after game match, have eating meals in korean restaurant (maybe because of in korea).

46 Name: sage : 2013-08-02 02:36 ID:Heaven

EVEN AFTER 2010-04-05, EVEN AFTER DATE 5.April.2010,

      >>1  TojoHirohiro COULD NOT MENTION the KOREAN!
★NIGGERS, PAKI, PELUVIAN, INDIAN, BRA, GET OUT OF JAPAN!!!★ ( Debate@4-ch at 2010-04-05 )
where is KOREAN? where is KOREAN? where is KOREAN?
      I HAD WATCHED the KOREAN PARENTS in CITY HALL on TV,  at 5.April.2010 BACK THEN.

EVEN AFTER 2010-04-24, EVEN AFTER DATE 24.April.2010,

      >>1  TojoHirohiro COULD NOT MENTION the KOREAN!
★NIGGERS, PAKI, PELUVIAN, INDIAN, BRA, GET OUT OF JAPAN!!!★ ( Politics@4-ch at 2010-09-08 )
where is KOREAN? where is KOREAN? where is KOREAN?
      I HAD WATCHED the KOREAN FATHER in CITY HALL on TV,  at 24.April.2010 BACK THEN.

>>1 I CAN NOT FIND ANY "KOREAN" in THIS TITLE! WHY? >>1 ToJoHirohito WHY? >>1


I KNOW >>1 ToJoHirohito wanted to say "Japanese is RACIST". i know,i know, i know"Japanese is RACIST".

47 Name: sage : 2013-08-02 02:38 ID:Heaven

I watched Boston terror cerebrateing video, Up-loaded on YouTube(April.2013),
few hours later,video was erased by someone,I am very lucky,actually i saw this video before erased.
Channel User name is "takoyaki200812",

He said "I am Japanese, I cerebrateing Boston terror!" in the video. very typical. very classic.

also, he is korean, ZAINICHI korean. he is korean clearly more than "TojoHirohiro" case.

long experiment,AS (long)experiment,On experiment,we must blaming this kind of person as"they are korean".
actualy,if Tojo is korean Or NOT, WE DONT CARE.
we seem&understand to Tojo as "they are korean"(pretending japanese).

There were Boston terror cerebrateing video in YouTube(April.2013),
This Video was making&Uploading by oriental person"takoyaki200812".
he is speaking shitty japanese-Engrish, "loling"&cerebrateing Boston terror,
,stating I AM JAPANESE,like TojoHirohito.
People bassing oriental"takoyaki200812" as "he is zainichi korean".
because this ideot"takoyaki200812" have a lot of evidence of zainichi around on internet here and thare.
3 hours later,video was erased by some one using by authority of
korean name(authority"kim min song"is himself? or other korean?).
korean or not, who care! WHO CARE! Shut The Fuck Up korean!(this is very important)

good korean people is emmbarrassing&worring to aiming hate things.
i dont know who erased Boston terror immoral vid, "kim" is "takoyaki200812"himself? or other korean?
very typical.

"reishisuto shibakitai" (Z-korean group)
"takoyaki200812" ( clearly definitely ZAINICHI korean , there are a lot of critical evidence.)
"TojoHirohiro" >>1 who? r u Z-korean?

ZAINICHI korean is funny.

we can find South korean government shadow behind them(Z-korean group).
mindan is South korean government Agency.
there are a lot of mindan Agency activist in Japan, everywhere on internet.


      I THINK  this thread title should rename like this,,, 

48 Name: sage : 2013-08-02 03:44 ID:Heaven

It was happened in Amagasaki city hall in Hyougo prefecture 2010-4-22(Thu)highnoon.
It was reported by mass media(TV,internet,Web,blog,etc) as News Topic 2010-4-24-25.
A man(who is korean living in Amagasaki city in Hyougo prefecture,Age50,,) make a demand on city hall for money.

