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File: 1635829258493.jpg (239842 B, 1536x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
239842 No.2537  


>> No.2549  

Kemono isn't bad.

>> No.2550  

It's cute, but fuck off furry

>> No.2555  

Furries are nice. You? Not so much.

>> No.2556  

Okay furry

>> No.2560  

Do furries actually like kemono?
I think the absolute majority of those maniacs are only into American cartoon looking characters.

>> No.2562  

If they don't, there is something seriously wrong with them.

>> No.2566  

Furries are assholes, at least english speaking ones are anyway. On off the chance that they actually are nice, they're usually an insecure child, or an adult furry preying on an insecure child

>> No.2599  

Where did a furry touch you?

>> No.2618  

Probably nowhere, considering that Anon is a human and not a dog.

>> No.2698  

I love furries! Wish I had a furry friend :c

>> No.2699  

The only furries I care about are my pets...
Don't really care if someone is a human furry, but a lot of them do tend to be pretty unstable which means people are more likely to get into pointless arguments with many of them. I've had my fair share of annoying furries to deal with, and some alright ones (maybe at a good day?).

>> No.2702  

From my experience, most furries are very composed and non-threatening, which I sort of admire after all the shit they took from people online back in the 2000s.

Trannies are the new furries, so they're just doing their own thing in peace. But there are lunatics in every community, like that one furry who froze his hands to replace them with paws.

>> No.2706  
File: 1639397769571.png (31279 B, 128x128) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>2702 Every pædophile I've met was also very composed and non-threatening

>> No.2713  

they're all sex predators who do/will groom children

>> No.2716  


In a sense this is probably true to some extent. I doubt all pedophiles have or plan to abuse children, and there's no doubt many that work on controlling themselves to not cause any harm. Some are also probably superficially very nice (to gain trust, be less suspicious), but do horrible horrible things in secret.
There are good and bad things with it remaining a taboo where they are hated as soon as they are known. The bad thing is that it makes people less likely to seek any treatment if things have gotten so bad that they can't control their urges to hurt or be a part of the demand for abuse material and the only ones they can ever talk to are other pedophiles who may push them in a bad direction "it's natural" "they like it" etc. The good thing is that by shaming anyone who says anything positive or attempts to be open about it, you make it nearly impossible for them to find likeminded people who aren't already in a community for people like them, so recruiting new people is likely much less commonplace.
I don't know what is most helpful for preventing abuse. I don't think people who abuse people are going to stop existing

>> No.2737  

Pedofails are your average porn addicts, most of them are too much of a pussy to even talk with a woman their age, let alone a little girl. They feel about as your average /b/tard + extra sleasy due to their need to hide their powerlevel. Some feel like the kind of perverts that would leave porn site comments. Pedofailheiters though, there is a "get this shit away from me I don't want police knocking on my door" scared pussies, and there are hate addicts that get high from feeling hatred and like to think that what they are doing in the process is "good".

Furries, hm, rarely met one in the wild. I've seen some guy shitposting as a furry in nonrelated places, but he is quite likely to be a troll pretending to be a furry. I assume half of them are the kind of faggots that would respond to "I don't like this shit, stop posting this" with posting it 10 times more and for years BECAUSE you dind't like it. Which describes half of the internet at this point. I almost start thinking that pretending to hate the things I like is a great strategy.

You can compare all of them with drug addicts and alcohol addicts, image wouldn't be that different. Alcohol destroys your brain cells, porn destroys your motivation, drugs give you so much motivation you would murder anyone for them. Why everything good in this world has shit side effects, this sucks.

>> No.2740  


Pic related is so cute! I'm a Firefox user, I must save it...

>> No.2743  


fire cunny

>> No.2749  

the furfag firefox user vs the chad brave user

>> No.2750  
File: 1639699725508.jpg (12086 B, 425x167) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>2740 Why not set it as your Firefox icon like I once did

>> No.2754  

Brave is garbage, just use firefox. Brave has a bunch of nonsense bloatware that you'll never use (but that you could install on firefox anyways), and you're never ever going to willingly look at those ads for a negligible amount of money. It's literally just a worse version of firefox pretending to be innovative despite having lower performance and giving nothing interesting. BAT is a shitcoin by the way. The owner is a scumbag who willingly stole affiliate money by adding an opt-out(!) option without telling anyone that replaced all crypto affiliate links with their own link for profit, without notifying anyone. Doesn't help that the bloody fuck paid for a spam campaign on /g/ and /biz/ a couple years back. Is that the kind of scumbag you want in charge of your browser?
Brave, browser not needed.

>> No.2755  
File: 1639710168626.jpg (35398 B, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ok furry

>> No.2757  

brave is shit, any browser you can't install while offline is shit by definition. Firefox extended support release, palemoon or waterfox is where it's at.

>> No.2759  


I'm not even a furry! I just love Firefox and cute things~

Brave is for faggots, by the way. Suck my dick.

>> No.2765  

>Doesn't help that the bloody fuck paid for a spam campaign on /g/ and /biz/ a couple years back. Is that the kind of scumbag you want in charge of your browser?
I was with you until this point, now he sounds cool

>> No.2766  

Not to mention that Brendan Eich is the literal progenitor of JS language and one of the co-founders of Mozilla. Chances are high that all of the anti-Brave tryhards itt use software that Eich either had a major hand in or was written in his magnum opus. seethe harder, lads~

>> No.2767  

I'm not a furry, Brave is just a shit browser.

It's a shit browser. That's just a fact.

>> No.2812  
File: 1640617292136.jpg (390299 B, 672x1100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What the heck happened in this thread? Brave, shit, firefox, pedophiles?..

>> No.2815  

Brave pedophiles use Firefox to browse shit porn, yes.

>> No.2817  


Haters be hating.

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