Megami Tensei (64)

14 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2017-08-26 17:09 ID:kT8LxImt


>the story is more tense and overall solid than the previous entry of the series

Agree to disagree I guess. I enjoyed the slow burn of IV's beginning, and since I hadn't really seen any promo material for the game, I wasn't spoiled for the Tokyo reveal or anything else.

>The general character design is okay if you ask me, did you particularly dislike certain characters?

I was mainly talking about the characters' roles in the story and dialogue etc. but yeah I also don't like any of Doi's designs at all, besides Dagda's.

>Maybe at the next Tokyo Game Show we'll see some actual footage of the game, with gameplay and all

I'm fucking hyped for whatever the new game will be (I'm assuming SMT V because of the 25th anniversary logo). It looks like a return to form for SMT with how minimal/abstract the teaser was. With that said, I kind of doubt we'll get anything new for that project until Deep Strange Journey comes out in Japan at least.

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