Let's Eat Whales (99)

1 Name: Risa Kanaya 2006-02-20 12:20 ID:Heaven

I want to use this article to dispute about whale catch.
English only (for International use).

I agree whale catch because Whales eat a lot of fishes (4 times human) and we'll not be able to have rations from sea. Also, we'll not be able to have rations from land with surplus population.

Please comment here.

Risa Kanaya

21 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-22 17:52 ID:85Ddbjtt

It's not fact.
Your topic is old time.
Recently whales are a lot.
Now,too many whales are breaking food contamination over the world.
Don't you know?

Japan catch whales only near japan Island.
And Japan is doing a planning catch for impediment extermination.

Plan for balance is important,I think.

22 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-22 18:10 ID:85Ddbjtt

In World Cup in Korea (and Japan), restaurants of a dog dish were hide because many white people were coming to Korea.
Dog dish eating is the one of culture for Korean,but….

Farms,cultivate, are not point of this problem.
You shouldn't interfer another cultures.

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