[Reviews] Season 2015 (24)

1 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-08 20:40 ID:dw0aRumZ This thread was merged from the former /anime/ board. You can view the archive here.

Saekano - 00 (How to Train the Ordinary Girl to be a Heroine)
Story: "A highschool otaku named Aki Tomoya runs into his dream girl one day... only to find that she has the faintest presence to his chagrin! Now with his otaku passions, Tomoya wants to turn the girl into a heroine in the only realm he is familiar with: 2D dating simulation game. To accomplish this objective, he scouts Eriri Spencer Sawamura, his half-foreigner childhood friend equipped with artistic talent, as the illustrator, and Kasumigaoka Utaha, a famous prodigy writer, as the script writer."

Genre: From lofty dreams to humble reality.

Comments: Looking good.
It's a tough job to make the girl you like to become your super-heroine, when she is not interested in the slightest, and all the other girls are better choices.
This a job for... super-otaku!

2 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-09 00:57 ID:dw0aRumZ

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love 01 (Cute High Earth Defense Club Love)
"This is the tale of five unlikely heroes who unite under the name of the "Earth Defense Club" alongside a pink wombat-like alien to defend their world and restore love to all; however, does a sinister organization lurk behind the scenes of Binan High school?"

Magical boys

Spazzy magical boys defending the earthlings' food chain, assisted by a non-terrestrial wombat. Is the final boss an anti-nutrition alien porcupine?

3 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-09 01:15 ID:dw0aRumZ

Yuri Kuma Arashi 01 (Lily Bear Storm)
"Long ago, a far-off planet known as Kumaria exploded, turning into a meteor shower that fell upon earth. This lead to the bears becoming violent and attacking the humans, who created a wall between them and the bears. Several years later, two bears, Ginko Yurishiro and Lulu Yurigasaki, disguise themselves as humans and enroll in Arashigaoka Academy, where Ginko takes interest in a human girl named Kureha Tsubaki."

Lily hunters.

Symbolism, symbolism everywhere. And metaphor and circuity and analogies. With syntactic overtones, of course.
For the fans.

4 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-09 23:06 ID:dw0aRumZ

Death Parade - 01
"Somewhere is a mysterious bar known as the Queen Dequim, where a lone bartender named Dequim works. Whenever two people emerge from the bar's elevators, those two must participate in a Death Game with their lives on the line, the results of which will reveal what secrets led them there and what their fate will be afterwards."

Slice of between-lives.

Ah, that reminds me of Death_Billiards. Yes, same cast. And the fates were ambiguous.
But here, the fates are clear-cut. Oh wait, "void"? That makes no sense. Translation error? Hmmm... I think I hear "Kannon". And Kannon is the buddhist deity of mercy. So one of them was forgiven? Not sure.
Next episode, please!

5 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-12 00:04 ID:dw0aRumZ

Seiken Tsukai no World Break - 01 (Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman)
The story is set in a school that brings together "saviors," youths with awakened memories from past lives. Some of them fight with the powers of their own bodies. Others fight with magical powers surpassing physics. A boy named Moroha Haimura enrolls in this school. He is the first person in history with past lives of both powers.

Savior justice warriors.

If they are awakened, they should recall having gone to school lives after lives after lives.
No wonder they fall asleep the first day already, they are repeaters.
The final exams should be given on the very first day, and the flunkees only given remedial classes.

6 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-12 23:56 ID:dw0aRumZ

- Sub absolute zero reviews -
Absolute Duo 01: The usual Magical_Academy marinade of the season. Nap time.
Shinmai Maou no Testament 01: Demon-queen/Human-hero story variant.
Kantai Collection 01: Total newbie ship does an Abyssal boss raid head on, wins against all odds and marries the admiral, all in a day. Easy modo.
Sengoku Musou 01: Animated slash video game based on the Warring States. My warlord can beat your warlord, gnap-gnap!
Koufuku Graffiti 01: Slice of cooking life. Food anime.
Unlimited Fafnir 01: Magical_Academy clone. Can one guy alone save his V(alor) in a maelstrom of girls who want the D(ragon)?
Maria the Virgin Witch 01: Slice of witches' life during the Hundred Years' War. Prolly more accurate than history books, which were rewritten by the victors anyway.

7 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-18 01:24 ID:dw0aRumZ

The Rolling Girls - 01-02
"Ten years after the Great TokyoWar, each prefecture in Japan has split up into independent nations. Each nation is ruled by a prophet called "Mosa" and an army called "Mob" as they start to compete to take over other countries. Four "Mob" girls from the Saitama clan, Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya, are ordered by their "Mosa" to travel around Japan riding their motorcycles to mediate multiple battles between nations and clans as they emerge."