This korean dad had 555 children(554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand).
for evidence of adopted child living in Thailand ,
This korean dad having a lot of necessary papers back then.

all necessary papers were prepared perfectly.
so, It was big news on mass media.
how system is failed.
how DPJ(2009-2010)government is failed.
how The Democratic Party of Japan is problem.
This welfare applicant(welfare benefit) is failed law(made by DPJ),

554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand.
554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand.
554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand.

(We love Thai,Thai is friend.)
One child welfare benefit is 13000yen a month. ( $130(US) a month )
One child welfare benefit is 156000yen a year. ( $1560(US) a year )
554 children welfare benefit is 86000000yen a year. ( $860000(US) a year )

554 adopted child in Thailand and korean

554 adopted child in Thailand and korean

554 adopted child in Thailand and korean

gift of life
organ plant
organ transplant
organ transplantation
organ transplants
transplantation of an organ


49 Name: sage : 2013-08-02 07:28 ID:Heaven

21.Jun.2013, at Gwangju area in korea, Gwangju East Police had started to investigating about rumor.

   Gwangju(officially known as Gwangju Metropolitan City)
Gwangju is mid place of Jeolla-do.
Jeolla,or Jeolla-do, "Jeolla province"
Zenra do
South Jeolla Province, or Jeollanam-do, is a province in the southwest of South Korea.
Zenra Namdo(South-do)
North Jeolla Province, or Jeollabuk-do, is a province in the southwest of South Korea. T
Zenra Bukudo(North-do)
   Jeolla-do(Zenra-do) is area of including
Zenra Bukudo(North-do), Zenra Namdo(South-do), Gwangju is center area of Zenrado)
Zenrado is South west of peninsula.

The rumor is kidnapping of taxi customer.
The rumor had started on Korean Twitter at 20.Jun.2013(AM03:00) .
Someone tweeting on Twitter about kidnapping of taxi customer to get their liver for organ transplant.
after tweeting, 12 hours later, this story was spreading among over 70,000 users in korea.
Gwangju city became panicky,and bus station got crowded after that, because of people could not use taxi.

its like Charlie The Unicorn video on YouTube, i like that video, very funny.
but its serious problem in korea.

because of fear of spreading panic,
Gwangju East Police had to form&organized the specialize investigation team,
and, had started to investigating about the rumor.

maybe this is primary source, reported from korean news topic.

from BBS-2ch,
became panicky rumor ,"underground kidnapping taxi" circumstances of korean liver for organ transplant.

there are a lot of example case & circumstances % background, Murder, kidnapping, strange news in korea.
for example, baby capsule.
for example, Murder.

for example, another Murder.


this Murder investigation is stopping,
and, victiom suing this Murder case, and, became class action suit by local people.
the killer came from china, but, the killer is choson(korean) person,
victim's body parts were found from cold storage chamber.
all piece of meat were keeping&storing clean in cold chamber.
he is professional killer for cutting dead body,his body cutting skill is professional,
but, korean police stopping the investigation.
investigation staff(retired prosecutor from this trial) mentioned about circumstances of police side,
because of about spreading of Murder cognition by investigation.
so, police stopped the investigation.

maybe, a lot of people were killed & used for organ transplant.
,or used for making meat capsule, or directly used for cooking.
baby meat capsule is korean domestic needs.

554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand,and father is korean.
554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand,and father is korean.
554 adopted child LIVING IN Thailand,and father is korean.

maybe this korean is broker, this korean is not volunteer, but organ transplant arranger,

50 Name: sage : 2013-08-02 08:16 ID:Heaven

The Highschool girl say the guy speaking chinese langauge,
Suddenly attaking&beating her face&head by his handing brick.
her head have a broken bone.

Yesterday, Mr Yellow was arrested.

Fuji TV(FNN) 1.Aug.2013(Thr)(17:04)News
Chinese, Man, Age 26, his name is Kou IeIe (黄偉威, Yellow Great Fear-forced)

フジテレビ系(FNN) 8月1日(木)17時4分配信 女子生徒の頭をレンガで殴り重傷を負わせた疑い 26歳男を逮捕

Chinese Man was arrested.

