[Bad Thread] look at me! [Attention Whoring] (71)

54 Name: Succus!kQKISuccus!!Q6gdySll : 1993-09-10467 13:14

Excuse me but i can get a lot of attention elsewhere too!!! i get a lot of attention everywhere everyday that is why i haven't posted for a while I AM TOO BUSY GETTING ATTENTION FROM COOLER PEOPLE ON OTHER SITES!
@ ˜€+@@@ Q_ @{@@ ^
@ @ _@ 'L@@@R@@^
@@ @ @ ‚ŒΆΙΙΩ ΛίΙ½
@|„Ÿ@˜Έΐ OƒŽίΙΏ‚Α@„Ÿ|
@@@@@ (‚‘9“ρmn'
@@ @ @ ^ˆζ|@@@@@+
@@@@ ΌRˆζ> @@_
@@ ^@@@@M‚i@@{
I bet you feel so jealous now and so wrong u're not cool you dont get attnetion from as many places as i doit's because i'm a girl and cute
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