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17 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2021-01-27 13:58 ID:XL0DIOhX

The point of "textboards" was originally to share illegal/niche content after watching CP video tapes was outlawed in the early Heisei era. 2ch's shitpost culture, "old /b/" and wakachan's weeaboo userbase all mixed together in an internet stew was basically what 00s english web BBS boards were; but 4chan's boards and 4-ch are a product of its era, except this site survived and /DQN/ is still (mostly) /DQN/. If you're familiar with Japan's boards, they mostly share grotesque fetish stuff that the likes of Futaba and even 2ch can't handle. Tons of kids make their own "textboards" these days to make a statement about web 3.0 or whatever web point-0 we're on, but in reality their only function in the first place was to have a place on the new fangled web machine to discuss things your family would disown you for, with some Asian styled FYAD shitposting on the side.

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