ITT we are The Elitist Superstructure (103)

36 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4686 21:29

<Invisionary> Hello.
<arumae> i find this site distaseful
<Invisionary> You do?
<Invisionary> I did post a clarification of what I meant.
<arumae> affilitaion carries a connotation i find distasteful
<Invisionary> Pity.
<arumae> you should be off the map
<Invisionary> :)
<arumae> the elitist supersturucture will wipe you off
<Invisionary> What's your problem anyways?
<arumae> what do you mean?
<Invisionary> I know where you read that garbage, and it's inaccurate
<arumae> what garbage?
<arumae> it's all over.
<Invisionary> Ok. An elitist is defined as someone who consider
themselves a better person than another based on having knowledge in a
specific filed.
<Invisionary> *considers
<Invisionary> *field
<Invisionary> lol
<Invisionary> anyways
<arumae> i hope this doesn't get on /b/
<arumae> but i don't think the elitist supersturucture would let that
<Invisionary> Would it really matter? All I'm saying is that I don't
appreciate or respect people who base a self-belief that they are
superior on a specific field of knowledge
<arumae> lol. what
<Invisionary> Do you know what a Grammarian is?
<arumae> it is related to mittens?
<Invisionary> A grammarian is someone who jumps on people for misusing
a phrase or misspelling something.
<arumae> and does that make them elitist?
<Invisionary> the worst of these people sometimes consider themselves
better people than everyone else because they know the language better.
<Invisionary> That is an example of an elitist
<arumae> i can see that very clearly in front of me right now
<arumae> how come you dont like elitist superstructure, but act like
<Invisionary> I don't.
<arumae> well. but i know that you know the elitist superstructure,
<Invisionary> I don't consider myself better than you.
<Invisionary> I know what one is, and I know about a specific few, and
that I dislike them.
<arumae> you know us right?
<Invisionary> Who is us?
<arumae> the elitist superstructure
<Invisionary> I don't believe you're an elitist.
<arumae> first hit on google
<Invisionary> An "elitist superstructure" is merely a group of
elitists who have some form of power and stick together and
collectively believe themselves better than others.
<arumae> i better write this down on the wiki
<Invisionary> I personally dislike them, that's all. And why does any
of this have to go on that wiki?
<Invisionary> meme?
<Invisionary> Who's that?
<arumae> oh god
<arumae> you don't know what meme is???
<Invisionary> No, and I'm getting the impression that I should try and
keep from knowing what that is.
<arumae> anyway, you know that you are very popular in some pages
<Invisionary> oh
<arumae> that have nothing to do with this rph thingie
<Invisionary> Well, thank you... I guess.
<arumae> anyway. since nobody is paying attention here i'll be leaving
<Invisionary> The question is... if I'm so popular on those certain
pages, why aren't they here talking to me directly
<Invisionary> (besides you of course)
<arumae> because you were not here, duh.
<Invisionary> I can understand that, but I try to be on as often as
<arumae> are you really serious?
<arumae> if you are not you could be very good elitist
<Invisionary> ABout what, being here as often as I can or the whole
anti-elitsit thing?
<Invisionary> oh
<arumae> well, start an anti-elitist article on the wiki, then we'll
<Invisionary> Nah, I'd never consider myself better than another based
on having specific knowledge
<arumae> name yourself invisionary
<arumae> any btw, i actually went into the tourlbe of finding rpg2k
<arumae> and it sucks sorry.
<Invisionary> I know it does
<Invisionary> but
<Invisionary> it's comparitivly easy to use
<Invisionary> plus
<Invisionary> there's actually a legitimate RPG Maker called RPG Maker
<arumae> testing is shit, and switch thing is shit.
<Invisionary> I know it's far from "cream of the crop", but for people
anywhere from 8 to 16 it's a good thing to play around with

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