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39321 No.1225  

i typed "gene" in the start menu and hit enter. except in a grave miscalculation i had in fact accidentally typed "gend". this image opened as a result

what are your computer horror stories?

>> No.1226  

Is this mac or a gay rice

>> No.1229  

When I was still living with my parents my retarded mother decided to put a username and password on the router, and neglected to write it down, because she couldnt understand the difference between the website for the manufacturer and the actual device. No matter how hard I tried, she just couldnt understand that they were different things. I even drew a diagram.

As a child, I was also punished several times for "hacking" after discovering windows powershell or using linux. I got suspended for using the ping command in middle school. Is that what people felt like during witch hunts, I wonder?

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