Easy, Simple Yet Useful Recipees [n00bs] (29)

8 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-06-20 02:58 ID:4u1+mxrr

Omelettes are simple! Do you have a big frying pan? The nonstick ones are good for this, especially if it is the shape with curved transition between sides and bottom, called a "saute pan." There are special "omelet pans" but they are basically the same. You can even use a big cast iron frying pan, though it is a little more difficult.

You crack two or three fresh eggs into a bowl and beat them thoroughly with a fork or a wire whisk; some people even use a blender or food processor, but maybe that is not really needed. Some people add a little white pepper to the beaten eggs. If you add a tablespoon or two of cold water to the eggs and beat that in, it will make the eggs moister and fluffier when they are cooked.

You put that aside and you heat up a little butter in the pan until it is very hot, then you pour in the eggs. It is important to have a pan big enough that the eggs can cook rapidly almost completely through in a single intact layer.

When the eggs are almost completely cooked, you put the filling on one half of the big round cooked egg thing, and you use a spatula to flip the other half of the egg thing over to enclose the filling in the middle.

So an omelet is basically a big half moon shape of scrambled eggs fried with filling in the center.

What kind of filling? Anything! Bacon and fried onions and cheese, "ranchero style" has tomato and bell pepper slices. I like bell pepper, hot peppers, onion, and mushroom in mine. >>6 likes leftover salad, and I guess that would be okay too.

Omelets are easy. I do not eat such things often, because of the cholesterol (>_<;) But they are easy to make.

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