Magical idol peacekeepers fights.

I watched two episodes and I still don't know what is going on.
Oh well, let's take a ride on the wild side.

8 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-18 21:24 ID:dw0aRumZ

Yoru no Yatterman - 01-02: (Yatterman of the Night)
"A long time ago, the Yattermen were heroes of justice who fought against the evil Doronbow Gang, exiling them and bringing peace to the Yatter Kingdom. Several generations later, however, the Yattermen have since become corrupt with power while everyone else has been forced to live in poverty and despair. After losing her mother to the Yattermen's selfishness, Leopard, a direct descendant of the gang's leader Doronjo, reforms the Doronbow Gang with Boyacky and Tonzra's descendants, Voltkatze and Elephantus, to rebel against the corrupt Yattermen."

Good versus Evil.

It seems that the Yattermen have been reborn as Doronbows to readjust the imbalances created by the passage of time. Were the Doronbows reincarnated as Yattermen too?

9 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-01-22 02:20 ID:dw0aRumZ

Assassination Classroom 01-02:
"One day, the moon exploded, leaving it in a perpetual crescent-moon shape. The creature who claims responsibility for the destruction also claims it will destroy the world in March of next year. With powers beyond human comprehension, no military can stand against it. Yet, for some reason, it chooses to take up occupancy as a teacher in the worst class of Kunugigaoka Middle School. The fate of the world rests in the hands of its students, as they have until graduation to figure out how to murder their teacher and collect ten billion yen for saving the world."

Teaching is fun.

Let's see...
The moon got blown, but the supposed culprit - the teacher - doesn't fit the bill.
My guess is that some researcher found an ancient super-lifeform by accident, and it blew the super-prison that was holding him in and that a section of the moon got blown as result. The lifeform wants to pay his debt back to his liberator (who probably died afterwards), and so agreed to teach for a year the worst students on Earth, the End Class.
Could be fun.

10 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2015-01-22 06:30 ID:YmAHHyrJ

Maria and Yuri Kuma seem the most promising.

11 Post deleted.

12 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2015-03-21 02:56 ID:71sJlluM

Military! - 10/10, masterpiece of theater.

13 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-04-04 16:13 ID:dw0aRumZ

Re-Kan! - 01
"Hibiki Amami, who has just transferred to a new school, has a sixth sense that allows her to perceive (and interact with) spirits and understand what animals are saying. No one else at her new school can, but after a few days that ceases to bother three girls Amami befriends, who just accept it as a matter of course. It really irritates class rep Narumi Inoue, though, as she hates anything related to the occult and refuses to accept it."

Slice of ethereal life.

Hmm... I wonder if that grandma-ghost is a returnee waiting for Narumi to settle with a nice guy so that grandma can pick up a body to reincarnate into. But if Narumi goes the yuri route with Hibiki, grandma could wait for a very long time! :)

14 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-04-04 21:55 ID:dw0aRumZ

Plastic Memories - 01
"In a future not too far away, androids that look exactly like humans begin to spread across the world. The android production company SAI Corp. produced Giftia, a new kind of android that has the most amount of emotion and human-like qualities out of any other model ever seen. However, due to problems in technology, the androids have a service life, and once they pass that, it gets pretty bad."

Slice of replicant life.

Nice art and animation, emotions and humor.
Hmmm... "Androids loaded with synthetic souls, which only SAI has successfully developed"?
How do we know if those souls are really "synthetic"?
I have a bad feeling...

15 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-04-06 16:51 ID:dw0aRumZ

- Doppler-shifted reviews -
Shokugeki no Soma 01: Cooking anime battle academy. Bork, bork!
DanMachi 01: The pheromones force is strong with this one dungeon-grinder.
Denpa Kyoushi 01: Fine, I'm gonna be a NEET teacher! With net games, and chat boards! In fact, forget about the curriculum...

16 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-04-07 23:16 ID:dw0aRumZ

Seraph of the End 01
"After an unknown virus wiped out all adults on earth, vampires appeared and ruled over the surviving children, treating them like livestock. Yuichiro Hyakuya survived along with other orphans by giving their blood to vampires..."

Vampire hunters.

Inexplicable plane crashes, unchecked pandemics, children abductions, all to feed a bunch of semi-immortal vampires: welcome to planet Earth! And the ultimate solution is: go back to school and get more knowledge, chillun.

