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So - I promised a friend to set up a imageboard for him, but I quickly realized that the only good (open source) imageboard out there is written in Perl.

I didn't take long before I got hooked on the idea of writing my own board.
I have to admit I'm a ruby fanboy (no flameing please :) ), but that doesn't change the fact that 90% of webhosts out there only supports PHP, so I decided to write it in PHP5/MySQL5.

Yesterday I had my first, sort of, working release which I really would like some feedback on.

It's not, in any way, intended to be used in real life yet, but I some of you would help me download it, test it, report problems, give feedback, suggestions etc. etc. etc. It would be really cool :)

thanks in advance

oh yeah - and the URL to the project page is:

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