Debating with people over the internet (53)

46 Name: 42 : 2006-10-05 00:33 ID:Heaven

Alright, I'll elaborate a bit.

a) I don't like avatars or signatures because they're distracting, usually asinine, and make reading a board harder. What exactly do they add? Furthermore, being on dialup, it makes those kinds of boards take a couple of minutes to load, as opposed to ~10s for a board like this one. That's at least ten times longer.

Some vbulletin boards fix this by disabling signatures. Avatars are livable, provided they're small and not trying to catch my attention with animation.

b) I don't like forced registration because I don't like needing to go through the fill in form/log in to junk email/read email/click link/login cycle. There's been a number of times that I wanted to contribute to a thread, but this inconvenience stopped me.

Some boards fix this by allowing guest posting. GJ.

But 2ch-style boards never have either of these problems.

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