[Channel4 Book Club] Lets read "Towner of God" (6)

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3 Name: Marion Akeem Harper : 2012-05-09 05:42 ID:/YBCqaq8

Name: Demon Heart
Creator: Marion Harper
Genre: Fiction, Action,
In the year 4014 demons rise from the underworld but the humans manage to survive thanks to the help of Gen Warriors, Gen was created in 2076 by a man name Baron Rhodes and named the power after his uncle. Gen has the ability to summon up anything made out of that element, there is Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Life, Death, and Cosmic. But this manga isn't about Baron, it's about Bryant Edwards and Dj Komodo. Bryant and Dj are 14 years old, but they began to grow soon, anyway they're 14 years old and they soon find themselfs to be the youngest people in the military as Secret Weapons. They each have their own sword which is the Deception Sword and the Komodo Sword. The leader of the demons is a man named Armageddon who used to be a Gen Warrior until he wanted to be more than a commander, he wanted to be a God. There are also Genkai Spells and Budokai Blast, and Tenchi too.

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