A bit of a problem... (20)

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-08-10 14:53 ID:Heaven

In my opinion, from the posts that you post so far. It seems you are an irresponsible desperate shameless slut. How can you let a man in and letting him fuck all of you without even knowing his phone number and address? Does shallow outlook clouding your judgement? I can tell that you a person who opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, so far most if not all your posts are full of ignorant. It appears to me that you are insecure woman by the way you post and you try insult guys who appears to be shy or less fortunate to make you feel better about yourself, it clearly reveal beneath your pretentious personality, you can't hide that. Look if you want to keep stereotyping otaku and geeks, first you should do some research, you loosely associate the term to those who you think are otaku but not, they just simply geeks and regular fan of anime. You are full of shit. I can tell that you aren't attractive so stop trying to appeal that bullshit quality to us. Your an unconfident and narcissitic ignorant bitch who is desperate for men and attention, you got me? I hate that you use the haruhi to signify yourself, please stop polluting that name, you aren't a fan, you just bangwagon jumper who hapen to jump onto anime because it is popular among alot of people that you find inferior so you could insult them to make you feel better, you are nothing but an insecure desperate bitch. Please stop calling yourself a fan, and don't disgrace the anime community by starting an anime club, you shouldn't be doing that in the first place, god forbid it. You think your perception of self -value would go higher if you laugh at those anime fans, it wouldn't make a difference because you are ignorcant of their situations. And to call yourself an anime fan, you are shameful and makes alot anime fan sad that a person like you exist. Fucking god forbid you use a name like Haruhi to identify yourself, you are simply not worthy of calling yourself that name. Go and fuckin use a different name you ugly ignorant bitch! Lastly don't ever establish an anime club, you are the type of people who should never do that.

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