Imageboards are dying in the Western World (88)

27 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2019-06-29 18:32 ID:7gDN0Uuq

You're both missing the point. 8chan people are most definitely not politically correct. They use racial slurs all the time, they use fag as a term for gay people rather than a joking means of endearment, and a large chunk of the userbase consists of actual nazi sympathizers.

No, the problem with 8chan is that it falls into the "popular unpopular opinion" trap.

If you visit that site and look around enough, you're going to see the same supposedly unpopular opinions stated the same way over and over and over again. Everyone there thinks the same, talks the same, ect. They even have very similar tastes in things like art and music. There's no room for individual opinion, and anyone who goes against the grain is marked as an outsider and is antagonized.

It doesn't matter if they're different from the rest of the web, internally everyone there is very fucking similar. And I get that communities are supposed to have a shared culture. But there's a point where it goes from being culture to dogma, and the likes of 8chan have the latter, not the former.

And said dogma isn't really a dogma of its own. It's been so long since the openminded individualistic version of the internet died that it's gotten to the point where people honest to god can't imagine how things were anymore. The closest thing we have to individuality nowadays is contrarianism, which is really just a dishonest form of conformity.

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