[History] List of original 4-ch memes [Who fucking cares?] (30)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2021-03-09 00:58 ID:gy0xel1/

Contributions appreciated, but do not post memes that are just media references or originated on other websites such as 2ch/world2ch/4chan. My apologies if some of these ones did and I was unaware.

AA characters: (note, I'm not counting AA characters who typically stick to their own threads as being memes, otherwise there would be too many to list)
  • Mr. Likes To Age Threads — He likes to age threads, most often on /dqn/ and /general/. First sighted in /dqn/ in 2007. Sometimes battles against his arch-nemesis Mr. Likes To Sage Threads. His slightly older brother Mr. Likes To Bump Character Threads (exclusive to /dqn/) has not been seen in some time.

  • ( ゚∀゚)SONG THREAD SONG THREAD SONG THREAD — Qualifications as an AA character debatable. First sighted in 2006, where it was spammed on /dqn/ to shit up song threads. When song threads died, so did it.

  • Squeeks — Appeared on /dqn/ around 2005 during a phase in which "Let's get to 1000 by" threads were very popular. His original manifestation, as used to reply to these threads, was:
     ( __ )    
     ( ・∀・) < My name is Squeeks and this thread sucks dick like the rest of those wannabe "Lets get to 1000 by".
     (つ   つ   
     | | |     
    Later received his own character thread, which is the only reason he isn't totally forgotten (though his popularity is far from its peak.)

  • Arudou Debito is a racist, communist, fascist, white bastard that raped his mother and sister, mutilated and ate six baby children, and is in complete support of genocide of the entire human race. — Phrase spammed in random threads, mostly on /dqn/. Possibly originated in the Debito Arudou song thread in 2009. Mostly forgotten nowadays.

  • black penis — Phrase of recent origin spammed in the cracky-chan thread in /dqn/. Traditionally accompanied by sage. Occasionally sighted in other low-quality threads.

  • bumsex bumsex bumsex bumsex — Originated in 2006 in My life is ruined (the same song thread as "Under the moon loli to issho.") The number of repetitions is random. Mostly forgotten nowadays.

  • I hate nigger lol — From the /politics/ rules. Usually posted ironically in threads that attempt to express the same sentiment more eloquently.

  • Ted Rea from Shattuck Oklahoma — Incoherent ranting about some guy who supposedly raped a bunch of women. Originated circa 2010 in some now-deleted threads in /news/ if I recall correctly; they contained phone numbers, so they may have been nuked for doxxing. The mirrored Ted Rea thread on /dqn/ has kopipe of some of the original posts. Mostly forgotten nowadays.

  • under the moon loli to issho — Originated in 2006 in My life is ruined (the same song thread as "bumsex bumsex bumsex bumsex.") Appeared in many other song threads from that point onwards until song threads fucked off. Mostly forgotten nowadays.

  • VORUDEMOTO — Word typically used to necrobump threads on /general/. Possibly originated around 2015.

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