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How to make (20-ish) VIP QUALITY crêpes

You will need:

  • 375 g (1-2/3 cups) of flour (plain flour, not all-purpose)
  • 75(f ml (25 fl oz) of milk
  • 75 g (2-2/3 oz) of butter
  • 60 g (4 tbsp) of sugar
  • 15 g (1 tbsp) of dark rum

Melt the butter (don’t heat it too much, or the fatty part will separate). Put the molten butter, sugar, milk and eggs inside a large bowl, and mix the ingredients. Slowly, add the flour, mixing every few seconds (you should use a mixer for this). When you have added all the flour, keep mixing for a few minutes, until there are no flour globs left. Let it rest for half an hour.

Take a pan with a diameter of approximately 23 cm (9 in); heat it, then spread some butter over its whole surface.

With a ladle, put some dough in the pan. It should spread on its own, covering the whole surface (the first few crêpes you make will probably be messed up, try us- ing slightly more or slightly less dough to get a good size). After about 30 seconds, nip it around with a palette knife. Wait thirty more seconds, then take it out of the pan and put it onto a plate. Repeat until there is no more dough left.

You can eat these crêpes with sugar, jam, maple sirup, whipped cream, and pretty much anything sugary.

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