Japanese underground rap (46)

1 Name: Zutsuu 2005-10-13 10:39 ID:Heaven

Anyone know good Japanese rap with sad/dark backgrounds, big bass and anti-political or drug lyrics? You know something like Public Enemy, but with modern sounds? I mean... there should be some ppl pissed off at the government :D. I'm fuckin tired of the happy party shit made by Rip Slyme, Dragon Ash or Kick the Can Crew...
I want Japanese hiphop with attitude!
... weird alternative hiphop also appreciated ;), but I hate the unnecessary battle and gangsta shit...

2 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-10-13 16:00 ID:ftW2LBPJ

I am seconding this request but want to expand it for any kind of non-american rap, esp. French stuff.

3 Name: Jace 2005-10-14 03:37 ID:83Fck2DK

Ever tried Buddha Brand? They're pretty good, there was a time when [UBG] released 4 volumes of japanese underground hip-hop. It was pretty good. I never knew what happened to the group though, they had some good selections...

4 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-10-14 05:33 ID:3wQDjoa7

ii song:
flick - jidai tokyuu

5 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ 2005-10-14 11:39 ID:z4jBpkQ7

Zeebra is the Japanese DMX.

Most of the other popular, more "hardcore" artists you can probably find on collaborations he did... I can't remember them them since I never listen to the stuff. (Though I think "Dabo" is one of them.)

6 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-10-15 03:51 ID:L2uO5dXE

tha blue herb is ok, i think...

7 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-10-15 17:32 ID:sg0OypLQ

jrap for u
Dj hazu feat illbosstino - Norainu (feat. ILL-BOSSTIN)

8 Name: Zutsuu 2005-10-16 17:25 ID:Heaven

That one was actually pretty good, though I have no idea wtf they're saying :D. Where should I search for jrap albums? I usually use torrents..

9 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-10-17 12:45 ID:sS53YDrn

Les Sages Poetes De La Rue is a good French rap band.

I've always wanted to hear some Neder-Rap (that's Dutch rap). Any suggestions?

10 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ 2005-10-17 21:29 ID:rqaD/fQB



I hang around there every now and then.

11 Name: Zutsuu 2005-10-24 01:47 ID:Heaven

Found some j-rap here:

Haha, I'm glad there's an underground side to j-rap. I especially liked some King Giddra and Nitro Microphone Underground tracks. I can't say no to good political rap, hehe (I don't know much Japanese, but I checked the translations in case you're wondering).
I don't know much about Dutch rap, but I'll ask some Dutch friends if I remember.
For (political) Finnish rap I recommend Asa(former Avain) and Steen1. They also sound good of course ;). For the REAL UNDERGROUND alternative rap I recommend Silumi. There are some tracks here: http://www.mikseri.net/artists/?id=21515

12 Name: Zutsuu 2005-10-24 11:14 ID:Heaven

So, for Dutch rap... I heard Osdorp Posse is good :)

13 Name: kazuo 2005-10-30 08:04 ID:oseNRb/r

zeebra = DMX?

Are you crazy?

Have you even listened to one of DMX's albums?

Not even close, buddy...

As for underground jhiphop.. yeah.. as someone mentioned, try to get some of the UBG CDs... I wouldnt even call DA/RIP SLYME/etc hiphop, DA never really was to begin with, neither was RIP SLYME...

most jhiphop is junk. DJ Watarai tracks are good, SHAKKAZOMBIE is gold, and there's some misc. stuff here & there worth looking at.

14 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-10-30 21:25 ID:rqaD/fQB

>zeebra = DMX?
>Are you crazy?
>Have you even listened to one of DMX's albums?

I was pretty much talking about the way they sound. (I've asked other people and they've agreed with me.)

Not to mention, the few songs I've heard from them sounded similar. I wouldn't doubt it if Zeebra was trying to copy DMX.

And yeah... DA is sort of a mix. They even do rock and stuff.

15 Name: GaNgStA KiD 2005-11-23 11:34 ID:7wncvsL7

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16 Name: GaNgStA KiD 2005-11-23 11:43 ID:7wncvsL7

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17 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-11-23 13:48 ID:Heaven

>>15-16 is a fourteen-year-old pasty-white kid sitting in his mom's basement.

18 Name: me 2005-12-15 15:15 ID:NqVmVBBE

King Ghidra raps about political issues in Japan
lead rapper: Zeebra

19 Name: ♪ ☆ Unpopular Popstar ☆ ♪ 2005-12-16 17:22 ID:C1aKFukl

YKZ is a hip hop group with some solid attitude.

