[ETYMOLOGY] Fascinating Etymologies and Cognates [English] [Indo-European Languages] (6)

5 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2021-03-23 17:38 ID:kViSwHXJ

thread (n.) 1
Old English þræd "fine cord, especially when twisted" (related to þrawan "to twist"), from Proto-Germanic *thredu- "twisted yarn" (source also of Old Saxon thrad, Old Frisian thred, Middle Dutch draet, Dutch draad, Old High German drat, German Draht, Old Norse þraðr), literally "twisted," from suffixed form of PIE root *tere- (1) "to rub, turn." Meaning "spiral ridge of a screw" is from 1670s. Threads, slang for "clothes" is 1926, American English.

threaded (a.) 2

1. Having threads.
2. Arranged in a thread.

threading (n.) 3

The act or process by which something is threaded (in various senses).

thread necromancy (n.) 4

On an Internet forum, the act of posting in a thread that is already considered dead or/and out of discussion.
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