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File: 1660312362175.jpg (320974 B, 1382x1020) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
320974 No.3675  

If you can read Japanese, please play Demon's Roots so I can talk about it with someone, all my friends are EOPs.

>> No.3680  

Can't discuss it on VNDB?
Not that I'm saying that it's wrong to talk about it wherever you want.

>> No.3681  

i'm eslope

>> No.3683  

>>3680 It's not a VN(but it probably should have been)

>> No.3941  

Allright, what this game is about, and what its original name at least? Also provide some links.

>> No.3942  

Teach me Japanese and I'll play it with you, friend

>> No.3954  

A translation of the game is upcoming on Steam published by Kagura Games.

>> No.3969  

I wonder if it'll have the entirely optional secret kusoge dungeon removed

>> No.3970  

It's an RPGmaker game with about a demon girl named デスポリューカ(the blonde girl in the op screenshot) who leads the exiled remnants of the army of the "placeholder rpg demon lord final boss" of "some other game" out of the shithole dimension they were exiled to. They invade the human world to take it over but when they get there they find out that the human world is ruled by an emperor who enforces a repressive caste system built on slaves at the lowest rungs of society and the invasion turns into something more like leading a slave rebellion. It's semi-non-linear, in the opening part of the game the demon army conquers the kingdom they land in and then there's a handful of other kingdoms and a world map where you can choose which one to visit and play through a story scenario to conquer. I won't spoil the whole thing but that's the basic premise.

There is also a secret, optional kusoge mode. All of the main playable characters are cute girls except for one trap. If you lose a battle encounter you have either the normal option to either restart from your most recent save, or you can choose BAD END mode where all your party characters are enslaved and have all their gear taken and their hands tied etc and you are sent to the spooky sex dungeon dimension to fight purposely imba enemies who use rape attacks and shit until you hit a total party wipe, at which point you can restart from your last save. The sexnigger dimension actually exists in the story as one of the things used to keep slaves in line, fear of being sent there as a punishment.

>> No.3971  

It's called "Demons' Roots" because the main girl has the ability to control plants, why she can do this becomes story spoilers later on. All teh demons have the ability to "fuse" with a human once in their life, where they move their own mind & spirit into the body of a human and take it over, if the human is especially powerful they may resist or force cohabitation, some do it willingly.

It's on dlsite (and nyaa ofc). And apparently steam, eventually.

>> No.3974  
File: 1668521420930.jpg (55217 B, 560x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Aah, I see why I couldn't find it. It's called
Demons Roots
without '
[2021.11.19][深爪貴族] Demons Roots (Ver1.06)

Allright, I can check it out. Fuck kagura games for their shit search engine optimization, because of these fags searching for real author is often too hard. Even fags that sell their translated games credit kagura games as developer instead of as translators, fucking niggers. Listen, this game is made by circle 深爪貴族, reads as Fukazume Kizoku, probably means something like Aristocrat With Thumbnails Cut Deeply (probably because he fingers women quite often). Impossible to remember for our feeble foreign brains, I know, so maybe Kagura Games can be forgiven for what they do. Fuck steam and other shops though, for not having a separate "translators" field, was it so fucking hard to make?

That feel when demo is 1.4 GB and full game is 2.1 GB, modern gamedev is pure cancer. I bet most of that size is just music.

>> No.3975  

quick nail?
where this quick came from?
深 means deep
深爪 has an entry saying "cutting a fingernail (or toenail) to the quick; cutting a nail too close", what is a quick of a thumbnail?
english is shit

>> No.3976  
File: 1668543545084.png (14458 B, 667x190) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Learning new words is fun! Dumbass!

>> No.3977  

Thanks nigger. English is still govno.

>> No.3978  

>That feel when demo is 1.4 GB and full game is 2.1 GB, modern gamedev is pure cancer. I bet most of that size is just music.

it has a pretty good OST, but it's also fucking long. DLsite page claims ~40 hour game, it took me ~80 to finish as a non-native speaker who occasionally had to look up a word.

>> No.3979  

I remember the time when games that were distributed online cared about filesize. Cave Story had music fully generated at runtime, its author wrote his own music tracker pretty much. Yume Nikki used very short music loops, but had a lot of them, and even played most of them at different speed in different areas. Bejeweled 2 deluxe used a tracker format with mp3 compression of samples, giving you fantastic length to filesize ratio. RPG Maker games required you to download a pack of assets separately, so that they could reuse common assets and decrease size using that. And now you have demos that are 1.4 GB.

Downloading this game, will maybe play it in 10-15 days from now. You can try playing ヴィルネーメレト by KICHUREA, or 魔法少女コノハ by BLACK PANDA meanwhile, they both look good, but I haven't finished either. First is fucking huge, but it got a bit too hard for me near the end, and I can't find a way to properly extract item descriptions from this game. Second is also fucking huge, to the point you get confused on where you are supposed to go, I think I will need to actually take notes to beat it.

Or you can play Baldr Sky, if you ever get tired of doujin trash. This one actually got translated, steam translation is censored garbage though, download a fan patch instead. Fandisk of it never got translated.

>> No.4061  

Played the beginning, posted my progress here
7.8 MB

>> No.4063  

OP here I deleted like 120gb of eroge and r18 shit off my hard drive recently as I'm trying not to be such a fucking loser and it (unfortunately) included deleting this game, however I stand by it being kamige.

>> No.4064  

>>4063 you will always be a loser

>> No.4066  

>>4063-4064 will always be niggers

>> No.4067  

Not sure if >>4063 really is >>1, but I will continue anyway. You can't stop this process anymore.

>> No.4068  

>>4067 you should continue it's a really good game

>> No.4085  

Played it a bit more. Should I upload more of that screenshot letsplay? Are you interested in reading those insane ramblings?

>> No.4087  

I'm interested but I think the intersection between people on this site who can read Japanese and people browsing this thread and caring about spoilers is probably vanishingly small, just poast it here!

>> No.4088  

Uploaded it here https://gamusplayus.neocities.org/

>just poast it here!
um, I prefer playing games while I'm completely offline, I act less like a nervous monkey, clicking around 30 tabs and not staying on one for more than 10 seconds. Also, there is no way to hide threads nor to mark text as spoiler, I'd rather not have random people observe all the fun parts of this game while they are searching for that one thread they are interested in. I do honestly prefer textboards over imageboards at this point, how about we create a thread on /games/ instead? They do have the <spoiler></spoiler> tag, though using it is a bit annoying.

>> No.4198  

english version got released by now.

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