Two bombs rock the Boston Marathon finish line. (32)

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Live Stream, Looks like everyone cleared out, roadblock:

EMS Radio scanner stream:
Talk of a third explosion, cell phones networks in the area are either offline or taken down purposefully, Another possible incendiary device at UMass Library. Get it out on social media that people should get away from the area as soon as possible.

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Another device found: https://twitter [DAWT CAWM] /911BUFF/status/323879446299942912

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Other scanner stream down, this one seems to be working:

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"12 dead, nearly 50 injured after 2 explosions rock Boston Marathon, suspect identified and being guarded in hospital"

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Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital

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From radio scanner (most recent first):

4:55 "suspicious male five minutes before this started black male with backpack was denied access by security pulled up his hoodie and walked away five minutes later event happened last saw him five minutes after event at boylson and fairmont"

4:54: "his son has medical issues and he cannot locate his son, his son is sending him these pictures on his phone"

4:54 "put that out to all channels in the city about unattended bags and suspicious items"

4:54 "need supervisor to come to copley mall witness says his son saw people running into a building he has video footage. "

4:50 "all units be on look out for yellow pensky truck, fbi requesting we stop and fio the driver, attempted to gain access claiming he had medical supplies"

"[didn't hear this] is clear, we're heading across the street to another package now"

"yellow pensky rental truck trying to gain access to scene here loaded with medical supplies turned away requesting more information on this rental truck"

"officer here has a package bomb dog needed 376 boylson"

"package 376 boylson street near the parking meter"

"(re: JFK) -is electric or suspicious incendiary? -appears incendiary in nature"

"confirmed explosion at JFK library"

"berkley and st james ems have found a suspicious item there"

"police are going to use a water cannon on boylson, you're gonna hear a loud controlled explosion of remaining bags by ground zero momentarily"

"all detectives on boylson make sure you have your tape recorders with you"

"Another possible incendiary device at UMass Library. Get it out on social media that people should get away from the area as soon as possible" (JFK Library may be unrelated)

"At this time all victims are off the street"

"Stay off boylson until it has been swept"

"several suspect packages still up on boylson street"

"Plan: we're gonna get the victims out, sweep the street for other devices, then get people out of restaurants and bars"

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https://twitter [DAWT CAWM] /NBCNews/status/323911328832036864

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Code Black at local hospital. Potential bomb threat. Military style duffel bag left in ER.

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Tufts has been evacuated is under Code Black. No confirmed threat, but teams are investigating. Multiple suspicious packages investigated, all cleared so far. Two suspects so far. One man being held in a local hostpital, another suspicious black man in a hoody being perused. Sources: Police Scanner source for all except suspects.

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https://twitter[DAWT CAWM] /taylordobbs/status/323913977883144192

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"there was a suspicious package and suspicious looking man at Tufts, triggered a SWAT team, lockdown is now clear and people are allowed back in the Tufts area" reporter with (wcvbtv abc channel 5 boston)"

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Domestic terrorism is usually a single nut with a single bomb. There was some coordination with this, but it's still not particularly well done.

Anyone got any good wild speculation? Home-grown Islamic? Anti-government types? Yankees fans?

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6254 is down, Craig Andrews Ladder 11 retired.

Update from Boston Children’s Hospital April 15, 2013 6:15 p.m. ET

Boston Children’s Hospital received eight patients injured at the explosion at the Boston Marathon. Patients’ conditions ranged from good to serious. There were no patient deaths among the patients brought to Boston Children’s from the scene.

Our patients included:

A 9-year-old girl with leg trauma who is in the operating room.
A 42-year-old parent of a patient is being treated in the ED.
A 7-year-old boy is being treated in the ED for a minor leg injury.
A 12 year old with a femur fracture has been admitted.
A 2 year-old-boy with a head injury has been admitted to the Medical/Surgical ICU.
Three additional patients in good condition were treated in the ED According to Boston EMS, we will not be receiving any more patients from the Boston Marathon scene.

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Oh wow. The 8 year old was waiting for his dad at the finish line. ;.:

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4chan crowdsourcing reveals three potential suspects. Basically, using photo evidence they built a timeline that shows two guys who appear to have misplaced their bags before the bombing.

Are they right? Hopefully we'll know at the 5PM press conference.

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FBI releases photos of suspect bombers.

Shooting breaks out at MIT. One is dead, other on the run. One cop dead. Unknown how confrontation at MIT started and ended up with one MBTA officer dead and one suspect dead.

They've fought with police, throwing small bombs and shooting at cops.



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Major outlets now reporting this as official.

Apparently they robbed at 7-11 store, shot a cop who responded to the robbery, they fled in a stolen Mercedes, then proceeded to get into a firefight in which they hurled bombs at the police.

Wow. Who the hell are these guys??

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CNN keeps reporting that the suspects are brothers. Still no names, though.

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The Atlantic reporting that a woman living at a residence shared by the brothers (family name apparently Suspects, given names 1 & 2 (STILL NO NAMES GIVEN, that's aggravating)) is under arrest.

32 Name: Unverified Source : 2013-04-19 11:51 ID:jLcZygUP

Oh wait, same blog reports: one of their names is Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Possibly a rumor. Are they Chechens??

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