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169 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2018-09-05 19:12 ID:rYSR53dE

No. It was such a stupid idea using gdrive for that list. I don't even know if that account still exists or not, because I refuse to touch a Google link. I should have uploaded to notabug, some kind of wiki, neocities, or even just an ipfs hash, for God's sake. There were so many things about that list that were so dumb. But I was a young and stupid teenager. Everyone rightfully hates me. And I uploaded that pastebin list anonymously, so I can't alter it, either.

Although I think I do have the org-mode file for the list on some hdd somewhere, it's not like I've ever written anything worth reading. The whole idea was honestly stupid. Furthermore, like >>168 said, most of the interaction only ever happens on IRC or YouTube or some kind of fotm proprietary platform, anyway, so it doesn't even matter. Idlechan is dead, all my favorite boards are dead, and 4chan uses Google's reCaptcha, so I can't even use it–not that I would want to, even through a hundred lines of regexp filters.

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