death is the only hope (66)

23 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-24 10:58 ID:L+aX1Ud8

I'm 16, never had anything to do with girls, and have been pretty much reclusive for 6/7 years (moreso in the last 5 years approx - by then I'd lost contact with my few primary school friends). No parental problems (just your usual doting complaining parents). Only speak to one friend on MSN (my only contact), my only friend left from primary school. I never really explain my problems to them, because I'm not sure about the nature they take. I think I prefer doing things alone (my parents saw signs of this back in preschool) but also have some social anxiety and have been diagnosed with Aspergers (though the symptoms are a bit iffy and some of them I don't relate with at all). I've always been at least a loner in the plain sense. I was least a loner in primary school (high school starts when you're 11 in Britain) but still very similar to the way I feel now.

I post at a schizoid personality disorder forum because I think that's a convenient explanation for my behaviour.

Life isn't meaningless for me unless I'm in a social area. If the rest of my life consisted of 100% social contact, I'd probably feel like warez otoko.

Some of the posts here make me feel better though.

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