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Hey guys. I'm doing a survey for my eco/goc class. It's 5 multiple choice questions. Thanks for the help.


2 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-04-12 02:37 ID:q9pGuM0x

I had to say that I was unsure when the survey asked "do you not believe in evolution because you can't see it" since any evolutionary biologist can easily demonstrate the theory's validity with every sufficiently fleshed out fossil record.

3 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-05-10 09:31 ID:CVRsEG2q

Rick Astley is always in the running for Man of the Year according to online surveys. This is pretty solid evidence that the Internet is never to be trusted.

The Internet is by and large going to be pro-evolution. After all, people that accept science and advancement tend not to fear computers as the devil's squawkbox, etc. There are notable exceptions as there are in every case... (there are flat earth theorists online which is highly confusing given that the whole Internet is reliant on fiber optic cables that run around the globe)

I'm always fascinated by surveys published in sensationalist newspapers in Britain (and in Britain, that's every newspaper) which claim that Americans have widespread belief in an avenging Old Testament God, witchcraft, and think the earth is the center of the universe, etc. I highly doubt it. I think the questions they are asking are completely loaded, asked of a biased sample set, and the results completely misinterpreted.

Who is taking part in these surveys? If you're performing your surveys entirely front of a dying coal town Wal Mart between 11AM-3PM every day, chances are you're not asking these questions of educated people. You're going to be just as biased asking the same questions at the same time of day on the campus of MIT. What I'm saying is that I can't imagine a survey promoted here is the least bit unbiased. Or really, any survey that's promoted anywhere (by the way, did you post this anywhere else?).

So anyway... Just to test the waters: Is there a single creationist in the audience? Anyone? Anyone that's not a troll? Anyone at all?

4 Name: Anonymous Speaker : 2011-05-16 05:59 ID:92XooCdc

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