17 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-04-10 09:53 ID:dw0aRumZ

Punch Line - 01
"Bus hijack, saved by orange motorcycle-riding chick jumping through the windshield and beating people up with a giant bendy straw, then a boy (Yuuta Iridatsu) gets superpowers from seeing pantyshots, then he's a ghost, then he accidentally wipes out humanity twice, then he's living in an apartment..."

Treasure quest with one's own body at stake.

My kind of anime! Good animation, nice art, provocative themes dashed out with a worldwide brush, babes by the bucketloads... I'm sold. More!

18 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-04-12 20:00 ID:dw0aRumZ

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - 01
"Ryu Yamada is known as a delinquent in his high school; he has been bored of classes after one year of attending school. One day, he accidentally falls from a flight of stairs onto Urara Shiraishi, the ace student of the school. Yamada wakes up to find that he has swapped bodies with her. The two try to reverse the change and discover that kissing triggers the body swap. On the suggestion of student council vice-president Toranosuke Miyamura, they revive the Supernatural Studies Club."

Bodyswap school comedy.

Nice to see the manga in colors and in motion, well done.
I liked the manga at the beginning, but couldn't follow it anymore when CR took over.

19 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2015-05-02 04:12 ID:OCRVkj+q

Sling-dono, how does it feel you're one of the two people who uses this site anymore?

20 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2015-05-31 05:19 ID:YmAHHyrJ

There's more people here than you think. We just don't frequent it as much.

21 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-07-03 00:16 ID:dw0aRumZ

Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace - 01 (= Mysterious Stories of Ranpo: Game of Laplace)
"The story takes place at a certain middle school where several murder cases take place. Kobayashi, a boy who goes to this school, meets genius detective Akechi, who comes to the school to investigate. Kobayashi takes an interest in Akechi and, in spite of his friend Hashiba's worries, he volunteers to be Akechi's assistant."

Solving mysteries is fun.

Ranpo? Ah, Edogawa Ranpo, the mystery/detective writer who was a fan of Edgar Allan Poe. It's a good idea to peruse masters' classics for inspiration.
Laplace? Ah, the guy who developed the Theory of Probability.
So, they are going to solve the murders with probabilities?

22 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-07-03 21:27 ID:dw0aRumZ

Classroom Crisis - 01
"With aims to one day reach out into the stars, humanity has colonized all the planets of the solar system. This story of young high school hopefuls is set in Fourth Tokyo in a Japanese Martian prefecture. Iris Shirasaki is a third year student/aspiring test pilot. Mizuki Sera is her peer/mechanic and Mizuki's brother Kaito is their homeroom teacher and the young director of the program developing their talents."

Downsizing Mankind, because budgets.

Using rockets to reach the solar system's planets?
And human exploration is under the thumb of corporate bean-counters?
No wonder there is no antigravity technology nor faster-than-light propulsion in that world.

23 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-07-05 19:40 ID:dw0aRumZ

Rokka no Yuusha - 01 (Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers)
"Legend says, when the Evil God awakens from the deepest of darkness, the god of fate will summon Six Braves and grant them with the power to save the world. Adlet, who claims to be the strongest on the face of this earth, is chosen as one of the Brave Six Flowers, and sets out on a battle to prevent the resurrection of the Evil God..."

The Brave Flowers' romp.

A solid first episode. I like!
Now, who built those big cities? Surely not the current lot?
Then, that princess used a magic wand which was very scifi-ish. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Who is in charge of this wizardry/science?
Next, that evil_god thingie... How do we know if it is not just Nature/Earth/etc. trying to get the humans to clean up their act, or else?

24 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2015-07-07 12:07 ID:dw0aRumZ

GATE - 01 ("Gate: The Self-Defense Forces Fight Like This in That Place")
"When a portal from another world appears in Ginza, Tokyo, a legion of soldiers and monsters emerge to attack the city. Thanks to their far more advanced weaponry and tactics, the JSDF easily repels the enemy and passes through the gate, capturing the city that lies on the other side of it. Youji Itami is one of the Japanese officials sent to investigate the other world, where magic, dragons and elves are real, using his knowledge of fantasy stories to make his way in this new environment."

Chronicles of the "Self-Defense" Forces.

A trans-dimensional vortex opens up in Tokyo?
Ok, let's neutralize the threat peacefully, maybe with tranquilizers and--... No? The SDF should just kill them all?
Ok, let's find out what is powering the portal, maybe there is a large crystal underground, or maybe--... No? The gov won't even consider it?
What, did they intentionally let enter the orcs so they can invade and kill and plunder and rape another country?
What is the equivalent T.L.A. in Japan that would specialize in manufacturing false-flag events for murdering purposes?

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