Girls on 4-ch? (178)

1 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-03-23 19:08 ID:Heaven

I was just wondering if any girls read or post on 4-ch. If you are, raise your voice itt. If you are good at pretending to be one, you might as well go for it, too!

144 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-11-09 20:01 ID:Heaven

I've never been to an OBGYN. (I'm a lesbian and have never had sex {not even with girls (´Д`)})
Is it scary? How do you feel about some man or woman looking around you down there?

145 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-11-13 17:24 ID:Heaven

my OBGYN is a man and I just don't understand it at all. What kind of guy wakes up one morning and thinks "huh, you know, maybe I should look down women's twats for a living.."?

I'll tell who -- nobody.

146 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-11-13 21:54 ID:Miqpr1aT

Mine is a fat mexican named Armando. He's so happy to be in this country and inspecting pussies.

147 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-11-13 22:42 ID:n8ABD5AS

wtf is the "union matrix"?

148 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-11-13 22:55 ID:Heaven

This thread makes me sad since it doesn't help me score.

149 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-11-13 22:58 ID:9h7ODi3D

>>144 Don't worry, it's not scary or painful at all. You get to wear a paper dress, so it's not like you're totally naked or anything, and it's over really fast. Most doctors are pretty good about being professional in these types of situations.

150 Name: Anonymous : 2006-10-23 03:49 ID:z6z1zSwc

Female. You'd never know it, though, because I visit both /cm/ and /y/ but also /u/ all of the time.

My OBGYN is also an old man. I had to take off my undies but got to keep wearing my skirt and I then I waited for him to come in the room. I was really nervous at first, but it went really quick, and they just glanced up there, and leave. At least if you're healthy.

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