What's the worst language? (28)

4 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2013-02-03 21:19 ID:YDS44u1d


>but when people start talking about how Japanese do everything better, how Japanese is so much prettier than anything else and how they have wet dreams about moving to Japan to teach English, the bloom goes off the language for me.

lol, me and a friend speak at about a 5rd grade level and read at a 3rd grade. And we both read manga and watch anime, umadbro?

Honestly Japanese spoken language is really vague, there are lot's of words and particles that can mean practically anything. And how you speak changes based on who you're talking to. Which is not exactly a bad thing but it causes me a lot a embarrassment when I talk to someone in a standard way, and I'm supposed to be addressing them as a lesser.


>3000 characters

Fuck you you slanty eyeed fucks. I wish everything was just in Hiragana. I'm pretty sure that would cover almost, if not all of the sounds you need to make. I think.

Speaking from a scientific or linguistic front, no one language can really be "better" than another. As long as an intended message is conveyed correctly, then it works. I suggest reading Contemporary Linguistics; An Introduction. The sixth edition.

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