Yes, they eat doggo (33, permasaged)

6 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-06 12:41 ID:Heaven

The issue isn't what meats they eat, though eating the meat of an animal bred for companionship is questionable (assuming breeds of dog specifically for consumption don't exist, I don't know. If there are breeds of dog that exist just for eating, let them eat), let alone eating the meat of a carnivorous animal, which probably has all sorts of toxins.
The real issues is the common Chinese practice of torturing the animals prior to eating them, with this apparently contributing to the flavor. Without this, the consumption of dogs would not be nearly so controversial. Maybe you could argue that industrial farming in the West is also inhuman, but it's more impersonal, the intent is not to torture the animals individually, by hand. Of course, the end result is inhumane in both cases, but the Western reality is a side effect of industrial brutality and efficiency, while the Chinese one is an explicit intent to torture the animal. The outrage should be directed towards the Chinese mindset, perhaps, which allows them to without guilt needlessly torture an animal for a reason as stupid as extracting flavor from a really shit quality meat.

But the REAL issue, is that >>1 isn't here to actually discuss this, but is interested in spamming small boards with this copypasta, which he has also posted to Post Office. Shame on him.

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