Korean reaction to the earthquake which has occurred in Japan on February 17 (4)

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That an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 per 17 days occurred at a coast in the northeast in Japanese Honshuu, USA Geological Survey (USGS) made it clear.
The Korean comment to this news is as follows.

<korean comment>

“It's very warm news, isn't it?”
“It was affected by a currency swap end of the Republic of Korea and Japan right away, wasn't it?”
“Don't write an article of seismic intensity less than 7 one by one.”
“An island with the necessity to clean beautifully once.”
“The same seismic intensity as March 11 of 4 years before, please.”
“Such wonderful news....
You say a currency swap stop of the Republic of Korea and Japan, and it's good speaking realization, isn't it?”
“Very good.... huhu... i want the more..hehe”
“The role of a Korean jetty is played faithfully.”
“The country where I have no existence values only as a breakwater.”
“Without requesting a rescue request and support from Korea, live in spirit of a cherry tree and die.”
“A swap might be ended.
Next when a large-scale earthquake happens, Japan would be rotted.
This timing is wonderful, isn't it?”
“Because it's a sexual country, an earthquake is also 6.9. Bran bran bran”(Sympathy 764 non-sympathy 114)
“An ugly whole chain of islands should go off in the sea.”(Sympathy 710 non-sympathy 280)
“Abe wouldn't notice why there are a lot of accidents in Japan, would he?
Hateful one.”(Sympathy 100 non-sympathy 8)
“I don't like Japan, either, but if it itself disappears, Japan is useless.
Because Japan is shield for us at a typhoon.”(Sympathy 61 non-sympathy 7)
“I don't repent at all to the behavior Japan violated in the past, so even if an earthquake occurs to Japan, how is it is also fine.”(Sympathy 51 non-sympathy 4)
“I'll stop to help Japan this time.
In fact, I'll help comfort women with the money.”(Sympathy 39 non-sympathy 0)
“I'm sorry, but a bigger earthquake is needed. I have to make Japan take medicine as a big earthquake.”(Sympathy 26 non-sympathy 4)
“It's the article which warms a heart from a morning.”(Sympathy 23 non-sympathy 2)
isn't it 9.6?
Japan has to extinct.
When telling distorted history and seeing the form that I have no reflection, it's they who causes a war again 100 %.
History is repeated.
It's cruel, but the way where Japan extincted sees in the long run, and it's profitable for Korea.”(Sympathy 24 non-sympathy 3)
“It's a tidal wave, it's when your power is indicated.
Do the best and cut all Japanese mainland down.”(Sympathy 16 non-sympathy 1)
“I was happy after a long time because feeling refreshed itself from a morning and came to feel good, too.”(Sympathy 18 non-sympathy 3)
“Wonderful news.
I frequently want you to occur to a good thing.”(Sympathy 18 non-sympathy 4)
“At least 9.9 scales of earthquake is needed.
Japanese would repent with that.”(Sympathy 15 non-sympathy 1)
“It's a tidal wave, exert yourself!
”(Sympathy 11 non-sympathy 0)
“Japan falls, and we can be an advanced country.
Boycotting will make the Japanese product a Korean.”(Sympathy 12 non-sympathy 1)
“A present from the nature which tries to do spirit of an undeveloped monkey directly.
”(Sympathy 14 non-sympathy 3)
“Even kneel down from now, apologize sincerely and compensate it.
When doing that, a natural disaster stops.”(
Sympathy 15 non-sympathy 4)

This is the reality of the Korean.


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