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376216 No.3607  

who here is gay?

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it goes on all fields

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File: 1658789865427.png (165978 B, 681x782) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm a cheerful fella but not a homosexual but I'll offer you a friendly smile, a wave and a happy tune!

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>> No.3626  

this guy https://4-ch.net/personal/kareha.pl/1577323014/

>> No.3627  

I guess being fucked by another guy is pretty gay

>> No.3641  

i've had gay sex but i like girls too so idk

>> No.3648  

People often get the impression I'm gay because of the way I talk, my clothes and my interests, but I find all male bodies repulsive. It had crossed my mind growing up that I might be so deep in the closet I don't even know it, but after thinking about it, there's no chance at all I would ever kiss a man or anything else. I guess being so grossed out by it my be seen as homophobic, but I'm nice to my gay friends, I don't hate them at all.

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