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If it sticks, it will be here.
It can settle down.

【MUST SEE】 Special message to Japanese from Korea about 3.11 Earthquake

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>This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech.
>This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.

Gee, wonder why.

Anyway, if your Japanese buddy can say what he wants over in http://4-ch.net/politics/kareha.pl/1283961841/ so can that Korean guy.
We get it, some of you East Asians are xenophobes, leave us out of your racist overtures.

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Koreans tell a lie, I am Japanese.
Korea does not return the stolen statue of Buddha.
South Korea has bilk money borrowed at the time of the World Cup.
Korea has to be compared to Japan at any time.
Koreans have not seen a human being equally.
Hide inconvenient facts Korea.
South Korea has borrowed a lot of money so far, I have not yet returned to Japan.
Lotte and Samsung is a Korean company.

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If you read New York Times,
don`t believe those articles on Japan.
NYT cooporate with Asahi newspaper in Japan.
NYT`s branch office in Japan is in the building of
Asahi newspaper.Asahi is anti-japanese newspaper.
Asahi gives NYT the article of anti-Japanese.
Especially the article of comfort women.
There are the only Chinese or Korean opinion on the paper.
The reporter of Asahi who can get jobs after retirement
in China or Korea.
There are many magazines about history of japan,recently.
You can see much of opinion.I wanna show you
any history of Japan,China,Korea.

7 Name: jpan : 2013-05-15 05:49 ID:plfwf/xU

No trust broadcast and newspaper!

Fact opinion about comfort women and apology of WWⅡ by (Governor of Osaka in Japan) Mr. hashimoto

http://synodos.jp/politics/3894(sorry,sources is Japanese)

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It's brainwashed too much a Korean.

And...A propaganda nation.

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mad driver and bikers road rage

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