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12 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-08 13:52 ID:eTZHcirT


>There are already multiple boards for that.

Fair enough.

>It's called Personal.

Personal is also used by non-NEET people.

>There's no way someone would think a board like this would go well in an anonymous English site.

Why not? this site is pretty much is the English version of 2channel and most of the boards here have to do with Japanese pop culture and nerd culture.

>''otaku culture'' boards bring out the worst shitposters to sites, and most of those guys aren't really into the specified hobbies, they just want to be as random as possible

I agree with this i hate that nerd culture became mainstream and that normalfags took over geek/nerd culture it is easy to spot a larper.

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