Japan's Buddhist Image Made by Korean Sculptor (7)

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Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) – There is a great image of Buddha in the Todaiji Temple in Nara Prefecture, Japan.
The image was made by Kuk Ma Ryo, a famous sculptor of Paekje, an ancient state of Korea.
He lived in Kuninika Village, Katsunagi County, Yamato Kingdom.
Buddhist images were made by him in Japan at that time.
The large idol, 16 meters high and over 380 tons weigh, was made in 752 but became known to the public five years later along with the construction of the temple.

kekekeke silly japs trying to claim true korean art as there own

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KCNA is the mouthpiece of the People's Democratic Republic of Korea and is known for claiming that nearly everything in the history of all of Asia was invented by Koreans and then improved upon by either one of the Kims. It claims that North Korea is the paragon of economic and military might among other blatant lies.

Is this a joke or are we just trying to start yet another fight between Japs and Koreans? Aren't there enough of those here already?

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This is fucking ridiculous. Mods delete plz.

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Koreans tell a lie, I am Japanese.
Korea does not return the stolen statue of Buddha.
South Korea has bilk money borrowed at the time of the World Cup.
Korea has to be compared to Japan at any time.
Koreans have not seen a human being equally.
Hide inconvenient facts Korea.
South Korea has borrowed a lot of money so far, I have not yet returned to Japan.
Lotte and Samsung is a Korean company.

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