51 Name: Citizen : 2013-09-12 07:46 ID:Heaven

itt: racists make racist accusations against other racists


52 Name: Citizen : 2013-12-13 14:25 ID:jeoupmI2

Wow! This is the typical example of the nature of Korean.
>>1 is Korean who has undermined Japan.

53 Name: Citizen : 2013-12-13 17:52 ID:Heaven

Russians RAUS

54 Name: Citizen : 2013-12-23 18:08 ID:Heaven

Wow! This is the typical example of the nature of Japanese.
>>1,52 is Japanese who has undermined Japan.

55 Name: Citizen : 2014-03-18 17:13 ID:S83490sZ

Rosuke RAUS

56 Name: Citizen : 2014-04-25 21:31 ID:NPG2hX9N

I hate nigger lol

57 Name: Citizen : 2014-09-02 17:43 ID:NPG2hX9N

gooby plz

58 Name: Citizen : 2014-09-07 04:44 ID:oDczBYJ9

I support you Japan. Stand up to the cancer that is multiculturalism

59 Name: Citizen : 2014-09-08 02:21 ID:Bik5pEQJ

I see now, it was AMERICAN SWINE who wrote this all along!

60 Name: Citizen : 2014-10-03 18:10 ID:uo6zrC97

gaijin RAUS

61 Name: Citizen : 2014-10-11 19:04 ID:NPG2hX9N


62 Name: : 2015-04-07 09:02 ID:Vd72mB/7

>>1=White’s ass licker 

63 Name: 非外国人 : 2015-04-07 09:03 ID:Vd72mB/7

>>1=White’s ass licker 

64 Name: Citizen : 2015-05-04 15:13 ID:KVxGA6TS

Yup, fuck niggers.


We 4chan/pol/ now

65 Name: Citizen : 2015-05-04 22:11 ID:2YqvJBkz



Please go back to whatever shithole you came from.

66 Name: Citizen : 2015-05-05 16:40 ID:KVxGA6TS

Why do users here have some weird thing about chans? This is a chan like 4chan or 8chan, why are you so afraid of their memes?

67 Name: Citizen : 2015-05-24 06:50 ID:2YqvJBkz


68 Post deleted.

69 Name: Citizen : 2015-06-02 05:08 ID:ljN8Cz6R

Hello my Japanese friends. I'm a highly-educated, intelligent, law-abiding White European Christian from an affluent background and I will soon be coming to Japan to teach English.

I am not especially fond of Japanese popular culture like anime or anything like that, so please don't assume that I'm a "Japanophile" in that sense. (I admit that I have watched a few anime and read a few manga that are supposedly the more serious accomplishments, and enjoyed them well enough, but I have no desire to experience the generic dregs of those forms just because they are in those forms. I do not consider myself an anime or manga "fan.")

The reason why I decided to teach English was to earn a bit of money and just experience living in another culture for a while, and Japan, while very different from my own, seems to be very civilized. Your people are intelligent, industrious, and cultured. I am very right wing in my politics, and I believe that the ideal society is a homogeneous one, and I respect Japan's decision to limit immigration (God knows I wish my country had done that, but no, it is instead slowly being consumed from the inside by the Third World hordes).

The thing I respect most about Japan is its participation in the war. I wish that the Axis had won, as I think the world would be a much better place today. I would like to visit a few war memorials and pay my respects to the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the Axis. While I consider the Japanese Honorary Aryans and the Master Race of the East, I have no desire to take a Japanese bride, as I want European children.

So I ask you, my Japanese friends, given what I have written above, will you welcome me to your country?

