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226 Name: 405 - Name Not Allowed : 2021-12-11 16:26 ID:ExwO6TlV

* (4) details/@oddgrenadier?query=Casablanca+1942+720p+Bluray+x264+anoXmous+french
** https://web.archive.org/web/20211211154228/https://archive.org/details/@oddgrenadier?query=Casablanca+1942+720p+Bluray+x264+anoXmous+french
** https://archive.is/xbDcl / http://archive.ph/2021.12.11-151934/https://archive.org/details/@oddgrenadier?query=Casablanca+1942+720p+Bluray+x264+anoXmous+french / https://archive.ph/xbDcl/91e30abaf30c90eeaa48a17a999e2b0d21ab21da/scr.png
** https://megalodon.jp/2021-1212-0044-31/https://archive.org:443/details/@oddgrenadier?query=Casablanca+1942+720p+Bluray+x264+anoXmous+french / https://gyo.tc/1Smg5
*** 1 result, links to https://archive.org/details/4d616769636b2f742f7831310d0a7e - search.php is inconsistent; why? maybe it is blocking "piracy"-related content in some regions
*** https://archive.md/YOZdN / http://archive.today/2021.12.11-154431/https://archive.org/details/@oddgrenadier?query=Casablanca+1942+720p+Bluray+x264+anoXmous+french /
*** https://web.archive.org/web/20211211154626/https://megalodon.jp/2021-1212-0044-31/https://archive.org:443/details/@oddgrenadier?query=Casablanca+1942+720p+Bluray+x264+anoXmous+french

This comes after recent talks on "equity" (read: "equality and shadow-banning accounts which have right-wing related or otherwise 'deemphasized' content"): https://blog.archive.org/2021/11/29/dweb-meetup-nov-2021-centering-respect-trust-and-equity-in-the-dweb/ - titled "DWeb Meetup Nov 2021 — Centering Respect, Trust and Equity in the DWeb - Internet Archive Blogs". In blog.archive.org/2021/11/29/dweb-meetup-nov-2021-centering-respect-trust-and-equity-in-the-dweb/ among other newspeak, transgender woman (person who was previously male) was quoted:
>In her powerful essay “The Sacred Geometry of Respect, Trust and Equity,” Ehmke suggests a new way forward. She challenges us to go beyond a begrudging nod to leveling the playing field. “To effect meaningful change, those whose authority and privilege are sustained by inequity must yield power and distribute agency to those who are most impacted by systemic disparities.”

I didn't read a lot of blog.archive.org/2021/11/29/dweb-meetup-nov-2021-centering-respect-trust-and-equity-in-the-dweb/ or watch the videos therein so I can't make an accurate assessment as to whether or not IA is going to become a politically-corrupted organization. At https://blog.archive.org/2021/11/29/a-2-for-1-cyber-celebration/ a commenter said: "I wanted to support the project, but given your promotion of equity, I cannot. Undermining meritocracy in everyday life, and promoting the marxist ideas of the woke movement is not something I’d want to fund. If members of that ideology want funding, they should collect it themselves.".

Hopefully this is just a temporary bug and I am not blowing this out of proportion. At least I can still listen to this uplifting music:

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