Axis Powers Hetalia (19)

1 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2009-02-01 18:29 ID:FUsdDXaO This thread was merged from the former /manga/ board. You can view the archive here.

Personnaly, I love this webcomic/manga ... however, there's been much uproar in the Korean community about this (which seriously, I don't know why they're all up in arms). I mean, all the countries receive a bashing, that's the object of it all.

Anyway, beacuse of this incident, APH has been banned from TV so the only way to see the anime is on the net, which means realy bad quality ;A;

What do you think? Are they taking it to an extreme?

(PS: Which is your favorite Country/Chara ?)

2 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2009-02-02 02:39 ID:Ti1gKtqL

coreans get pissed about everything, man. it's like their national sport.

3 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2009-02-02 16:09 ID:vPe2Jp7e

hahaha XD

4 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2009-05-11 15:17 ID:f9txmT7p

One of my favorite series ever<3 Hungary FTW!

5 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2009-05-15 10:03 ID:b0+MI30+

Hungary is LOEV, closely followed by Litchenstein and Seychelles

6 Name: lavitt : 2009-06-16 00:44 ID:17/Njja+

i dunno!!
all of the characters are so lovable! (except france. after reading one of the strip, i'm kinda scared of him.. .OTL)

7 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2009-09-04 14:19 ID:KvLgw6nI

I understand their feelings, kind of, but hetalia insults everyone, so it should just be taken for what it is, a parody of countries
I like Arthur (England) the most!!! His character cd rocked! I also quite like Romano and also Kiku (Japan), especially when he takes photos and acts like a complete otaku.

8 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2010-09-09 13:42 ID:ZvUqAwXO

Where's Niida when you niid him?

9 Name: Amazo-tan!HqkEpgdM7k : 2010-10-17 18:16 ID:t1mOq5wB

Hetalia is the worst fucking manga/anime of this millennium. You think Naru-tards are bad? Fucking Hetalia-whores are the worst goddamn fangirls of any series ever.

Especially the ones that think it's historically fucking accurate.


Also, you want to know why Korea dislikes Hetalia? In WWII, Koreans were to the Japanese as Jews were to Nazi Germany. The Koreans hate the Japanese because they were treated and killed like dogs by the Imperialist Japanese.

You wanna watch historically actuate anime about WWII? Watch Graveyard of the Fireflies and Barefoot Gen.

10 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2010-10-19 01:55 ID:UFlc3Saa


Lol butthurt Korean

Also, Hetalia is not supposed to be historically accurate. It has elements of history, but it's ultimately a light, silly, moe series.

11 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2010-10-26 17:25 ID:o+cFcl3a

its gives these idiots the impression that it is historically accurate
that in itself is offensive.

12 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2010-10-27 17:48 ID:XucMHQRz

I simply dont like hetelia fangirls
they ruin everything

13 Name: Just Anon : 2014-09-25 00:39 ID:UH0m1GnK

Hetalia is lovably ridiculous. If your sense of humor is compatible with it, it's really easy to get into. (As an American it's hilarious because I can't even argue with the stereotype of my country)
But seriously...I haven't met anyone so far that really takes the actual history in the show seriously, and pardon my language, but anyone who does is a dumbass. I'm convinced that any mention of an actual history is merely there so the viewer isn't completely lost about what they're looking at...and the extremist fangirls are the horrid ones usually. We can be level-headed, but THEY make us look bad.
If it makes anyone feel any better, I think Korea is one of the cutest characters in the series~

14 Post deleted.

15 Post deleted.

16 Name: noriko : 2014-12-15 12:22 ID:DP3jgPLa

Korea can never become an animated cartoon character. It is not reflected on comics either.
The author does not make a fool of Korea.
The author does not make a fool of World War II.
Please correct a morbid heart to bite Japan even if the Korean chews even anything, and to suffer from.

I like Mr. Japan.
In fact, I did not like my country until I read the poorness rear.
I thought that it was a boring open country born a grudge against.
However, Mr. Japan loves the four seasons and it is modest and senses air. He is not showy.
I rediscovered one's country in the poorness rear and came to love our country Japan.

Mr. Portugal likes the Mr. United States recently, too. Portugal is cool. I resemble Spain.

17 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2014-12-25 01:11 ID:fhLeUMSt

speak English motherfucker

18 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2016-10-19 22:04 ID:pe/GhG5T

dude aph prussia is my Fave,,,

19 Post deleted.

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