Not my Solid Snake anymore. (15)

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During the summer, I met a boy about my age. We were at a party playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and he picked Snake. I love Metal Gear so I struck up a conversation with him about it. We quickly became good friends afterwards, staying up all night to talk about videogames and getting together to play as often as we could.

I soon learned this boy had a crush on me. After a few months I began to feel the same for him as well, and we quickly fell into a relationship of quoting Metal Gear in every conversation, going to the mall to pick out Wii games, and blasting Snake Eater as we drove around downtown. It was quite beautiful for a while.

However, soon, college began for me, and he had to start work. Insomnia and stress took their toll on me. I stopped being quite as happy and sunshiney as I had been during the summer. I cried often. I had no time for videogames, and neither did he. We lost our common ground for conversation and it slowly began to go downhill from there.

Sometime during this, oral sex became a regular thing for us, as I really enjoyed doing it. Unfortunately, something about this caused a great emotional upwelling, and after the 5th or 6th time we met for this, he burst into tears, telling me that he didn't feel as strongly about me anymore, and that he was very very sorry, and that he really wanted to make things work because he truly cared about me.

But that was quite some time ago, and it hasn't gotten much better. He says he still likes me, just not as much as he did during the summer. This is frustrating me, as I love him dearly, regardless of our changes. I still get goodnight kisses and the occasional head on the shoulder, but not much else. It's killing me, it really is.

He said he doesn't know if there is hope, but he's willing to try regardless.

I want him to go back to being the Snake to my Meryl, the Big Boss to my Eva, the Sorrow to my Joy.

...But what can I do? How can I fix this? ...can I?

Sorry this is kind of long...

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