21 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-03-06 05:51 ID:fzffTLEW


22 Name: jo : 2006-03-08 10:02 ID:aXFxgPiy

HAHAHA... Hard japanese rap? Just live with the party rap man, a lot of "hard japanese" rap is embarrassing.

23 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-03-08 18:18 ID:5KZcOIe/

hard gay should cover a rap song

24 Name: love JapRap : 2006-03-16 01:39 ID:ePJlLE6t

Dudes, having lived in Japan for fifteen years I can tell you that JapRap is pretty f***in LAME. And I am not talking about a CODEC.

Middle class products of Japanese (education?)trying to act 'Black' (are they from the HOOD, man!?) are one of the most pathetic things to happen to 'music' since Motaru Genji (a previous Japanese fad, gay looking dancer boys on roller skates).

Plus, Japanese tends not to rhyme as the sentance never ends with a noun, but a verb inflection.

25 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-07 12:37 ID:ZpUfWVpM

I'm from holland, and most of dutch rap sucks

anyway, back to Jrap, there's not much too it besides the already mentioned "party" rap
but that's fine by me, I like listening to those sogns every now and then

sidequestion for >>24 : you've been in Japan for 15 years, and you call japanese rap "JapRap". Isn't it still considered a racist thing, to call something "jap" if it's from japan ?
I've seen it numerous times on the net, japanese people getting offended by the term Jap, and I can see their point.
Just wondering if you could tell how it actually is in the country itself

26 Name: American Fatty : 2006-04-08 01:01 ID:eFcGTAmF

lol i'm a n00b to wakachan but i couldn't help to notice this lovely music board. Dark hiphop, hmm?
The darkest I could possibly think of off the top of my head is probably "Phobia of Thug" -- I'm not sure exactly what they rap about but PoT kinda sounds like aggro -- rap that likes to scare the shit out of you. Humorously enough, PoT's first album is called "Hydrophobia".
One group similar to PoT is known as M.O.S.A.D. I frogot exactly what it means, but as far I can remember the group includes Equal and Tokona-X, who, unfortunately, had died of a drug overdose last year. :<
Then there's Zingi -- the only rapper who can really call himself a badass because he once was in the Yakuza, I believe. He has a lot of sexual and scatalogical references...but he was popular about '95 or so. Good luck finding his album. :\
!! I almost forgot, there's also MSC. MSC's flagship is MC Kan, who won the 2003 B-BOY PARK freestyle contest in Tokyo? I think? Their newer album, "Shinjuku Street Life", isn't exactly my type of music but it's pretty dark. Kan's solo album is pretty hardcore too I hear.

But yeah, love JapRap is kind right there. There really isn't "hard hiphop" from "hard gangstas, nigga" because, really most of the rappers out there say all the shit they can and they just ride the subway like anyone else. Kinda like a nation full of wiggers...but not exactly white, you know?
Anyway, that's probably the "hardest" hiphop I can think of. Not so much a focus on the beats (GAH XD AND I MEAN IT) but more of an emphasis on the words. If you're going for hard-sounding rap....uh, that's a little hard considering Japan. There's DABO's Platinum Tongue and Hitman album, but that's not hard at all. It's like East Coast stuff :\
Also, keep in mind most of Japan's music is censored as well. :\
! Oh, I just remembered another person. Not really hard, she's ANTY the Kunoichi and from what I heard she had some tie to Tokona-X.

And if you're looking for someone who's talking about polticial issues and things that Japanese people want to address, try BRIER. She's a female rapper, and before her COLORS album (which was mostly club music), BRIER's other albums were (besides being short), addressed several issues including the use of contraceptives.

yeah, that's all I can think of for now. Remember, HARDCORE rap in Japan isn't entirely hardcore :P So if you're trying to sound hard....well, you might want to move onto something like French rap. Even THAT's harder than Japanese rap Dx
(cause in japan, there are no real gangstas :<)

27 Name: American Fatty : 2006-04-08 01:14 ID:eFcGTAmF

....a minute later, I realize you're asking how they SOUND. meh.

There's one album I completely forgot XD

565 Familia's "Gangsta Boogie". This, I'd say is the closest I've heard to hardcore. The lyrics probably suck but there's a LOT of good guests on the album, and it is pretty freaking hard :x There's one hardcore-ish crunk sounding song and then there's "sawagouze" which has a lot of gunshots and kinda feels like reggaeton. :\
You could still try Tokona-X, though, and one of my favorite group, Rappagariya, their newest, self-titled album sounds somewhat hard compared to most of their stuff.

