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10 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2020-09-23 20:01 ID:RDth9iOZ

>>5 i mainly just see textboards as an old DQN archive and not really a place to chat, maybe people do the same. i'm fairly new to textboards (imageboards, not so much) so i don't know how lively was this place back in the day. how can we make textboards cool again? maybe reducing the number of boards to centralize posters? i don't know what to talk about, i'm shy (;Д;)(;Д;)(;Д;)

>The issue is that most of them are devoid of any meaningful content, some having no posts at all

this. most posts are just effortless-DQN stuff like "post wikipedia links" or whatever, with no actual good content. probably new people don't see the point in replying. and about the spam thing, look at https://sonzaishinaiworld.heliohost.org/bbs/bbs.php , a nice textboard but filled with spam.

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