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680879 No.2591  

🧻 SUBTLE anti-slack measure of societal control almost NO ONE ever mentions: the Big "T.P." conspiracy (BTPC). Remember in early CE (Covid Era) how the Pinks reacted when they were given formal permission to break from of the BTPC -- how they screamed, cried, begged for greater oppression. The elephant in the room is this: over half of the world's populace doesn't use toilet paper, and they seem to get along just fine. No paper (Western), no sand (Arab), no water (Eastern), NO PROBLEM. Never seen a gorilla or whale or bird or ant worry and fuss with tissue. you think Jesus Christ used paper on His Holy Ass? I have never seen any creature but modern "Man" worry so much about something so trivial as having an ass clean enough to eat from, and some of us LIKE chocolate sauce on our sundaes! Let me tell you what -- a little dose of NATURE never hurt ANYONE; in fact, it's man's reluctance to embrace Nature that brings so many ills upon him. Many of my followers have already broken free from the great Shower/Bath/Soap/Shampoo conspiracy, realizing that after approximately 3-4 weeks, the body's natural self-cleaning system resets and goes to work, natural (healthier) oils promoting a purer YOU and ensuring your autonomy. If you are still eating the Conspiracy's food and access to frop (yeti mouthwash) is limited, we suggest sticking to pre-CE menthol cigarettes like Newports to maintain oral hygiene, but to go back to the point, take the final plunge and stop feeding into the BTPC. Save the Amazon, save a yeti, and save yourself. No one will give you permission to start: you have to take matters into your own hands and stop waiting for someone else to save you! THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD: THOSE WHO BUY TP AND THOSE WHO SELL IT! PICK THE RIGHT SIDE AND STOP BEING A SUCKER!

>> No.2592  

yah and mao never brushed his teeth


>> No.2593  

eat my shorts

>> No.2594  
File: 1637238200512.jpg (164578 B, 712x1072) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I sometimes like to joke that when you have a good book, you don't need toilet paper because you get so engrossed in what you're reading that eventually you can just stand up and shake off the flakes. But what's funnier is to tell the same joke to different groups of friends, but one of the group has heard me say it to the others, so it's mainly for their benefit and I can watch their expression when I tell it :P

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