[COUNTDOWN] let's get >>1000 on the 10000th day of this month (1000)

234 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9995 22:10

What's that, you posted on ちゃんねる4? Pasted some AArt? Got the last post in the thread?

Well, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you; the monkey learned a trick. Look at you, uploading comments. You're already spewing your vile filth all over the computer, huh?

Congratulations! You must have an IQ in the double digits! Here's a little piece of advice. The next time you're gonna unload your inadequacies online, here's a little piece of advice. Here's a little piece of advice, slick. Next time you're gonna go on the computer (mommy and daddy bought you a new computer!), you're going to unload your inadequacies on somewhere online, on a BBS? Just make sure you don't pick the Elitist Superstructure, the result of the United States Government's constant funding and support. I've bought people like you. I've destroyed people like you.

It's nothing for me to call up my bros, and have every man dressed in black come up with a photo of you, right from your webcam you thought you had turned off. Thinking about you, my personal army of elite hackers. They'll race to put an end to you. They'll lay you out. Swing you around in the air just like in the old movies. Then they'll destroy you. Piece by piece. Piece by fucking piece. They'll destroy you. That's option one. Option two is you can apologize to me. Just say you're sorry. Takes a big man to apologize, don't it?! Humble yourself before a god, a fucking god!?!?

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