Oh, and the while "jap rap" issue, I've heard some people say "nip hop" :P So I'm not sure which is better to say here. XD

28 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-08 05:05 ID:bpSFtvxV


I'm sorry. I just came here and realized that Japs are starting to rap. What the hell is this shit? Why don't they stick to nonthreatening anime songs and bubblegum pop idols. Rap is lame. Turbo lame. It is loud, thumping, and incoherent. It follows me everywhere. I swear...I swear...I swear to Christ on his throne that everytime I hear some loud thumping car blasting incoherent "phat rhymez" next to me, usually being manned by a suburban black wannabe or an ethnic member of the local "underprivileged" I just want to take a hand grenade and chuck it right into their open car door window.

And now you mean to tell me that Japs rap too? Is nothing sacred? Nothing at all. Somebody start up the enola gay...I feel it is time for another Arc Light on Tokyo

29 Name: American Fatty : 2006-04-09 19:11 ID:eFcGTAmF


Japanese rap has been around for a while...about ten years or so. It started in the main stream with "party rap" -- with East End joined by popsinger Yuri back in early '95. The song "da.yo.ne" is incredibly pop, and that's really what sparked a Japanese hiphop movement in Japan. Most of "rap" nowadays that's mainstream though is the poppy hiphop (hip-pop lol) that isn't associated with loud bumping and incoherency, by groups like M-flo, Soul'd OUT and nobodyknows+. No "niggaz", no "tec-9s", no "down bitches", it's about hanging out, partying and meeting women. It's also mainly the sappy love music-type as well. If anything it's...how's it said...more "cutesy" than the ugly rap you're thinking of, which I'd gladly join you there at lobbing hand grenades. But yeah, Japanese now do rap, but most of them rap pop-things. There's rap steadily getting more ghetto but most of these don't get the advertising it needs to do well in the music market -- yes, that's a big issue, too. A lot of Japanese hiphop, some Japanese say, is slowly getting more and more "crapped-up" by trashy lyrics about bad things rather than the old rap about good times. :\

30 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-10 21:41 ID:2/fPXo4Z

Rap will truly be the decline of modern civilization

31 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-11 07:53 ID:Heaven

Says you just because you don't like it.

Personally, I dislike most rap (and Country, and Metal) but I wouldn't make a broad statement like that.

32 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-11 23:20 ID:7LHZnuGR


Well, I did and it's true.

What the world needs is more industro techno goth invasion music

33 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-11 23:45 ID:Heaven


You suck balls.

34 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-12 10:27 ID:Y8DpFT/6

Industro techno goth invasion music will truly be the decline of modern civilization.

35 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-12 22:19 ID:bh/B2RlD

...I'm sorry but the truth has been spoken.

Nothing good ever came from rap.

The Proof is in the pudding....

no, wait...the Proof is at the morgue

36 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-12 22:50 ID:Heaven


But, evil.

37 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-13 04:47 ID:Heaven


Nothing good came from most music either

38 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-15 09:17 ID:N3NJA8HP

that's for sissies. we need more speedcore :P

39 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2006-04-17 04:49 ID:Q2pvZEQS

....the world really needs more Viking warsongs and some Rock Against Communism

40 Name: 28 : 2006-07-10 11:02 ID:uN3jg0IO

Hello, i'm fench and like american and french rap.
My favourite French rap artists are :

  • foncky family. (especially their first album)
  • NTM (a classic)
  • I AM
  • akhenaton's solo albums. (member of I AM)
  • sat's solo albums. (member of foncky family)

This is all i remember right now.

in J-rap, the best is "k dub shine". (member of king gidra, but he is lyrically far better than zeebra and i prefer his style)

41 Name: 40 : 2006-07-10 11:03 ID:uN3jg0IO


I'm not 28, just anonymous... m(__)m

42 Name: 40 : 2006-07-10 11:05 ID:uN3jg0IO

..... not the good thread... read just the end ^^;

43 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2015-12-26 02:38 ID:sEUgmeTe

QLQLcrew(Japanese) / yE$

44 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2016-04-29 22:30 ID:YV+VOxnL

A great experimental album just came out from Moe and Ghosts called RAP PHENOMENON.


Example track:

I highly recommend it!

45 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2016-05-06 23:22 ID:BnlWPnF3

46 Name: ♪ ☆ Anonymous Popstar ☆ ♪ : 2021-03-02 08:01 ID:MFOrzkPd

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