Megami Tensei (64)

15 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2017-08-26 18:19 ID:oXxUhZ2Z


>and since I hadn't really seen any promo material for the game, I wasn't spoiled for the Tokyo reveal or anything else.

I was spoiler free too when I played the game but I still didn't like how slow everything was before getting out of Mikado.

>I was mainly talking about the characters' roles in the story and dialogue etc.

Ah, I see.
The characters are nothing special but I enjoyed them for what they are (and I also enjoyed Navarre's ''character redemption''.)

>It looks like a return to form for SMT with how minimal/abstract the teaser was

It definetely felt like a teaser in the vein of III with all those shadowy demons around...big boy Mara was in the trailer too as usual.

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