ITT we are The Elitist Superstructure (103)

1 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4624 16:17

< Invisionary> Anyone here?
< WAHa_06x36> never!
< Invisionary> Ah
< Invisionary> Well I was hoping to speak with the channel owner if he's available.
< WAHa_06x36> what about?
<~squeeks> mmmmyyyeesssss?
< Invisionary> Possible membership (not affiliation) with the Pax Tsukuru.
<~squeeks> ???
< Invisionary> "Affiliation" carries a connotation that some find unpleasant.
<~squeeks> question: why?
< Invisionary> Why would they find it unpleasant?
<~squeeks> no, why do you ask?
< Invisionary> I have heard from a very reliable source that one of the many interests of your website is RPG Maker, and for the Pax Tsukuru, making the first step into any community is important.
< Invisionary> Particularly the Eastern Community
< WAHa_06x36> I think you need to rely less on your source.
<~squeeks> <- ???
< Invisionary>
<~squeeks> get to the point. wtf exactly do you want?
< Invisionary> If you aren't interested, that's fine.
<~squeeks> you said something about affiliation but not?? wtf? how about you cut to the damn chase and explain in plain english what you're pushing.
<~squeeks> i can't be interested if i have no idea what the hell you want.
< Invisionary> Ok, the Pax Tsukuru is an organization, and sites whose owners believe in the eventual symbiosis between the various communities around the globe are it's "members".
< Invisionary> We have a unique neutrality policy that allows this to work.
<~squeeks> so what do i get out of becoming a "member"?
< Invisionary> Anyways.
<~squeeks> money? prizes? a pat on the back?
< Invisionary> Mainly hits in.
<~squeeks> yeah i got enough of that.
<~squeeks> some site that was only made in jan this year which hasn't even shown up on the map isn't really going to bring any more.
<~squeeks> so, thanks, but no thanks.
< Invisionary> Very well, thing is though that the primary reason that it hasn't "shown up on the map" is because the elitist superstructure finds it distasteful.
< Invisionary> Perhaps another time.
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101 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9065 22:23

This is where "Elitist Superstructure" came from?

102 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9593 08:40


103 Name: vc: we : 1993-09-9593 10:16

Redirect it to IMO

By the way DQN is apparently internet famous now because of this meme.

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