70 Post deleted.

71 Post deleted.

72 Post deleted.

73 Post deleted.

74 Name: Citizen : 2015-11-21 10:31 ID:Heaven

>>67 is not an argument

75 Post deleted.

76 Post deleted.

77 Name: Citizen : 2018-05-06 20:03 ID:7FM+n2Gl


78 Name: Citizen : 2018-05-09 22:57 ID:Heaven

(2006) Public Blue - Kansai Kouen

79 Name: Citizen : 2018-06-13 19:41 ID:yKXAPySg


80 Name: Citizen : 2018-06-13 21:35 ID:yKXAPySg


81 Name: Citizen : 2018-06-23 11:01 ID:yKXAPySg

go home, gaijin scum

82 Name: Citizen : 2018-06-23 19:31 ID:DMfN+zVj

  ∧_∧ フー
 ( ̄⊃ ・∀・))
 | | ̄| ̄

  ∧_∧ ゴルァ!
 ( ゚Д゚Λ_Λ
 ( ̄⊃ ・∀・))
 | | ̄| ̄

83 Name: Citizen : 2018-06-27 00:00 ID:+/Mfe8dX

it's d*cks out for koko now

84 Name: Citizen : 2018-06-28 21:22 ID:DMfN+zVj

85 Name: Ichirou Matsushita : 2019-02-26 14:18 ID:MzRoz+Hn

Please help me!This is act of terrorism in Japan!
Japan is famous for sloppy management of electromagnetic wave.
Japanese society Has become serious thing behind the scenes.
Electromagnetic wave is secret globally.
But some of Japanese capitalists abusing it that secret.
They slander Japan and Japanese people and other country(America and others), and attack and threaten civilian,suggest that murder,Threaten to kill,using electromagnetic wave all of them.
They are haughty terrorist with state power.

I know that they are so crazy. Because I have spent with them every day by policy.
They talk to me with communication all day and all year around!
They say
「Drop dead!」「I kill you」
「Kxxl Amexxcan army」
「Kxxl policemen」
「Kxxl child by running over」
「His Majesty the Emxxxor is here!(Tenxxxheika)」
「I kxxl Shi○zou Abe」「This is Jewish!(Yudayajinda!)」
「We don`t have to take responsibility」
and the others・・・
They tell terrible things to me using some name of authority.

It seems like they are dissatisfied with society.They take it out on me.
They harass me when I living. In defecation and sex and dangerous work and bedtime and the others・・・
I think it`s a limit of a single person and the general public. It is so bad degree.

And they abusing child and animal using avatar(electromagnetic wave).Sometimes use violence on me with avatar.
And they playing pretend of homeless and handicapped person with avatar.
There are many people who don`t know the common sense in Japanese authorities.
They are shame of Japan,but I think that should not forgive their action for society.

Japan can`t take a cooperative attitude In the field of electromagnetic wave use.
Japan need the help of other countries.It is the reality.
Please spread the information.Please help japanese people and avatar.
Thank you for your cooperation. I wanna be free!!!!
Ichirou Matsushita

※Thess aaree Imagmation.I am afraid of Japanese government and Japanese law. I never know what the government will do next.

86 Name: Ichirou Matsushita : 2019-06-22 23:55 ID:dec26TMV

They said these words with electromagnetic wave.

「I want this guy to running over child」
「I can make you cause an accident」
「Kill policeman.Then we will be quiet 」
「I want to kill S●●●zou Abe」
「I want to make you attack Japan.」
「Please!Running over the people 」
「I am murderer.My head is bad」
「Kxxl child」
「If you can kill it, kill it」
「I will fight until the end」
「Abe is our dog」
「People are livestock for us」
「Show me masturbation」
「This became Japanese tradition」
「We have no choice.Cause it is Japanese tradition.」
「Hate Japan,if you hate」
「I want to fxxk handicapped person」
「Give me brain」
「I can`t think that human as a human」
「I wanna bullying」(I`m sleeping)
「I don`t know such a country」
「If an earthquake comes next,it is your fault.」(I am Driving)
「Tsunami everybody agreement」(I am Driving)

※These are Imagmation.I am afraid of Japanese government and Japanese law. I never know what the government will do next.Please be careful.

87 Name: ind : 2022-10-13 23:01 ID:mSLkWzUo

literally the only reason we let you japs live is for your cars and amplifiers
i could literally hire 2 biharis to stand at each end and dig, within half an our your mistake of an island will cease to exist

88 Name: Unverified Source : 2022-10-17 20:20 ID:O8KcKPvF

If only we had read this post before
then we could have saved Shinzo Abe
We were fools and din't listen

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